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Quality Made in Germany

In addition to being a specialist for the production of custom-made accelerometers, ASC also sells customer-specific cable processing and connector solutions, as well as individual complete solutions. At ASC, based in Pfaffenhofen, Germany, producing high quality products and being close to the customer are of critical importance: ASC produces its products directly at its Pfaffenhofen facility, and provides customer-specific solutions and quick delivery times, even for small production quantities. ASC only uses high-quality, innovative sensor elements of renowned European and American manufacturers in its sensors. For the German auto industry, both of those aspects are of decisive importance, and provide a competitive advantage for ASC's customers. ASC specializes in small series production that are then used in the development departments at companies. For that reason, the sensors are remarkably compact and very robust and shock-resistant, in addition to being extremely heat resistant. As a result of those properties, the sensors are very flexible in their applications, and can be used in many different areas, from the automobile industry, to agriculture, aviation and aerospace, and in offshore as well as geophysical applications. The company constantly works on new technologies in order to cost-effectively build even smaller products in future, and to be able to always improve in meeting customer requirements.

Renowned Customers, throughout the World

Renowned companies from diverse industries value ASC's high quality-products and customized solutions.

Comprehensive Service Package

ASC offers not only a broad range of products that can be customized for specific customer requirements, but also provides comprehensive service for maintaining the sensors: maintenance, repairs, and calibrations of ASC products, but also for products made by other companies. The company thus is able to provide comprehensive customer service and advice that extends beyond the purchase and implementation of its sensors. ASC has its own ultra-modern Spektra calibration facilities on the premises. It enables us to carry out both pendulum calibrations and the sinusoidal calibrations. ASC recently added a high-precision Spektra Low Frequency Calibration System into its calibration facilities. We offer you for your accelerometers a Low Frequency Calibration as of 1 Hz by the use of an air bearing long-stroke vibration exciter.

Exclusive Distribution

In addition to our own sensors manufactured in-house ASC is also the sole distributor for sensors of our partner companies, Honeywell International and Systron Donner Inertial for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We will gladly assist our customers with all technical queries or provide thorough advice in order to identify the sensor best suited to their particular application.

Know-how and Tradition

combined Peter Bay is the chief executive officer at the company, and has over 20 years of experience in vibration and oscillation measurement technologies. Thanks to the contacts that he brings with, and ASC's first-rate products, ASC is already the worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality, customer-specific sensors, and is the first place that leading companies in numerous industries turn to, when they need sensors.


    ASC accelerometers

    ASC 4421 Description: The models ASC 4421 and ASC 4425 are uniaxial accelerometers based on capacitive technology. Both ASC accelerometers are manufactured with... [More]

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