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    BGB Engineering Ltd Grantham NG31 7NB
    ... include Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Suzlon, Gamesa, Siemens, WinWind and ABB. Products have been...
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    Bilfinger GreyLogix GmbH Flensburg
    ... Bilfinger GreyLogix designs, plans, and executes automation solutions based on Siemens SIMATIC...
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    Siemens AG | Industry Nürnberg
    ... The Siemens Industry Sector is the worldwide leading supplier of environmentally friendly...
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    Siemens Wind Power Hamburg
    ... the world's growing energy need increases, Siemens Wind Power has the answers. Siemens.... With highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines, Siemens has a demonstrated history in delivering... innovative solutions to onshore and offshore sites. Hamburg is headquarters of Siemens' global...



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