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Moog Inc. is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision control components and systems. Moog Industrial Group designs and manufactures high performance pitch solutions for Wind Turbines including pitch control systems, slip rings, blade sensing and services for wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators. Our high reliability and low maintenance pitch system reduces turbine downtime and enables wind turbines to generate more power, which reduces the Levelized Cost of Energy.

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Over 40 years, Moog has developed a leadership position in supplying motion control solutions for use in energy generation, for some the most demanding environments such as gas, steam and wind turbines. Each high performance solution can be tailored to match specific requirements for maximum safety and efficiency. Every installed Moog system is backed by our global support network.

Our team of experts can offer you products, systems and support wherever you are in the world to achieve maximum efficiency, dependable service and a long life for your wind turbines. Having supplied over 40,000 systems and components, Moog is among the world’s leading providers.

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    Pitch Systems

    Moog is your proven partner for reliable pitch systems, products and services. Our expertise in systems combined with our long track record in energy generation have made us the choice... [More]

    Blade Sensing Systems

    Moog's Blade Sensing Systems has been proven to deliver significant benefits in design, manufacture and post-installation operation. The new MW class wind turbines from initial... [More]


    Moog Services provides staff training worldwide and guarantees spare parts delivery and reliable, specialized service. Our service offering includes hands-on training, expert technical... [More]

    Slip Rings

    Moog is a recognized leader in the market in slip ring solutions, offering integrated rotary unions to ensure that pitch motors for blade pitch control operate reliably. The special fibre... [More]

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