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    Gebrüder Käufer GmbH
    ...;UFER’s innovative suspended platforms allow alignment on all sizes of blades. Rope suspensions are fixed at machine house or at rotor blade. Rotor... blade access systems are easy to erect and independent of surface as rough terrain or off shore. The rotor blade platform climbs up by electric...
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    WKA-Service-Fehmarn GmbH
    ... years of experience in the development and execution of highly complex rotor blade repairs. Complex nacelle repairs and repairs to other GRP component... parts. Expert opinions / inspections on rotor blade (in-/outside); detailed damage reports with photo documentation; Inspection of lightning...
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    RTS Wind AG
    ...; the installation and cabling of wind turbines, servicing and maintaining turbines, and also a specialised rotor blade service. Europe-wide operations, in both...
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    aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH
    ... and structural rotor blade design, finite element method calculation for casting, welded and fibre compound elements as well as the entire documentation...
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    Wölfel Wind Systems GmbH
  • Newlist_logo.windkraft-gutachten
    Rosendahl & Frank Energietechnik GmbH
    ...: Acceptance tests of new wind turbines Inspection before lapse of warranty Periodical inspections State-oriented inspections Rotor... blade inspections Advice in technical matters Consultancy and expert opinion contracts   In our inspections, the entire wind...
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    Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH
  • Newlist_dichtomatik_neu
    ... on wind energy converters: the azimuth adjustment / gondola bearing the pitch setting / rotor blade adjustment / rotor blade bearing the main shaft bearing Dichtomatik. Any seal. Any time. Addresses:   Dichtomatik GmbH, D-Hamburg, +49-(0)40 669890, mail@dichtomatik.de Dichtomatik B.V., NL-Zwolle, +31-(0)38 46 01 606, mail@dichtomatik.nl Dichtomatik Ltd., GB-Derby, +44-(0)1332 52 44 00, mail@dichtomatik.co.uk Dichtomatik Handelsges.mbH, A-Wien, +43-(0)1 259 35 41, mail@dichtomatik.co.at Dichtomatik AB, S-Landskrona, +46-(0)418 44 98 00, mail@dichtomatik.se Dichtomatik S.A.S., F-Loché, +33-(0)385 27 02 80, mail@dichtomatik.fr Dichtomatik S.r.l., I-Genova-Voltri, +39 010 612 75, mail@dichtomatik.it Dichtomatik KFT., H-Budapest, +36-(0)1 297 43 45, szimering@hu.inter.net Dichtomatik North America, USA-Minnesota, +1-734 354 55 55, sales@dichtomatik.us Dichtomatik North America, CDN-Ontario, +1-(0)905 470 22 66, sales@dichtomatik.ca   ...
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    Aero Dynamik Consult GmbH
  • Newlist_logo.bergolin
    Bergolin GmbH & Co. KG
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    Technical Assessment
    ... and tower to the gearbox and rotor blade, and advise operators on environmental aspects. ...
  • Newlist_logo.dw-technik
    Portfolio of Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd.
    ...;, AN Bonus®, Nordex®, Senvion® and Fuhrländer® Rotor blade service for all blades from all manufacturers Tower and foundations: inspection and refurbishment Control and power electronics: repair, development, manufacture and support Safety equipment/QHSE Expert advice and consulting Substations: maintenance and repairs and operation Repowering and further operation ...
  • Newlist_logo.ambau-ws
    Rotor blade service
    ...Rotor blade service Rotor blades are some of the parts of a wind energy unit that are most exposed to the force of the elements and environmental... influences. Working on rotor blades requires great experience and expertise. Highly-qualified employees trained in the specialist field and the use...
  • Newlist_logo.fabory
    Masterful Fasteners Assortment
    ...: Hexagon Bolts HV Bolt Sets Construction Bolts Hexagon Socket Bolts & Screws Nuts/ Rivets / Inserts Threaded rods & studs Rotor Blade Connection...
  • Newlist_saertex_logo
    ...-up – especially in vertical moulds (e.g. for rotor blade manufacture or boat hulls) – by up to 50 percent. Spraying with additional...

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    Power to the People: Indian Girl Points Finger At Problems of Climate Protection 20.04.2017
    ... of the year, turbine manufacturer Gamesa inaugurated another rotor blade factory, being their third company in India, since the government has facilitated...
