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    ABE Group
    ... ABE Ingenieurbüro GmbH: Planning, consulting, projecting, grid analysis, grid calculations   ABE Zertifizierung GmbH... Betriebsführung GmbH: Technical management, maintenance of substations and transformer stations   EP-Grid: Park management...
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    superwind GmbH
    ... rotorblades and their uncompromising quality, they are extremely reliable and offer an economic alternative or extension to photovoltaic off-grid... and automaticly. It is often used on sites where there is no grid available. The electric power generated by Superwind charges batteries and can...
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    energy consult GmbH
    ... and support them in all aspects of their work – from inspecting the flawless condition of rotor blades to monitoring power fed into the mains grid... at the project planning state, we can also offer planning for the grid connection of wind farms – at both a medium-voltage and high-voltage level...
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    ... from grid to investment; aircraft/radar to health and safety; skills and training to onsite schemes and microgeneration. ...
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    ... value chain, from product development and technology, to measuring wind and placing wind turbines in the best possible location, project management, grid...
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    UL International GmbH
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    ABO Wind AG
    ... connected wind turbines with a total rated power output of more than 1,200 megawatts to the European grid. In addition, the wind farm management of ABO...
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    Energiequelle GmbH
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    Windwärts Energie GmbH
    ... it comes to wind power. To date, Windwärts has connected 157 wind turbines to the grid, with a total rated capacity of 289 megawatts. Management takes...
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    CONCYCLE® Wind System
    ... weight considerably and lead to weight reduction of the nacelle. The grid filters are designed in small compact boxes which make the converter... adaptable for different grid conditions by simple exchange. The completely reviewed service concept allows front access to all components for a quick...
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    ... flow of resin. Save time thanks to services and systems SAERfoam offers grid patterns for simple draping and – on request – can...



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    WOW Services
    ...WOW works on many wind power issues, including building new transmission lines, improving use of the existing electricity grid, siting of wind...
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    RET Coursework
    ..., geothermal, hydrogen, connection to grid (homeowner), electric vehicles, effect of politics on long term wind generation, other forms. Also research... into old technologies as well as new will be explored. This course also discusses the power grid, local utilities and how power is generated and sold back...
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    Course Descriptions
    ... to determine how much power will be produced by a given turbine at a particular site. Dynamics of interfacing tur­bines with the power grid is examined...

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  • Newlist_logo.gwec
    Mexico Windpower 2017 06.01.2017
    ... design and manufacture, logistics and transportation of components, technologies, models related to wind O&M Wind forecast, grid integration...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    RECAM 2017 06.01.2017
    ... and solar innovations, micro-grid and storage technology, investment opportunities and regulatory updates that will reignite the Central American... and micro-grid industries, we will show you where your opportunities lie and how to seize them. ...
  • Newlist_wab_logo
    WINDFORCE Baltic Sea 05.01.2017
    ... in the Baltic countries. We have organized sessions at our conference to cover themes ranging from the debate on policy-making to logistics, grid connection...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    Clean Energy Finance Europe 2017 05.01.2017
    ... and this event supports the incentive to innovate finance strategies for grid-scale clean tech development. Smart grid innovation today focuses...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    Offshore Wind Conference: Reducing costs, optimising performance 05.01.2017
    ... Harnessing the latest cable and grid innovations which increase durability Reducing lifetime spend and improving efficiency with cutting-edge...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    Energy Storage North America 05.01.2017
    ... shape the market for grid storage applications in North America Building the Ecosystem for Priority Applications of Energy Storage in North America. ...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    6th National Microgrids Conference 05.01.2017
    ...The market is predicted to more than double in the next five years, both in terms of installed capacity and annual value. But as grid edge...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    WINDERGY India 2017 12.10.2016
    ... Environomics of Wind Exports from India Grid Integration and Planning Indian power horizon eneriched by Wind Innovation and Global Technology...
  • Newlist_logo.greenpowerconferences
    Wind Developer Congress 2013 (WDC '13) 01.08.2013
    ... for securing grid access and power buyers? The Wind Developer Congress 2013 (WDC '13) will provide the ideal setting for the industry...
  • Newlist_logo.greenpowerconferences
    Offshore Wind Power: Technology, Economics & Risk 19.04.2013
    ... evolution of offshore wind technologies Offshore grid networks, economics and constraints The importance of EIAs to the planning application...
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