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    The Future Is Out There – On The Ocean 08/11/2017
    ... the water. How is mankind to deal with it? TenneT, Statoil, MARIN, Netherlands, floating, Hywind, power hub, climate change, turbine, offshore Half...
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    14th Hamburg Offshore Wind Conference: Industry Shows Self-Confidence 04/07/2017
    ...'s 'power hub' is a European project to improve grid integration of offshore wind energy (Image: TenneT) "The big vision is missing in the political debate," explained Sven Utermöhlen, responsible for offshore wind at E.ON. The euphoria in the initial phase is followed by the great question of where to go with the energy transition. In the end, it is also not sufficient to only build the ‘electricity autobahn’, as the big transmission lines across the country are called in Germany. Ultimately, the energy transition is and will be affected by the inclusion of different sectors, electromobilty among others. Currently, the speed of expansion of renewable energies in Germany is being adapted to the speed of grid expansion. Instead grid expansion should rather be adjusted to climate protection targets. Otherwise the two-degree goal of the Paris Climate Agreement will be missed, stated Jörg Kuhbier, head of Stiftung Offshore Wind Energy. A strong call to policy not to lay low after the introduction of the EEG 2017, but to continue working on further developing the energy transition – not only in Germany – but united across Europe. ...
  • Three TSOs sign agreement on North Sea Wind Power Hub 03/24/2017
    ...;Power Link Islands’. The idea is to create a large connection point for thousands of future offshore wind turbines. A North Sea Wind Power Hub...,” said Torben Glar Nielsen, CTO of Energinet. A North Sea Wind Power Hub at a location like Dogger Bank has many advantages: Shallow...
  • Cooperation European Transmission System Operators to develop North Sea Wind Power Hub 03/09/2017
    ... (infrastructure) companies. The goal is to achieve a multi-party consortium which will realize the North Sea Wind Power Hub project. *) Transmission... System Operators (High-voltage grid operators) By developing the North Sea Wind Power Hub, TenneT and Energinet.dk want to make the energy transition both feasible and affordable. Central to the plan is the construction of one or more islands, so called Power Link Islands with interconnections to surrounding countries, in the middle of the North Sea (Dogger Bank): to which many wind farms can be connected (possibly 70,000 MW to 100,000 MW); from where the generated wind energy can be distributed and transmitted over direct current lines to the North Sea countries of the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Belgium; where transmission cables will simultaneously function as interconnectors between the energy markets of the aforementioned countries. Besides transmitting wind electricity to the connected countries, these 'wind connectors' will enable the countries to trade electricity; where wind conditions are optimal. The Power Link Island Mel Kroon, CEO of TenneT, said: 'This project can significantly contribute to a completely renewable supply of electricity in Northwest Europe. TenneT and Energinet.dk both have extensive experience in the fields of onshore grids, the connection of offshore wind energy and cross-border connections. TSOs are best placed to play a leading role in the long-term development of the offshore infrastructure. I am happy that we are going to take this step with our Danish colleagues and I look forward to the participation of other transmission system operators and possibly other partners.' Peder Østermark Andreasen, CEO of Energinet.dk said: 'Offshore wind has in recent years proved to be increasingly competitive and it is important to us to constantly focus on further reduction in prices of grid connections and interconnections. We need innovative and large-scale projects so that offshore wind can play an even bigger part in our future energy supply.' North Sea Wind Power Hub: vision Solar energy and wind energy will be necessary on a large scale because achievement of the European targets for reducing CO2 emissions hinges largely on electricity produced sustainably. Wind and solar energy complement each other: there is more sun from spring to autumn, and more wind in the colder and darker months of the year. So a sustainable and stable energy system for the future will need solar and wind energy, both on a large scale. This requires optimum cooperation and synergy because it cannot be accomplished by individual member states on their own. The European political declaration of 6 June 2016 on energy cooperation between the North Sea countries was an important step in this direction. The vision of the three TSOs provides a basis, or point of departure, for a joint European approach up to 2050 and focuses specifically on developing the North Sea as a source of and a distribution centre for Europe’s energy transition. The location of the Power Link (the island) should satisfy a number of requirements: optimal wind conditions, centrally located and in relatively shallow water. As a location for the island, the Dogger Bank meets all the conditions. In short, Power Link islands in the middle of the North Sea offers everything necessary to make offshore wind energy a success: Large wind farms way out at sea will connect to a Power Link, an island. Far-shore will become near shore and economies of scale will reduce costs. Direct current lines will double as interconnectors. The efficiency of these lines will increase significantly. Staff, components and assembly workshops can be stationed on the island, thus optimising and simplifying complex offshore logistics. The Dogger Bank area has excellent wind consitions which optimizes efficiency and affordability. The area is relatively shallow. The shallower the water, the lower will be the cost of building the wind farms and the island. An island in an area with a lot of space will provide the scale necessary to reduce costs (through economies of scale). On 23 March, during the North Seas Energy Forum in Brussels, the consortium between TenneT Netherlands, Energinet.dk and TenneT Germany will be made official by Mel Kroon (TenneT) and Torben Glar Nielsen (CTO Energinet.dk), in the presence of Maros Sefcovic, European Commissioner for Energy Union. ...
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    Siemens dispatches first turbines from newly constructed Hull site 01/12/2017
    ... our newly-constructed harbour we now have the core elements of a globally-unique offshore wind power hub all operational. It’s exciting to see...
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    Video Pick of the Week - The Anholt Offshore Wind Farm 03/06/2015
    ... through a single 3-conductor cable (diameter 26 cm or 10 in)[14] and a further 56 km (35 mi) to Trige (near Aarhus) where a 400 kV main power hub can...
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    Kenyan government plans to drastically increase the investment in and use of wind energy 09/03/2013
    ... in the near future, the country is about to become the wind power hub of Eastern Africa. Considering the potential market size of several thousands...
  • Denmark - Wind Power Hub 01/03/2011
    ...% of the electricity supply consisting of wind energy. A penetration rate unmatched by any other country.However, the Danish wind power hub has even... Industry Association (DWIA) have published a brochure “Denmark – Wind Power Hub” focusing on the wind industry and some of the challenges that lie ahead...
  • India - Gujarat's Samana set to become wind power hub 07/15/2008
  • InWEA: India to be wind power hub 06/21/2005
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