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GE Renewable Energy serves the energy production industry by developing and providing technologies that support the efficient use of natural resources. It has built over 34,000 wind turbines that generate more than 50,000 megawatts of clean energy in total worldwide.

GE Renewable Energy produces wind turbines (WTG) in Germany, France, China, India, Brasil and the United States. The European headquarter for Onshore Wind is located in Salzbergen, while the German head office for the offshore activities is in Hamburg. In addition to a factory, the Salzbergen site houses a training center and a customer service center for the remote control of more than 5,000 WTGs (24 hours/365 days). GE's current portfolio includes onshore turbines ranging from 1.7 to 4.8 MW as well as project management, product management, engineering, service and maintenance. With a nominal capacity of 4.8 MW and a rotor diameter of 158 meters, the new 4.8-158 from GE is optimized for low and medium windsites in Germany. In the offshore segment. The 3 MW class offers two rotor diameters of 130 and 137 meters, power ratings from 3.2 to 3.8 MW and hub heights between 85 and 164.5 meters. In the offshore segment, GE has the Haliade* 150-6MW – a next-generation offshore turbine that combines virtually unparalleled size with a high power output.


    GE 4.8 - 158

    4800 kW, 158 m Rotor

    Wind Class - IEC: S
    Rotor area: 19597m²
    Power Regulation: asynchronous pitching [More]

    GE 3.8-130

    3800 kW, 130 m Rotor

    Wind Class - IEC: IIb/IIIa
    Rotor area: 13273m²
    Power Regulation: asynchronous pitching   [More]

    GE 3.6-137

    3600 kW, 137 m Rotor

    Wind Class - IEC: IIIb / WZIIs
    Rotor area: 14741m²
    Power Regulation: asynchronous pitching [More]

    GE 3.2

    3200 kW, 103 m Rotor

    Wind Class - IEC: IIb
    Rotor area: 8332m²
    Power Regulation: asynchronous pitching [More]

    GE 2.5 / 2.75

    2500 kW, 120 m Rotor

    Wind Class - IEC: IIIa
    Rotor area: 11310m²
    Power Regulation: asynchronous pitching [More]

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