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    LM Wind Power Eyes French Market 24.02.2017
    ...At the plant in Cherbourg, Normandy, which is being built on a site of Ports Normands Associés (PNA), rotor blades for offshore wind turbines... in the region in the north of France. The longest rotor blade in the world is also to be built in the plant - the LM 88.4 P. Another growth...
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    Zigzag Provides More Yield 02.02.2017
    ..., LM Wind Power and the ECN have developed a new rotor blade tip, which can increase the power generation of a farm between two and six percent... results on the 80m rotor blades showed that an increased wind power performance of up to six percent can be achieved through the special blade tips. With a new method, the ECN was also able to measure relatively low power increases. Ozlem makes it clear that the end of research is still far from being achieved and continues to rely on the interaction of the research center with LM Wind Power: “Great results are encouraging to continue designing models and demonstrating blade tips. Together we aim to lower costs of wind energy.” (The graph on the right shows what the ECN is doing in the area of wind energy research.) The noise levels of offshore turbines thus modified compared to onshore systems have not been published in detail yet. Since there are high requirements of noise reduction with a limit of 160 decibels during the installation of the foundations (at least in Germany), it remains to be seen whether the noise of the zigzag tips has an impact on the local fauna and would therefore have to be regulated. ...
  • Newlist_logo.nordex
    Nordex Group acquires SSP Technology A/S 01.02.2017
    ...The Nordex Group is acquiring SSP Technology A/S, a developer and manufacturer of rotor blade moulds and the holder of numerous patents...-changing market conditions. Nordex develops and produces rotor blades at its facilities in Germany and in Spain and also works with external partners...
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    Borkum Riffgrund 2 gets green lights 16.01.2017
    ... of the BSH now includes the construction of 56 MHI Vestas 8MW wind turbines with a rotor blade diameter of 164 meters each. They are the largest wind power turbines planted in German waters. The wind farm has a capacity of 450 MW and is intended to provide 460,000 German households with clean energy after 2019.   ...
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    Wind energy as a piece of art: ALE transports Siemens rotor blade across Hull 10.01.2017
    ...Specialist for heavy lifting ALE has transported a 75m long rotor blade from Siemens once across the city center of Hull. The blade was then jacked... that such a rotor blade is exhibited in a temporary art event. These contemporary art installations show a series of artists' interventions in the public...
  • Newlist_logo.siemenswindpower
    Siemens Wind Power presents first customized turbine transport vessel in Esbjerg 05.12.2016
    .... Due to maximum flexibility of the deck, she can also handle transports of up to nine wind tower sections per trip or three to four rotor blade sets... to 12 wind turbine rotor blades and transport them from Siemens’ production facilities in Hull, England or Aalborg, Denmark to the respective installation harbor. ...
  • Newlist_logo.siemenswindpower
    Siemens officially inaugurates new wind turbine blade factory in the British city of Hull 02.12.2016
    ...Siemens has officially inaugurated the new rotor blade factory for offshore wind turbines in Hull, UK, in an event attended by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Greg Clark and representatives of the local community. The site at Alexandra Docks has been transformed in under two years from a derelict industrial wasteland to a busy high-tech manufacturing hub. Now, the state-of-the-art factory has completed the first 75-meter-long blades which are currently stored on racks on site. Shipping to the first offshore wind project Race Bank is expected in early 2017. "Our new factory in Hull which we are today officially inaugurating is located in one of the most significant markets for offshore wind power and will produce rotor blades for our 7 and 8-megawatt wind turbines," said Michael Hannibal, CEO Offshore of Siemens Wind Power. "The new manufacturing plant is part of our efforts to establish offshore wind power as a key pillar of a sustainable energy mix in Europe. At the same time we are creating 1,000 attractive jobs here and thereby supporting sustainable regeneration in the Humber region." With its partner Associated British Ports (ABP), Siemens is investing £310 million in Hull to create a world-class center for offshore wind manufacturing, assembly and logistics. The centerpiece of the investment, the wind turbine blade factory, is now fully operational. The full Alexandra Dock site, including a new harbor for pre-assembly and load-out of wind turbine components, will be fully on stream in 2017. Siemens had employed almost 700 people in Hull so far. A further 100 permanent staff are employed at Alexandra Dock