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REEL S.r.l. has a 27-year experience in the field of inverters and regenerative test benches. REEL products are also dedicated to the energy generation from renewable sources. REEL technical team developed a revolutionary product, ONDA Energy: a liquid-cooled inverter with a “sandwich” structure, ultra-compact and very light, realized without electrolytic capacitors and fans in order to improve its reliability and life.

ONDA Energy, in one unit, goes from 350+350 kVA with a mass of 120 dm³ and a weight of 45 kg, up to 1900+1900 kVA with a mass of 240 dm³ and a weight of 125 kg.

ONDA Energy can be paralleled up to 30 units, assuring the control of more than 40 MW. It is realized in 5 Sizes, all 4-quadrant, and can be associated to any type of generator available on the market, both 3-phase and 6-phase, both full-power (asynchronous and synchronous) and doubly-fed, always with the same hardware and always in sensorless mode.

The braking chopper (that can be used as crow-bar too) and the field control (synchronous generators with field excitation) can be integrated in the drive structure. Its powerful PLC built-in can be the master of the whole generator. ONDA Energy can be connected through DC Bus and serial connection to the YAW and PITCH inverters. It manages alarms, communications and has a versatile programmable data logger.

REEL, with ONDA Energy, aims to innovate the market of electric energy generation from renewable sources, by offering a high-technology product able to control wind and hydraulic turbines, solar power plants and three-generation systems.

For more information: sales@reel.it


    ONDA Energy

    ONDA Energy is:
    Reliable It is made by components which already proved to be reliable in the standard products, and all... [More]

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