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Rotor Blade Control

Around 27.000 wind turbines of different sizes and power have been installed in Germany. Regular maintenance work is required for granting their smooth operation inclusive assessment, maintenance and repair of the rotor blades.

The blades can be accessed by complex service platforms, granting short setting-up times irrespective of hub height. Thanks to special sling points and suspension to the machine nacelle the blades can be turned further anytime, allowing a fast completion of work. Major repairs can be executed parallely at different blade positions. Down times can be reduced to a minimum.

Blade assessments are made by high workers well trained and certified in rope access technology allowing a fast and cost saving execution of work. Rope access is both profitable for damage documentation and control and maintenance of lightning protection system.

The manifold blade controls include tip maintenance and control of drainage holes, as well. Aerodynamic parts are controlled for fixity and completeness.

The strong blade surface wear requires a regular control. Cracks, voids, lightning damages, gelcoat damages, installation or handling damages and delamination are possible symptoms.

The inner blade is examined as far as accessible. This includes visual control of hydraulic cylinders and tubes as well as burn marks or lightning strike. The tip rope is controled for tight fit and is adjusted where needed. Residual adhevises are removed and lamination and adhesive seams are controled.

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  • Newlist_logo.kaeufer
    Gebrüder Käufer GmbH
    ...;UFER’s innovative suspended platforms allow alignment on all sizes of blades. Rope suspensions are fixed at machine house or at rotor blade. Rotor... blade access systems are easy to erect and independent of surface as rough terrain or off shore. The rotor blade platform climbs up by electric...
  • Newlist_rts_wind_ag_logo_652x312px
    RTS Wind AG
    ...; the installation and cabling of wind turbines, servicing and maintaining turbines, and also a specialised rotor blade service. Europe-wide operations, in both...
  • Newlist_aerodyn_logo
    aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH
    ... and structural rotor blade design, finite element method calculation for casting, welded and fibre compound elements as well as the entire documentation...
  • Newlist_woelfel_logo
    Wölfel Wind Systems GmbH
  • Newlist_logo.windkraft-gutachten
    Rosendahl & Frank Energietechnik GmbH
    ...: Acceptance tests of new wind turbines Inspection before lapse of warranty Periodical inspections State-oriented inspections Rotor... blade inspections Advice in technical matters Consultancy and expert opinion contracts   In our inspections, the entire wind...
  • Newlist_weidm_ller_ob_rgb
    Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH
  • Newlist_dichtomatik_neu
    ... on wind energy converters: the azimuth adjustment / gondola bearing the pitch setting / rotor blade adjustment / rotor blade bearing the main shaft bearing Dichtomatik. Any seal. Any time. Addresses:   Dichtomatik GmbH, D-Hamburg, +49-(0)40 669890, mail@dichtomatik.de Dichtomatik B.V., NL-Zwolle, +31-(0)38 46 01 606, mail@dichtomatik.nl Dichtomatik Ltd., GB-Derby, +44-(0)1332 52 44 00, mail@dichtomatik.co.uk Dichtomatik Handelsges.mbH, A-Wien, +43-(0)1 259 35 41, mail@dichtomatik.co.at Dichtomatik AB, S-Landskrona, +46-(0)418 44 98 00, mail@dichtomatik.se Dichtomatik S.A.S., F-Loché, +33-(0)385 27 02 80, mail@dichtomatik.fr Dichtomatik S.r.l., I-Genova-Voltri, +39 010 612 75, mail@dichtomatik.it Dichtomatik KFT., H-Budapest, +36-(0)1 297 43 45, szimering@hu.inter.net Dichtomatik North America, USA-Minnesota, +1-734 354 55 55, sales@dichtomatik.us Dichtomatik North America, CDN-Ontario, +1-(0)905 470 22 66, sales@dichtomatik.ca   ...
  • Newlist_logo.aero_dynamik_consult
    Aero Dynamik Consult GmbH
  • Newlist_logo.bergolin
    Bergolin GmbH & Co. KG
  • Newlist_logo.schraubenwerk
    Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH
    ... for installation with present friction coefficient Offshore : Screw fasteners joining wind turbines to sea bed Rotor blade : Combination...
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  • Newlist_villinger_neu
    Villinger anti./de.icing technology for wind turbine rotor blades
    ...A) PREFAB solution directly assembled into to rotor blade during the production lamination process at the rotor blade manufacturer’s plant...
  • Newlist_villinger_neu
    Risk prevention of Ice Shedding with the patented Villinger BIPS Ballistic Ice Shedding Protection©
    ... hazardous chunks of ice into harmless light weight ice particles. The Ice Shedding Protection System will be implemented during the rotor blade manufacture... process. Existing wind turbines with the risk of ice shedding can be retrofitted during the next rotor blade inspection. ...
  • Newlist_abo_wind_logo
    Technical Assessment
    ... and tower to the gearbox and rotor blade, and advise operators on environmental aspects. ...
  • Newlist_deutsche_windtechnik_logo
    Portfolio of Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd.
    ...;, AN Bonus®, Nordex®, Senvion® and Fuhrländer® Rotor blade service for all blades from all manufacturers Tower and foundations: inspection and refurbishment Control and power electronics: repair, development, manufacture and support Safety equipment/QHSE Expert advice and consulting Substations: maintenance and repairs and operation Repowering and further operation ...
  • Newlist_logo.ambau-ws
    Rotor blade service
    ...Rotor blade service Rotor blades are some of the parts of a wind energy unit that are most exposed to the force of the elements and environmental... influences. Working on rotor blades requires great experience and expertise. Highly-qualified employees trained in the specialist field and the use...
  • Newlist_saertex_logo
    ...-up – especially in vertical moulds (e.g. for rotor blade manufacture or boat hulls) – by up to 50 percent. Spraying with additional...

