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cms@wind develops and sells innovative condition monitoring systems for compact drive trains in wind energy plants. The systems were developed for the drive trains of the future which no longer have spur gear stages, and exceed both the diagnostic and the sensory requirements as compared to previously commercially available systems. Sensors, hardware, analysis methodology and the user interface are adapted to the difficult-to-monitor planetary stages and slowly-rotating, large-diameter slewing bearings in gearboxes and generators with high connection rigidities which will determine the market in the coming years.

In addition to classical condition monitoring over a longer measurement period, diagnostic tasks can include short-term measurements and vibration-diagnostic challenges to the structure and drive train. The hardware is designed to meet these demands, and can be reconfigured remotely for a variety of requirements.

As a startup company we react flexibly to customer requirements, and adjust the system and the software according to customer wishes - for example, through enhancements to digital status signals or analog channels from the controller, such as active power, pitch angle etc.

As an independent company, we create neutral reports. Our objective in online monitoring is the early detection of errors. We find errors at the earliest possible stage. We also observe their development over a longer period of time, and only sound the alarm when a critical state has been reached.

We diagnose and make recommendations - you decide.



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