working for Siemens’ suppliers and additional recruitment up to a total of 1,000 people will continue into 2017 as the site becomes fully operational. Hundreds more jobs have been created during construction and in the supply chain. The new production site has an area of 540,000 square meters, including an area reclaimed from a wet dock. The new factory itself covers 40,000 square meters and has an optimized material flow based on the Siemens Production System (SPS). Storage, supply chain and assembly work are interconnected with modern database systems to produce 75–meter-long rotor blades for offshore wind turbines of the seven and eight-megawatt class. Offshore wind manufacturing sites such as Hull in the UK or Cuxhaven in Germany are efficiently linked by new transport vessels and embedded in Siemens’ logistics concept with the goal to leverage innovation and industrialization on the way to lowering the costs of offshore wind energy. A key element of the concept is an improved transport solution, utilizing dual-purpose transport vessels to avoid both heavy component lifting through innovative Ro/Ro handling and cost intensive shipping of heavy components. There is a growing market for wind turbines designed for erection off shore. Offshore wind power plants are currently being built primarily in the North Sea and Baltic Sea off Europe's northern coastline. However, wind power projects are being developed in other regions as well, such as along the East Coast of the United States and in Asia off the coast of China and Taiwan. ...
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    Laser-based composite manufacturing 01.12.2016
    ... and intuitively operated via keyboard, tablet PC or remote control. For large objects like rotor blades, the multitasking version PRO-SOFT MT allows...üller-Polyzou, head of marketing and product management at LAP GmbH. Live demo: Laser projection for production of WEC rotor blades...
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    Senvion acquires EUROS as next step of its product strategy 22.11.2016
    ... three months after announcing the acquisition of Kenersys assets in India. EUROS, located in Berlin and southern Poland, covers all areas of rotor blade design and production as well as master plug and mould design, backed by its skilled product development team. The fully functional blade, mould and master plug manufacturing facilities in Zory-Warszowice and Ustron in Poland are part of the transaction. The acquisition also includes the production site staff. The facilities in southern Poland are able to produce all onshore mould and blade types, including all blades in the Senvion portfolio. Jürgen Geissinger, CEO at Senvion, said: "The EUROS transaction successfully builds on Senvion's product innovation and market entry strategy. With the addition of a mould factory and an experienced mould and blade development team, Senvion will be able to reach a shorter time to market for new blades and also be able to produce additional new blades with a reduced time to market. This will enable Senvion to enter new markets with new products more quickly. This strategic move is important to further prepare for our next market entries and also to achieve cost savings and thereby contributing to lower LCoE efforts." Paulo Silva, Senior Vice President Global Blades at Senvion, added: "Senvion is pleased to announce this partnership with the experienced and skilled blade development team at EUROS. This agreement will help us to benefit from the complementary skill sets and the rich and varied experience of the EUROS team, in addition to expanding and complementing our own blade capacities. Together, we will be able to offer complete blade solutions in-house - from the development and the mould making through to the final blade." Michael Wolf, Managing Director of EUROS group, states: "EUROS and its employees see the acquisition by Senvion with great optimism. The obtained know-how over the past 20 years about innovative tools for rotor blade engineering for on- and offshore areas including mould design and construction as well as blade production can now be applied on a broader scale. Additionally, we aspire to make use of synergies when cooperating with Senvion's partners to contribute to achieving Senvion's product strategy." To date, Senvion has produced its blades in Bremerhaven in Germany and Vagos in Portugal. With the addition of the EUROS production sites in Poland, Senvion will control both the end-to-end production cycle and also expand its blade manufacturing capacity by 25 per cent. In August 2016, Senvion announced the acquisition of the assets of the Indian wind turbine manufacturer Kenersys. The wind turbines K82 (2.0 MW), K100 (2.6 MW), K110 (2.4 MW) and K120 (2.3 MW) are part of the planned acquisition. Additionally, in September, the company presented its new turbine 3.6M140 for medium wind speeds, as well as further turbine upgrades. * EUROS Group consists of EUROS Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Windkraftanlagen mbH, EUROS Polska sp. z o.o. and EUROS Rotor Systems Polska sp. z o.o. ...
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