Latest Wind Energy News

  • Newlist_saertex_logo
    DEVOLD Receives "Most Innovative Partner 2017" Award from LM Wind Power 10/17/2017
    ... Innovative Partner 2017” award from leading rotor blade supplier LM WIND POWER for its development of a unique composite material solution. SAERTEX... solution for multiaxial fabrics. A solution for a new lightweight material for the longest rotor blade in the world (88.4m) was developed in close collaboration between the application experts at DEVOLD AMT and the development team at LM WIND POWER. LM WIND POWER has its headquarters at Kolding in Denmark and 15 manufacturing locations on four continents. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rotor blades for wind turbines and is part of GE Renewable Energy. The benchmark-setting LM 88.4 P rotor blade was designed for an 8MW offshore wind turbine with a rotor diameter spanning an area larger than the Colosseum in Rome. The sheer size of these wind power plants makes an immense contribution to reducing energy costs for wind power, making it more competitive. A wind turbine of this scale can supply energy to around 10,000 homes. (Source: Recharge News, SEP 2016). The enormous length of the rotor blades places extreme demands on the materials used, in particular their rigidity to weight ratio. DEVOLD AMT developed a special fabric solution for this application, comprising a new type of reinforcement material and an innovative way of processing it. Kåre Dybvik, Managing Director at DEVOLD AMT, received the award at the LM WIND POWER SUPPLIER DAYS in Amsterdam on October 4, 2017. The DEVOLD team is proud of the award and would like to thank all the project partners involved and LM WIND POWER for the many years of close collaboration and trust. ...
  • Newlist_logo.siemenswindpower
    Siemens Gamesa inaugurates the first blade plant in Africa and the Middle East 10/12/2017
    ..., factory, blades Today, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has officially inaugurated its new rotor blade factory in Tangier (Morocco), an event chaired by Morocco’s Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, Moulay Hafid El Alamy, and Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens Gamesa. The first blade plant of a wind turbine manufacturer in Africa and the Middle East is ready to offer wind turbine blades ‘100% made in Morocco’. To equip the SWT-DD-130 platform turbines (up to 4.2MW power rating), B63-10 blades with a length of 63 meters are produced for export to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as for local projects. The plant is ready to produce other blade models in the future, which could reach up to 75 meters. These integral blades are based on licensed technologies and made of composite materials. The plant of 37,500 square meters, which started production in April 2017, is strategically located in the industrial zone of Tanger Automotive City, at approximately 35 kilometres from Tanger-Med port and ideally positioned between Europe and Africa. Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens Gamesa, explained the solid business rationale for this project. “This factory is good for our company and a solid business decision. We invest where we see strong business opportunities, and the opportunities here in Morocco are stronger than ever before. This location in Tangier provides us with direct access to some of the most important markets of tomorrow – here in Morocco, throughout the Middle East, in Europe, and in the Mediterranean Region.” In the context of the Accelerated Industrialization Plan launched in April 2014 by the Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, the blade plant will create 600 attractive jobs, as well as an estimated number of 500 auxiliary jobs. The Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, Mr El Alamy, underlined the importance of this project: "The first wind turbine blades in Africa and the Middle East will be produced in Tangier and it represents a pride for the Kingdom. This pioneer project allows localizing value and announces