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    A New Start After The Disaster - Puerto Rico Offers a Unique Opportunity 10/06/2017
    ... a functioning grid coping with renewables from the beginning can be built up. Puerto Rico, USA, micro grid, grid, wind, solar, Pattern Energy, storage, battery...
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    Senvion to supply its first off-grid project in Australia's outback 08/01/2016
    ... reduce their reliance on expensive fuels. This pioneering micro-grid project will demonstrate what can be achieved in remote applications - not just...
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    Australia: Off-grid energy solution coming to mainland Australia 05/30/2016
    ... Pedy project is a prime example of Australia’s world-leading expertise in devising renewable micro-grid solutions with strong commercial potential,” Mr Frischknecht said. “This is a next-generation off-grid project that’s taking advantage of advanced renewable and enabling technologies being deployed and trialled by Hydro Tasmania across three different projects with $16.3 million total ARENA funding support. “Combining wind, solar, battery storage and smart control systems could provide a blueprint for off-grid communities to access cleaner and cheaper power and achieve energy independence by greatly reducing their reliance on trucked-in diesel. “We’re committed to working with Hydro Tasmania to share the learning from its projects, maximising the benefits from ARENA funding and accelerating the rollout of renewable energy in remote Australia.” EDL supplies power to Coober Pedy via a 3.9 megawatt diesel power station. Under the contract, Hydro Tasmania will supply EDL with its proprietary enabling technology, comprised of control, load management and storage systems. ...
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    Australia: 260MW Sapphire Wind Farm to be build 03/11/2016
    ... will invest A$3 million in a world-leading zero carbon micro-grid to be developed at CIT Bruce. CWP also will invest A$35 million to develop an Asia-Pacific micro-grid export hub in the ACT. In a win for local companies, the developers will give preference to ACT-based businesses when awarding contracts for the construction of the wind farm – worth at least A$5 million." ...
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    Exhibition Ticker - World Congress and Exhibition on Wind Energy - June 16-18, 2016 Berlin, Germany 06/04/2015
    ..., off grid and micro grid technologies are available for the grid integration of wind turbines.                             Noise produced from wind turbines often became a serious issue which can be reduced by different techniques of Amplitude Modulation and by using various transducers. Here the main objectives are cancellation of the noise and different transducers use in this regard. Noise produced from wind turbines often became a serious issue to the nearby residents and there are different techniques to overcome this noise. Here the main objectives are cancellation of the noise and control of the noise generated. From all the renewable energy sources, the electrical generation from micro-wind turbines has not yet disclosed its huge potential especially. These will be helpful in generation the required power generation for urban communities. So the promoting events, policies and hurdles face by the urban wind energy promotion will be discussed here. Depending on how energetic a wind site is, the wind farm may or may not be cost competitive. So here we discuss about challenges and new inventions in wind energy sector. There is some standard testing and certification process for every wind turbine so that it can generate uninterrupted energy and have the standard life span while in operation. This track is all about different testing and certification standards of wind turbines. Environmental impact of wind power is less when compared to other forms of power generation. There are reports of bird and bat mortality at wind turbines and also reports of negative health effects from noise on people who live close to them. Wind turbines have been criticized as having a visual impact on the landscape so it will have impact on tourism as well. To receive more information on this article, our Newsletter or find out more about what w3.windfair.net has to offer, please, do not hesitate to contact Trevor Sievert at ts@windfair.net. Please don't forget to follow us on Twitter: w3.windfair.net on Twitter w3.windfair.net is the largest international B2B internet platform in wind energy – ultimately designed for connecting wind energy enthusiasts and companies across the globe. ...
  • Editor's Choice - The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Sky Farm™ 50 kW by Eastern Wind Power 11/20/2014
    .... The mobile unit can feed a field micro-grid with the power  as is required, be it 48 volt battery storage for reserve power or live time 220/480 Volt – 3 phase @ 60 or 50 Hz. feeds. The unit can serve as a self-contained power station, including on-board battery power storage systems, communications centers, grid distribution nodes, and mobile battery charging station. The turbine blades will be hinged at their connection joints and will open like a tripod, with the blades locking in the open rigid position. The turbine tower would be transported in the same container – being (3) 19’ sections designed for field assembly. The unit is simple to install in the field as the hydraulics are adapted from a typical fire truck design to lift the turbine in place at the height appropriate for its utility and security. The trailer will have retractable outriggers for stability on any slope or terrain, locking the system in-place, thus freeing up the delivery vehicle for other transport duties. If you would like to know more about Eastern Wind Power, Inc. (EWP) and its Sky Farm™ 50 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, recieve our Newsletter or find out more about what w3.windfair.net has to offer. Please, do not hesitate to contact Trevor Sievert at ts@windfair.net. w3.windfair.net is the largest international B2B Internet platform in wind energy – ultimately designed for connecting wind energy enthusiasts and companies across the globe! ... where there is the greatest demand and limited space. Mobile Units (self-contained) for remote Off-Grid locations, particularly to set up a micro...
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    Vestas and ABB to collaborate on Wind for Prosperity globally 10/20/2014
    ...Solving the technical challenge of stabilizing and controlling off-grid and micro-grid power generation solutions is essential for Wind... technological expertise to create a combined solution for exactly the type of off-grid and micro-grid wind-hybrid power generation systems that we envision...
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    The WWEC2014 - Distributed Wind Power – Matching Generation and Demand 09/17/2013
    ...; Hybrid power generation system, independent system and Micro-grid 15.  Design and manufacture of key components 16.  Wind power equipment...
  • This week: Village Power Supply with Renewables in developing countries – a matter of risk management 05/30/2012
    ...Goslar, 30.05.2012. Can solar, wind and micro-hydro power plants supply micro-grids while keeping the risk for private investors low? - “Yes... Euros per kilowatt-hour of electricity if power was supplied reliably. Unfortunately, in the past, private investors refrained from micro-grid power...
  • Product Pick of the Week - Introducing Micro Wind Turbines 10/07/2011
    ..., and a stationary, scalable Renewable Power Station that can be drop-shipped to off-grid locations to be used as a ‘micro-grid.’ Arista Power’s diffuser...
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    RECAM 2017 01/06/2017
    ... and solar innovations, micro-grid and storage technology, investment opportunities and regulatory updates that will reignite the Central American... and micro-grid industries, we will show you where your opportunities lie and how to seize them. ...

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