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  • Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA)
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    Rosendahl & Frank Energietechnik GmbH
    ...: Quality decides in the final analysis about the success or failure of wind turbine projects, for economic success is achieved only after optimum operation of the machines over many years. Technical inspections by experts are an essential building block here.   Our services: Acceptance tests of new wind turbines Inspection before lapse of warranty Periodical inspections State-oriented inspections Rotor blade inspections Advice in technical matters Consultancy and expert opinion contracts   In our inspections, the entire wind turbine including the electrotechnical equipment of the operating control and safety system is examined especially with regard to defects that can impair plant safety and the stability of the entire construction. The inspection of the individual wind turbine parts and components comprises essentially visual and functional inspections and they are oriented to the data in the maintenance specification of the wind turbine under inspection. Our inspections are oriented among other things to valid DIN standards and the "Principles for inspection of wind turbines within the scope of the Periodical Inspection" of the authorized expert council of the BWE. The inspection of your wind turbine serves for warranty, safety and a long period in operation. It does not represent a substitute for maintenance and inspection of the wind turbine, but is a supplementary measure for safe operation and for assessing the current technical condition. ...
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    Peikko Group Corporation
    ... and building frames to concrete flooring and wind turbine foundations. Peikko has own offices in more than 30 countries and production in 9 countries..., worldwide. Peikko's Wind Turbine Foundation Technology offers a reliable and optimized solution for onshore wind turbine foundations. Solutions...
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    MTS Systems Corporation
    .... Improving wind turbine reliability and durability is critical to realizing the promise of a clean, sustainable and economically viable global wind power infrastructure. As the world’s premier mechanical test and simulation solution provider, MTS stands uniquely qualified to deliver the technology and expertise required to optimize wind turbine designs. MTS currently provides wind turbine manufacturers, suppliers and research facilities with the state-of-the-art technology, facilities planning, test consulting, and complex systems integration required to subject materials, components and structures to a full spectrum of mechanical testing, including characterization, strength testing, durability testing, and systems testing. Advanced MTS testing technologies are simulating the complex and extreme loading environments of wind turbine drivetrains, blades, bearing systems, towers and more Robust MTS materials test systems are conducting static and dynamic testing of advanced, lightweight composite materials MTS testing expertise is proving crucial to the development of the next generation test and simulation technologies required to test the extremely large wind turbine structures planned for the near future Contact your local MTS office or representative today and explore all the ways we are meeting the wind turbine industry’s critical mechanical testing needs. ...
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    HBM Test and Measurement
    ... HBM Test and Measurement is a global solution provider for measurement technology, offering a wide range of products and services for wind turbine testing... and offshore wind turbine testing. Read more about Wind Turbine Testing with HBM ...
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    Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH
    ... Weidmüller Monitoring Systems is a strong and reliable partner for wind turbine manufacturers and wind turbine operators. The Dresden company has its core competence in the field of multi-dimensional natural oscillation measurement on fibreglass and carbon components. The Know-how from several years of development and research are used for online and offline (temporary) condition monitoring of rotor blades. BLADEcontrol® is the only system available on the market for online condition monitoring of rotor blades. It detects damages and measures ice-foundation directly on the blades. BLADEcontrol® is available as a pure ice sensor as well. BLADEcontrol® is installed in hundreds of turbines of various manufacturers, allowing for early damage detection beyond rotational blade inspections. ...
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    Hardy Schmitz GmbH
    ... As a recognised procurement specialist we supply manufacturer-independent solutions around the electrotechnical components for the various challenging field of wind turbine production, after sales and services. ...
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    wpd AG
    ... of the globally active offshore developers. A staff of 1,800 in 18 countries is committed to wind energy, having implemented 2,080 wind turbine generators of which more than 1,370 MW are held as assets. For years, wpd has been awarded the first-class A rating by the Euler Hermes agency (Allianz Group). Besides the favourable status quo analysis, this external assessment of creditworthiness also illustrates the company's excellent future prospects. The wpd group, consisting of wpd AG (project developer and operator of wind farms), wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG (commercial and technical management of wind farms) and Deutsche Windtechnik AG (maintenance and servicing), represents an extensive value chain in the field of wind power. Next to the in-house developing of projects, wpd takes care of acquisitions and takeover of location rights, business concepts, contract documents and project financing up to the erection, operation, management and service of wind turbine generators onshore as well as offshore. wpd itself contributes to the equity of the projects and acts as operator. For institutional investors, wpd offers extensive possibilities for the acquisition of or the investment in projects. To guarantee successful cooperation, an experienced team of wpd employees is available to attend to and accompany credit institutes and investors during all of the financing or acquisition proceedings. ...
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    HAWE Hydraulik SE
    ... HAWE Hydraulik has produced hydraulic components and systems for more than 60 years, with nearly 20 years experience in the wind turbine business. The enterprise delivers complete turn-key solutions consisting of - power packs with pump, motor and tank all in one, - directly mounted valves and valve banks, - accumulators - cylinders and - electronic controls. Our sales engineers provide expert advise and sales support in five centers in Germany plus 14 subsidiaries and about 30 competent partners around the world. Continuous development of the products and system solutions guarantees modern techniques with high demands on quality and reliability for your wind turbines. A current example is the function module design: HAWE Hydraulik employs a separate, easily identifiable module for each hydraulically controllable function of a wind turbine. When a malfunction should appear, the module in question can be easily recognized and replaced separately. In addition every single component of the specialist for high pressure hydraulics HAWE is designed for much higher pressure than usually used for wind turbines. This ensures long-term reliability and service life of the system.   Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/HAWEHydraulics ...
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    DEUBLIN Company
    ... industry means to DEUBLIN that for wind turbine application only customised solutions which can ensure highest expectations in terms of reliability... and long life are fullfilled. The rotating union is a critical component to the wind turbine hydraulic pitch-control-system. Quality standards...
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