Lithuanian Wind Energy Association

  • Lithuanian Wind Energy
  • Balitjos pr. 123-61
    Klaipeda LT-93224
  • +370 46 / 350560
  • +370 46 / 230560
  • info@lwea.eu
  • Lithuanian Wind Power
  • strategical self-management
  • scientific research
  • windmill engineering and construction
  • wind power plants projection
  • conferences

The Lithuanian Wind Energy Association (LWEA) was established on 2 October 2002.

Our main objective is to create and develop a full cycle of wind power activities as ecologically clean craft of energetics using modern technologies.

There are these tasks to implement the main objective solving by association:

  • To create positive juridical and economical possibilities to develop wind power in Lithuania, get in touch with local authorities, suggest acts and activity programs of wind power sector development.
  • To create system of strategic self-development of Lithuanian Wind Power, which will harmonize private and governmental and national interests in this sector.
  • To develop Lithuanian Wind Power as a full cycle of activities: strategical self-management, scientific research, windmill engineering and construction, wind power plants projection, construction, technical support and utilization, logistics and etc.
  • To develop natural science, economical, social and other fundamental and scientific research, which main task is to determine the possibilities of sustainable development of wind power and to create preconditions to develop ecologically clean and safe energy.
  • To ensure the preparation of wind power specialists and scientists.
  • To form positive public opinion according to the ecologically clean wind power, organize seminars and scientific conferences.
  • To protect members rights.
  • To get in touch with the similar organizations from other countries.

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