the development of an ecosystem "renewable energy industry" which reinforces the strategic choices of Morocco, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, aimed at the development of a green economy." A training center of 3,500 square meters was created to facilitate the knowledge transfer from Denmark to Tangier. The learning process ensures the complete transfer of the technical and process skill sets necessary to optimize the manufacturing process. TMSA (Tanger Med Special Agency) responsible for the planning, the development and the management of the Tanger Med Port complex and industrial platform, has shown great support and insight in the achievement of this project. Mr Fouad Brini, President of TMSA, rose that “the Siemens Gamesa project confirms the compelling offer of Tanger Med for multinationals. We are delighted about the uniqueness of Tanger Med’s value proposition, combining quality of the infrastructure and the perfect alignment between port and industrial zone that met Siemens Gamesa’s expectations”. “In Morocco, the demand for electricity increased at an average annual rate of 6.7% from 2003 to 2013. Thus, renewable energy is particularly attractive, offering a secure supply of domestically-produced power and contributing to energy independence. Our commitment to the government and people of Morocco is clear: we will work together with you in meeting your energy challenges, today and in the future”, concluded Ricardo Chocarro, Onshore Business CEO of Siemens Gamesa. The new blade factory plays an important role in contributing to the Morocco’s national program to achieve production of electricity from clean energy to up to 52% by 2030, of which 20% is generated by wind. The 850MW project that will be built by the consortium Siemens Gamesa, Nareva and ENEL represents a major milestone in this goal. With 72% market share in Morocco, Siemens Gamesa delivered key wind energy projects including Tarfaya (300MW), Tangiers (140MW), Essaouira (60MW) and Haouma (50MW). Siemens Gamesa is market leader in Africa with over 15 years of existence and 2,1 GW installed capacity, in countries like Morocco, as well as in Algeria, Egypt, South-Africa, Tunisia, Mauritania, Kenya and Mauritius Islands. ...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    All Eyes On... Iowa 09/29/2017
    ... turbines are not only erected, but also built there. In addition to rotor blade manufacturer TPI Composites, Siemens and Acciona, for example, also...
  • Newlist_villinger_neu
    Protection of dangerous ice fall from rotor blades 09/29/2017
    ...Protection of dangerous ice fall from rotor blades Villinger introduces new protection system of ice fall from wind turbines The new patented... Turbines with a new patented technology Villinger, ice fall, turbine, protection, risk prevention Ballistic ice shedding from rotor blades is a major risk when operating wind turbines in urban areas during winter time. Chunks of ice are thrown hundreds of meters off the rotor blades by centrifugal forces, which may cause serious damages for people, animals and constructions in the area. Regulations and laws force wind turbine operators to shut down the turbine for safety reasons. The BISP Ballistic Ice Shedding Protection © is a passive system that eliminates hazardous ice fall. The Ice Shedding Protection System can be retrofitted at your wind park or you implement the system already during the rotor blade manufacture process. Please contact us for the right solution for your rotor blade production, wind turbines and wind parks.   ...
  • Newlist_villinger_neu
    Aviation de.icing technology for wind turbine rotor blades 09/22/2017
    ...Aviation de.icing technology for wind turbine rotor blades Villinger sets new standards for wind turbine de-icing The company offers the most... of aircrafts and rotor blades of Helicopters developed and now introduces an Ice Protection System which sets new standards for wind turbine de-icing...
  • Newlist_logo.nordex
    Nordex entering 4 MW class with powerful turbine 09/01/2017
