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    RENK Test System GmbH
    ..., the aircraft and defence industries as well as test systems for complete wind turbines (nacelles) and their drive-train components. Applied static...
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    KMT Telemetry
    ... moments on rotor blades Vibration analysis of rotor blades Pressure and tension loads of individual components of the drive train Temperature monitoring of heat-sensitive components   ...
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    Bachmann Monitoring GmbH
    ... and online analysis of vibrations enabling the reliable monitoring of the majority of the drive-train components of onshore and offshore wind turbines. The remote condition monitoring via Weblog forms the basis of the efficient monitoring of decentralised plant equipment. The early recognition and localisation of possible weak points gives our customers the optimum availability of their plant equipment and increased long term profitability. The structure-borne sound based condition monitoring is complemented by diagnostic functions for imbalances, rotor blades and structural component monitoring. The range of services offered also includes the compiling of vibration reports. Wind turbines with Bachmann control systems have the option of adding a comprehensive integrated “Omega Guard” condition monitoring system, which is also certified by “Germanischer Lloyd”. This solution offers significant cost and technological advantages when compared to the conventional stand-alone CM systems. Bachmann currently monitors about 3500 wind turbines worldwide. The portfolio covers 23 different wind turbine manufacturers with 54 different versions ranging from 600 kW to 6 MW. The monitoring experts located in the technological centre Jena/Rudolstadt for more than 15 years and certified by “Germanisher Lloyd” became part of the Bachmann electronic GmbH of Feldkirch, Austria in 2010. The location in Rudolstadt is being expanded into a worldwide centre of excellence for diagnosis of decentralised machinery and plant equipment, additionally remote centres staffed by experts in Asia and America are planned. ...
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    cms@wind GmbH
    ...-term measurements and vibration-diagnostic challenges to the structure and drive train. The hardware is designed to meet these demands, and can...
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    GfM Gesellschaft für Maschinendiagnose mbH
    ... of the vibration diagnosis it is possible to detect smallest irregularities at the drive train of a wind energy turbine especially at the gearbox at an early stage. These irregularities can be for instance damages at rolling bearings, gears and shafts, imbalance and alignment errors. That way the operator of a wind turbine generator gets information on the condition, which facilitates the maintenance and saves him from unplanned shutdowns. The CMS "Peakanalyzer" does not need a learning phase and only a relatively small support effort. This is achieved through the integrated DVS-analysis in the device which makes the analysis of irregularities largely automatically. During the development of the system and the method a great importance was set on the data quality. The analysis occurs preferably in the order spectra which are created by resampling. Furthermore, it is possible to attach a particle counter at the 16 channelled system for the lubricant analysis. In addition, the message of several events or conditions can be activated which means for example that a wind turbine generator does not run although there is wind. The GfM is independent. There exist absolutely no commitments to replacement part distributors, maintenance companies or insurance companies for the drive engineering. The diagnosis and expert reports are consequently neutral. Our offers: Online Condition Monitoring systems (CMS) Offline-diagnosis systems Offline-vibration diagnosis Torque measurements and torsional vibration analyses Seminars ...


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    condition monitoring systems
    ....   The cms control was developed as a retrofit kit for monitoring drive trains. It collects data automatically right after installation..., and can be accessed online. Immediately after installation, the drive train is examined for previous damage. Thereafter, the data is retrieved via mobile...

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    Statistical approach improves wind farm remote condition monitoring 04.11.2016
    ... different bearings for the drive train, along with lubrication and sealing solutions. But our expertise does not end there. Ten years ago SKF developed...
