• set of tower internals
  • ladder systems
  • service lift
  • platform and railing systems
  • tower door/access steps

ZARGES is a complete-system supplier and market leader for wind tower internals – including installation and commissioning – for the wind power generating industry.

The ZARGES brand encompasses the full range of tower component fittings to customer specification, supplied installation-ready and packaged in sections, according to all safety instructions and engineer standards.

"The tower internals of a wind tower comprise nearly 1,000 parts, which are procured under increasingly stringent conditions from approximately 25-30 parts component suppliers around the world for a single wind park project, with increasingly shorter delivery times and constantly falling prices. This includes their installation and documentation.

ZARGES can guarantee you efficient tower interior constructions, arriving punctually for your wind park at the best possible price. We at ZARGES provide analysis of your customer’s requirements and specifications, acquisition and production, just-in-time delivery, supervising and installation.

The benefits to tower constructors are obvious: they no longer need to perform the complex and costly process of searching for and coordinating several suppliers for each new wind park project. This results in shorter delivery times and reduced costs.

"Dedicated to Plug and Play" is both the customer promise and the claim of the entire ZARGES team.



    System supplier for tower internals

    "Plug and Play": - Fixed ladders including fall arrester, wall mountings and intermediate platforms - Modular platform and railing system - Access steps and overhead walkways - Service lift including control system - Tower door [more]

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