    ..., compared to the N131, and the company has kept the same one piece rotor blade structure while optimising the design for transport and production.... For instance, the main girders of the rotor blade are made of carbon fibre, which was introduced for the first time in 2010 for the N117/2400 and is also being...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    TPI Composites, Senvion Cooperation in Asia and South America 08/15/2017
    ...TPI Composites, Senvion Cooperation in Asia and South America US rotor blade manufacturer TPI Composites and German turbine manufacturer Senvion... concluded a multi-year cooperation contract for Asia, Australia and South America. TPI Composites, Senvion, rotor blades, Asia, Australia, South America...
  • Newlist_logo.nordex
    Nordex benefits from rising demand in the second quarter of 2017 08/03/2017
    ...) and was thus largely stable compared with the same period in the previous year. Output improved in both turbine assembly and rotor blade production in the period under review. Turbine assembly output came to 1,536 MW (H1/2016: 1,298 MW). This growth of a more than 18 percent is largely due to the production of wind power systems in Spain, where Nordex addresses non-European market demand. Rotor blade production increased by 30 percent in the first half of the year, reflecting preparations for non-European projects scheduled for short-term completion. At EUR 117.5 million (H1/2016: EUR 136.6 million), operating earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation met expectations, translating into a Group EBITDA margin of 7.8 percent. This performance was underpinned by the good average margin on projects under construction, which is also reflected in the increase in the gross margin to 27.2 percent (H1/2016: 24.8 percent). Consolidated profit came to EUR 22.6 million (H1/2016: EUR 51.0 million). As expected, the working capital ratio rose to 9.8 percent as of the reporting date due to preparations for numerous projects to be completed in the short term. As well as this, customer prepayments were down on the previous year. At the same time, order intake rose substantially during the year. In the second quarter, Nordex received new orders worth EUR 572 Mio. All told, order intake in the first half of the year came to EUR 905 million but were down on the previous year (H1/2016: EUR 1,330 million). This was mainly due to more muted new business in Europe, which accounted for 43 percent of total order intake (H1/2016: 68 percent). Furthermore, order intake from non-European markets rose as a percentage of the total as well as in absolute terms. As of 30 June 2017, Nordex had an order backlog including service business of a total of EUR 3.6 billion, which forms the basis for the confirmation of the full-year targets for 2017. Thus, sales are expected to come within a range of EUR 3.1 to 3.3 billion, accompanied by an EBITDA margin of between 7.8 and 8.2 percent. The Management Board expects the working capital ratio to drop to 5 - 7 percent in the second half of the year particularly due to prepayments received on new orders. “Our focus is now on landing the projects that we are in an inch of getting. And we are responding to the changes in business volumes by stepping up cost discipline to support our profitability,” says Nordex CEO José Luis Blanco. ...
  • Newlist_windfair_logo_pos
    Drones and Wind Industry 06/15/2017
    ..., O&M, onshore, offshore, Esvagt, rotor blade, turbine “You save a great deal of time. This service is relevant for many,” says Mads Obling... also included drone inspection in the list of services offered. Thus a drone was used to inspect rotor blades for visible damage during service works...
  • LM Wind Power successfully completes installation and test of 66.5 meter offshore blade for Hitachi's 5.2MW wind turbine 06/08/2017
    ... installation and testing of a 66.5 meter wind turbine blade, ordered by Hitachi, Ltd. for offshore application. LM Wind Power, Hitachi, rotor blade, wind...
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