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    Electro-Powered Heavy-Duty Shears
    ...These shears are designed to cut multilayered Aramide, glass fiber and other heavy weight materials without any problem whatever. If in doubt...
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    ...Core material for composites: SAERfoam is our structural core material with 3D glass bridges. SAERfoam replaces conventional core materials... such as PVC, PET and balsa in an innovative manner: Ultralight foam (PU/PE/PIR) is combined with 3D glass reinforcements. The result is SAERfoam...
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    ...STRUCTURAL FLOW MEDIA SAERflow combines a glass reinforcement and a lightweight synthetic structure. Together, they provide uncompressible layers... NCF laminate. Can be combined with other SAERTEX solutions SAERflow can be combined with other SAERTEX solutions, e.g. glass, carbon, aramid NCF...
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    ... infrastructure cables and assemblies used in wind turbines and solar plants, new solutions have been found and realized: Optical Fiber (POF,PCF, HCS, Glass...
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    The manufacture of rotors
    ...In the manufacture of glass fibre rotors the process of positioning the prepregs can be markedly accelerated by the use of laser projectors... projectors find their use in the manufacture of rotor blades for positioning the glass fibre prepregs with an accuracy of a millimetre. They project...
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    ... complexes of glass, carbon or aramid easier. Fabrics finished with SAERfix EP and SAERfix UP are self-adhesive. Thanks to SAERfix, using additional spray...
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    3D Fabrics
    ... can be manufactured from various raw materials such as glass, carbon, aramid or even ceramic fibres and metal wires. With its innovative 3D fabrics...
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    ... key performance indicators usual in current fire protection systems. SAERTEX LEO uses differing core materials, optimised NCF layers (glass, carbon...
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    Mechanical Test Systems
    ... loading to determine the mechanical properties of a wide variety of advanced materials, including glass fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites...

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