ROBUSO Stahlwarenfabrik Buntenbach & Sohn GmbH

  • ROBUSO Stahlwarenfabrik
    Buntenbach & Sohn GmbH
  • Herr Dennis Weber
    Technischer Vertrieb
    Gleisdreieck 13
    42651 Solingen
  • +49 (0)212-233625-0
  • +49 (0)212-233625-21
  • dennis.weber@robuso.de
  • Scissors
  • shears
  • cutting
  • carbon
  • glass

We are an efficient family-held company, originally founded 1919 in SOLINGEN by Julius Buntenbach.

The production of razors, blades and scissors for barbers and hairdressers dominated the production operations during the first decades of the company. It was 1948 when ROBUSO gradually adapted the production programme to meet the demands and requirements of the garment industry. This reorientation proved to be a success both at home and abroad - and a safe step into the future.

We are proud to state that we have designed and produced shears for the use with technical textiles for well over the past 35 years. Concerted ROBUSO efforts have, so far, resulted in a supply range covering manual, electro- and air powered shears and scissors - and the provision of all-automatic cutting solutions.

Looking forward to good and rewarding relations, ROBUSO and we are sincerely Yours,

Reinhild Mohaupt (managing director)
Christian Pukelsheim (managing director)


    Electro-Powered Heavy-Duty Shears

    These shears are designed to cut multilayered Aramide, glass fiber and other heavy weight materials without any problem whatever.

    If in doubt, simply forward samples of... [More]

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