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    WindEurope discusses how better weather and climate forecasting leads to smarter power system management 06/28/2017
    ... addressed the fourth International Conference on Energy and Meteorology in Bari, Italy on 26 June WindEurope, Giles Dickson, weather, forecast This event...
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    Netherlands Cloud Height measured by Sensors from Lufft 05/20/2015
    ... weather forecast throughout the Netherlands, for climate research as well as seismology. It supplies the Royal Dutch Air Force (KLU), the Royal Dutch Navy (KM), the national air traffic control (LVNL) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment with weather data. This KNMI is a very important meteorological customer. The business area "Optical Sensors" at Lufft exists since April 2014 and is a former area of ESW GmbH, one of the Jenoptik Defense & Civil Systems belonging to a subsidiary of Jenoptik AG, Jena. Following the acquisition by the dedicated measurement and control and measurement technology company Lufft, the survival and development of high-quality Ceilometers and snow depth sensors SHM 50 and SHM 30 is secured. This still happens in Berlin, where the development, distribution and management of the optical sensors are located, but in new premises. This was already the second success after the German Weather Service DWD contract  where Lufft won the bidding process within a very short time with the CHM 15k cloud height sensor. The current successes of the new Lufft products show that the medium-sized company located in Fellbach, Germany, is the right partner for weather measurement technology.   ...
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    NOAA buys WINDCUBE Scanning Lidars from Renewable NRG systems 04/29/2015
    ... Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP 2), another research campaign aiming to improve NOAA's short-term weather forecast models with regards to wind condition predictions that impact wind energy generation. NOAA intends to take advantage of the flexibility in configuration of the Lidars for future use in a diverse range of applications, including air quality studies and offshore wind resource assessment.  “The WINDCUBE scanning Lidar Series was designed with the twin goals of robustness and versatility in mind,” said David Hurwitt, VP of global marketing & product management at Renewable NRG Systems. “This means that a single system can be adapted to a variety of research and operational uses in the fields of meteorology, air quality, and renewable energy.” Renewable NRG Systems is the exclusive distributor, for North America, of the WINDCUBE Lidar technology manufactured by French Lidar specialist Leosphere. For more information, please visit https://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/products/lidar. ...
  • What is New in the Windfair World - The Vindskip™ Project 01/19/2015
    ... would help prepare a route for the ship. “With this software, you input when you want to leave and when you want to arrive, the weather forecast...
  • This week: Africa - Report: Renewables in Africa by the JRC European Commission provides insight into wind energy development on the continent 02/15/2012
    ... by the European Centre of Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF). Re-analysis data incorporate observations and numerical weather prediction output to provide...
  • USA - Wind turbine operators increase efficiency of systems by using accurate information and models on wind direction changes 05/16/2011
    ...Wind farm operators need a bit more detail in their weather forecasts than the evening news offers. “Weather information must provide power purchasers with a forecast for tomorrow’s electrical production at hourly intervals,” says Dr. Dan Kirk-Davidoff, chief scientist, climate and weather services for MDA Information Systems Inc, in Washington, DC. “That requires a wind forecast at the height and location of each turbine hub, about 80 m above ground.”Ideally, forecasts would be more finely spaced in time, so that they could predict ramp events, sudden increases or decreases in wind speed. This may never be possible for the day-ahead forecast. However, Kirk-Davidoff says there is strong emphasis on increasing time resolution in the three-hour forecast so operators have some warning of these ramps. Operators are also interested in events that would impact their ability to run the turbines. “For example, turbines must shut down when wind speeds exceed a ‘cut-out’ threshold, typically 25 meters per second,” he says. “Icing from freezing rain can also lower turbine efficiency.”Finally, turbine operators can squeeze a little extra efficiency out of their systems with a few minutes warning of a change in wind direction. Kirk-Davidoff says this is possible using on-site remote-sensing equipment to measure Doppler shifts of sound (SODAR). or laser light (LIDAR) bounced off of temperature variations or dust motes in the atmosphere.MDA Information Systems provides wind speed and turbine power predictions from the present through the following five days. “We provide a live web display, text-file data feeds, and .pdf documents that include maps and a discussion of the forecast,” he says. This goes to wind farm site managers, utility power purchasers, and for our aggregate wind power forecasts, the ERCOT and Midwest ISO electrical markets, and energy traders.Windfarm operators use the forecast to provide power purchasers with a day-ahead predictions of their expected contribution to the electrical grid. “Power purchasers and energy traders use the forecast information to plan their needs for power generation other than wind. For example, they might plan purchases of natural gas to generate electric power or predict the price of electricity in the day-ahead market,” adds Kirk-Davidoff.Demand for accurate weather data has grown tremendously in the last 5 to 10 years with wind-power generation growing fastest. The installed wind-power capacity has increased from 2.5 GW in 2000 to 40 GW in 2010. “Forecasting has become more sophisticated because weather models have increased in spatial resolution and skill,” he says. “Also, meteorologists have built up statistics that relate computer forecasts at grid points to observed winds at individual turbines. What’s more, turbine operators have higher expectations about wind-power-forecast accuracy,” he says.“The cutting edge of wind power forecasting, as for all weather modeling, is the data assimilation process,” says Kirk-Davidoff. “We need to increase the volume of surface and upper air wind data we incorporate into weather forecast models, and improve the accuracy with which we do this, to continue to improve our forecast skill.”For more information on this article or if you would like to know more about what www.windfair.net can offer, please do not hesitate to contact Trevor Sievert at ts@windfair.netwww.windfair.net is the largest international B2B Internet platform – ultimately designed for connecting wind energy enthusiasts and companies across the globe!...
  • USA - MDA EarthSat Weather and Global Weather Corporation Partner 03/01/2011
    ... Corporation’s leading technology developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and MDA EarthSat’s industry leading weather forecasts and market...(GWC)is a private-label supplier of precision weather forecast information to businesses for use in internal applications, websites, and mobile applications. GWC’s forecasts are delivered on-demand through scalable web services for any location in the world and are relied upon by our customers to improve decision-making, increase operational efficiency, and better serve customers. The core forecast technologies were developed over the last decade at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and is among the most widely-validated weather technologies in the world. GWC was founded by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Foundation in 2009 and is privately held.For more information on this article or if you would like to know more about what www.windfair.us can offer, please do not hesitate to contact Errol Stryker at es@windfair.uswww.windfair.net is the largest international B2B Internet platform – ultimately designed for connecting wind energy enthusiasts and companies across the globe!...

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