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SINOI produces high-quality rotor blades in serial production in Nordhausen. On a site covering more than 60,000 sq. m, it now has industrial sheds with floor space of around 8,000 sq. m, plus a training centre for fibre-reinforced composite technology at its disposal. SINOI is well equipped with all the latest production processes - in-house prepreg technology, vacuum infusion or reaction-injection moulding (RIM), RIM-carbon and prepreg technology - and successively employs all these methods in series production. These production processes are combined and constantly refined to achieve the best possible results. The production plant boasts the very latest, state-of-the-art coating and finishing systems and SPS-controlled cutting and drilling devices.

SINOI makes all its own original models and moulds, in order to apply its expertise in the serial production of rotor blades to the design of the moulds. This process of constant improvement ensures an ongoing increase in the quality and economy of the finished product. SINOI is a member of the financially strong, stock listed CNBM Group. In 2005 Zhongfu Lianzhong began producing rotor blades of the 1.5-MW class in the city of Lianyungang (Jiangsu Province, China) in close cooperation with NOI. With an annual production capacity of 10,000 rotor blades Zhongfu Lianzhong is Asia’s leading manufacturer of rotor blades. Production facilities are operated in Nordhausen (SINOI GmbH, Germany), Lianyungang (Jiangsu Province, China), Shenyang (Liaoning Province, China), Baotou (Inner Mongolia, China) and Jiuquan (Gansu Province, China). SINOI is constantly striving to improve the quality of its manufactured rotor blades.

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