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    Senvion wins first deal in Argentina totalling 97 MW 10/04/2017
    ... an upgraded power yield of roughly 2.5 per cent compared to the 3.4M114 NES and is particularly fitting for projects with restricted maximum tip heights at strong wind locations. ...
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    France: GE’s 6-Megawatt Wind Generator Leaves Factory, Destined to Accelerate Offshore Wind Growth 02/12/2016
    .... The first recently completed generator is to be installed in GE’s Haliade™ 150-6MW offshore wind turbine in Denmark. The turbine’s power... yield is 15 percent higher than that of other same-generation wind turbines, each is capable of supplying 5,000 households per annum. The power...
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    Siemens and Esvagt christen wind industry's first offshore Service Operation Vessels 06/26/2015
    ... service and maintenance in more challenging weather conditions, especially in winter months when wind power yield can be high. Siemens, with its decades of experience in offshore wind, began to explore new offshore service concepts with site-specific tailored combinations of SOVs, crew transfer vessels (CTV), helicopters, heli-hoist platforms, and jack-up vessels, based on each customer's unique needs. One of the cornerstones of this approach is Siemens' advanced remote diagnostics and monitoring, which can remotely solve up to 85 percent of alarms. When physical service is required, Siemens engineers are able to analyze the data gathered to accurately predict specific needed repairs before they become serious issues and proactively take action. This allows Siemens to employ the right resources to accurately and efficiently address service needs with the best combination of logistics and planning. With a large onboard parts storage area and comfortable accommodations, as many as 40 Siemens' technicians will live and work on the SOVs near the wind farm for several weeks at a time, significantly reducing the time traveling to and from the wind turbines.  This will help to increase the technician working hours in the turbine by as much as 50 percent over traditional CTVs. The motion-sensored Ampelmann hydraulic access system on the SOVs will contribute to increasing the working window impacted by weather by enabling technicians to safely "walk to work" in the turbines at higher wave heights. As the SOV can stay in the field for several weeks at a time, the vessel only needs to return to port for fueling and the replenishment of supplies and equipment. In addition to being the end user of the SOV for offshore wind service purposes, Siemens also was a supplier to Esvagt A/S for two key systems aboard the vessel. The Siemens BlueDrive™ propulsion system helps reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, and Siemens hydraulics are used in the Ampelmann active access gangway system. Siemens has also signed a chartering agreement with ship owner, Bernhard Schulte, for two Ulstein SX175 SOVs to be purpose-built for the long-term service and maintenance operations of the Gemini and Sandbank/Dan Tysk offshore wind power plants in the North Sea. Siemens currently provides service and maintenance for over 1,400 offshore wind turbines with a wind energy capacity of over 4.8 GW and is the only company offering an integrated solution along the entire value chain: wind turbines, grid connections, installation, commissioning, service, training and finance. ...
  • Met Office teams up with WindSim AS to provide Wind Resource Assessments and Wind Power Forecasts 12/12/2014
    ... and Wind Power forecasts to meet increasing industry demand for improved short term power forecasting and longer term power yield analysis. Accurate short... locations and also further offshore, stakeholders are demanding higher confidence in long term power yield predictions in order to support critical...
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    Working perfectly together: automation and power distribution in wind turbines 10/08/2014
    ...). After all, components and systems must be perfectly coordinated to ensure consistently high power yield with minimum lifecycle costs. The technical...
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    The Business Platform for Wind Energy – New Models Presented & Business Deals Signed in Hamburg 09/25/2014
    ... units are designed to deliver the best possible power yield at low to medium wind speeds. The first deliveries are expected in early 2017. Today...
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    Siemens study: Europe can save EUR 45 billion in its pursuit of renewables 05/15/2013
    ... at the sites in Europe that offer the highest power yields, some EUR 45 billion of investment in renewables could be saved by 2030. This figure already.... If these facilities were erected at the sunniest sites, we could save 39 gigawatts of solar equipment – for the same power yield. The choice of site is crucial...
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    France - the first wind farm featuring high-yield ECO 110 wind turbines has been inaugurated in Brittany 11/29/2012
    ... areas, where there is limited space. With an increased power yield compared to the other models, the ECO 110 limits the environmental impact...
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    Nordex launching the 2.5MW Gamma Generation in the Chinese and Asian markets 10/20/2011
    ... and assigning top priority to the dependability of all system components, to ensure improved product quality for better power yield. Based on the over 1700 2.5.MW units already installed and experience from more than a decade of operation, the Gamma Generation is designed for all wind classes and climatic regions in compliance with international grid codes and national standards in China. The quality meets international standards and is fully in line with the 18 national regulations for wind turbine technology effective from 1 November in China. The N90/2500 and N100/2500 turbines are based on a common technical platform. A consistent modular design allows Nordex to add type-specific components and customer options. Furthermore, the modular design makes delivery, installation and maintenance fast and simple.Besides, the nacelle, hub and board crane have all been re-designed, with optimized yaw, pitch and cooling systems. Hence, the Efficiency Class can operate more efficiently and reliably.“A new software version for Nordex Control 2 is used in 2.5MW gamma platform. With the new software, power yield is improved at partial load operation (vHub = ~ 5..10 m/s). It also helps improve output in the complete low and mid wind range, while start-up hysteresis can be improved.” Dr. Ni, Engineering Director of Nordex China stated.Most importantly, with the company’s global installation experience, Nordex 2.5MW wind turbines comply with all known grid codes across the globe. It has outstanding grid compliance, i.e., a flexible and powerful fault ride through capability. During the process of Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) or High Voltage Ride Through (HVRT), the turbine can continuously output reactive power; with the adoption of new circuit topology design, Zero Voltage Ride Through (ZVRT) and fast reacting speed can be achieved. It is also worth noting that parameters can be defined to achieve flexible project-specific configurations. “Starting from Germany, we are expanding our business across the globe with branches in 19 countries. Our subtlety, foresight and flexibility in the global and local markets have enabled us to gain strong footholds in three core regions: Europe, America and Asia. This is why we were one of the first foreign suppliers to enter the Chinese market, back in 1995.” Mr. Jens Olsen, CEO of Nordex China stressed. “In fact, we have already had one N90/2500kW wind turbine installed in Zhangbei in CEPRI’s testing wind farm. This is the largest turbine installed by a foreign company in China. Meanwhile, preparations for 2.5MW localization have started. The 16-year local experience and the local supply chain are undoubtedly our advantages, Further extension spending as well as investments in equipment and tools have been implemented at our facilities in Yinchuan and Dongying.” Mr. Jens Olsen adds.With the demand in China increasing, Nordex will continue to make inroads in this market with its latest products.Nordex - a profileAs a technological leader among suppliers of megawatt turbines, Nordex benefits particularly from the global trend towards large-scale wind turbines. The product range includes one of the largest series wind power systems in the world (N80/2500, N90/2500, N100/2500, N117/2400) with more 1,700 of these turbines having been produced to date. This means that Nordex has a crucial edge in terms of experience in operating large turbines compared to most of its competitors in the sector. Overall, Nordex has installed a more than 4,600 turbines with a capacity in excess of 7,100 MW around the world. With exports accounting for over 95 percent of its business, Nordex also has a strong position in international high-growth regions. The company has offices and subsidiaries in 19 countries. In total, the Group employs more than 2,600 people worldwide....
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    Nordex entering Turkish market for the first time 04/04/2007
    .... With an installed output of 42.5 MW, the “Yuntdag” project will be playing a key role in the country, with a record-breaking notional power yield...
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