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  • Drivetrain test solutions for simulation| verification| and performance and durability testing
  • Bearing test solutions for performance under load| static deflection| stiffness measurements| and durability and fatigue testing
  • Blade static test solutions for certification and FEM model validation
  • Blade resonant fatigue test solutions for validating design durability| confirming load profiles| and tracking changes in properties
  • Advanced metals and composites test solutions
  • Seismic simulation and modal test solutions

Engineers and researchers rely on MTS for the innovative testing technologies and expertise required to accelerate and improve research, design, development and manufacturing processes. High performance MTS solutions are deployed worldwide to meet demanding mechanical test and simulation needs across a broad spectrum of industries, including civil engineering, automotive, aerospace - and now the rapidly developing field of wind power generation.

Improving wind turbine reliability and durability is critical to realizing the promise of a clean, sustainable and economically viable global wind power infrastructure. As the world’s premier mechanical test and simulation solution provider, MTS stands uniquely qualified to deliver the technology and expertise required to optimize wind turbine designs.

MTS currently provides wind turbine manufacturers, suppliers and research facilities with the state-of-the-art technology, facilities planning, test consulting, and complex systems integration required to subject materials, components and structures to a full spectrum of mechanical testing, including characterization, strength testing, durability testing, and systems testing.

  • Advanced MTS testing technologies are simulating the complex and extreme loading environments of wind turbine drivetrains, blades, bearing systems, towers and more
  • Robust MTS materials test systems are conducting static and dynamic testing of advanced, lightweight composite materials
  • MTS testing expertise is proving crucial to the development of the next generation test and simulation technologies required to test the extremely large wind turbine structures planned for the near future

Contact your local MTS office or representative today and explore all the ways we are meeting the wind turbine industry’s critical mechanical testing needs.


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    Drivetrain Test Solutions

    High-performance MTS Drivetrain Test Solutions apply real-world rotational and off-axis loading for optimizing the reliability of nacelle assemblies,... [More]

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