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With the view to producing electricity from renewable energies EnerVest develops energy projects for its own stock. In cooperation with a broad network of specialists, the company is particularly planning, financing and installing wind and solar parks in Europe.

Ever since its formation in the year 2001, EnerVest has developed renewable energy projects in Europe, especially in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Poland. The focus of the company are economically highly profitable projects which promise a safe return on assets of at least 10%. However, the roots of the company reach further into the past than the founding year. Already in the mid-nineties, when this industry was still in its early stages, the company founders realized the new trend and built their first wind energy plant. The capital investment strategy soon turned into a profitable business model the success of which has continually sustained until today. Meanwhile, the company has realized several projects and reached an investment volume of several hundred million euros.

The economic success of the company is the result of years of experience in this sector. EnerVest has experienced the rapid development of the market with renewable energies first hand. Thus, the company today has the necessary know-how, knows the strengths and weaknesses of the market and knows about its enormous economic potential.

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