VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH

  • Wind power generators
  • Asynchronous generator
  • Double-fed asynchronous machines
  • Synchronous generator
  • Permanently excited synchronous generator

In VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH you will find your ideal partner for drive technology, from highly-developed complete solutions to special drives and individual components in the output range up to 45 MW. We offer a comprehensive range of services, and will do everything possible to ensure that our products optimise your industrial value-added processes and thus contribute to your success. We can respond quickly and flexibly to your needs and are constantly seeking to upgrade our tried and tested VEM machines, and to develop new pioneering products for our industry. We achieve this primarily by building upon our innovative corporate culture, technical know-how and firstrate engineering skills, as well as on our tradition and experience. We can develop solutions for your future projects through the use of cutting-edge technologies and materials.

VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH is a global operator in a wide range of industries, with one of its areas of specialisation being the development of machinery for the wind power industry. Thanks to our highly effective electrical and mechanical design departments, wind power generators can be tailored to meet the individual needs of their operators; our development departments work hand in hand with partners from the areas of science and research. The resulting products are among the technical leaders in the market, and will play a major part in providing a benchmark for the next generation of products for wind power plants. An important factor in our success - quite apart from our flexibility, vertical range of manufacture, modern technology and quality awareness - is our highly-qualified and motivated workforce. This ensures that our customers benefit from continuity and dependability in the long term.

Wherever our customers are in need of wind power generators, we can work as their partner, providing them with support and advice for their projects. This applies whether their operation is based in Europe, the Near or Middle East, Asia or America.


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