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    Deutsche Windtechnik Launches in France – Five New Service Contracts and Replacement of Large Components 07.09.2016
    ...) wind turbine meant that the drive train had to be taken apart, the defective bearing including main shaft replaced, the turbine reassembled and put back into operation - and all within five days. Since March 2015 Deutsche Windtechnik has been maintaining five N90 wind turbines at the Momerstroff wind farm as part of a full-maintenance contract. Strong growth – with cooperation as the keystone Deutsche Windtechnik is expecting above average growth of its foreign business in the coming years. Matthias Brandt, chairman of Deutsche Windtechnik, is more specific: “In the next three years we are expecting the foreign share of our business to more than double what it is this year. The share is currently 12 per cent, and we foresee this being 30 per cent in three years. The basis for this positive development is the excellent cooperation between our different business units, something we also practise in France. In principle, everything in Deutsche Windtechnik is going to France – all our expertise, such as remote data monitoring, machine service, QHSE, onshore/offshore and our spare parts management system, is now also available in France.” ...
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    Adwen and Winergy present the world’s biggest wind turbine gearbox 01.09.2016
    ...Winergy’s gearbox was designed exclusively for the AD 8-180 wind turbine. It is part of a medium-speed drive train concept that will considerably help reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) on Adwen’s new offshore giant. At 180 meters the AD 8-180 boasts the world’s largest-diameter rotor. In combination with a nominal electrical power of 8 megawatts the gearbox attains an input torque of close to 10,000 kNm – a value never before equaled. This 70% increase in torque capacity was achieved with only a 20% weight increase compared to other gearboxes used in offshore wind turbines larger than 6 MW. The two-stage-planetary gearbox is directly connected to a medium-speed generator via a flange connection. Thanks to the choice of a medium-speed gearbox concept and leveraging proven technologies well known by both companies, Adwen and Winergy can successfully maximize the efficiency of the drive train, while cutting the cost of the components. In tests the gearbox attains an efficiency of well over 98 percent. Further, by reducing the built-in components its reliability increases. Winergy has manufactured 4 gearboxes for Adwen with the goal of having them fully validated in three phases. The first one takes place at Winergy on modified test bench which is being used for the back-to-back testing of two identical gearboxes with up to 125% over loading. Adwen’s validation process, the most stringent ever taken on a gearbox and drivetrain this size, requires these tests to guarantee maximum reliability of such a critical component. The second phase takes place at Fraunhofer IWES Test Center’s Dynamic Nacelle Testing Laboratory where the gearbox undergoes exhaustive tests in combination with full drivetrain and nacelle. The final phase is field tests with the installation of the AD 8-180 prototype in Bremerhaven (Germany). “We continue pushing the limits of the industry with our AD 8-180, this time with the largest gearbox ever built. This key component has performed extremely well during the exhaustive validation process which makes us confident the first prototype of the turbine will meet and even exceed our expectations in terms of performance and reliability when it is installed. In addition, as is the case of all main components, it has been designed with scalability in mind enabling future evolution of the platform”, explained Luis Alvarez, CEO of Adwen. Winergy CEO Aarnout Kant adds, “Particularly in the offshore sector reliability is the essential thing. With this medium-speed gearbox concept we are demonstrating our technological expertise and innovative strength. The integrated drive system is not only very compact and efficient, it is also extremely reliable. It makes us proud to be Adwen’s partner on this showcase project.” ...
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    Senvion 6.2M152 in the running for first floating French wind farm 25.07.2016
    ... and correspondingly larger drive train combined with tried-and-tested, first-class technology enables Senvion customers to generate energy even more cost-efficiently on the high seas with the 6.2M152 with a design life of 25 instead of 20 years. With a rated power of 6.15 megawatts, each Senvion 6.2M152 turbine can supply around 4,000 homes with electricity. To date, the Senvion 6.2M126 is the world's most powerful offshore wind turbine to be produced in series. Senvion began in the multi-megawatt category back in 2004 and ever since then has achieved a great deal of success. No other manufacturer today can compete with the Senvion offshore experience with more than 140 turbines from the 5 and 6 megawatt class installed on the high seas. ...
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    Germany: Schaeffler supports joint research in wind power 09.06.2016
    ... the electromechanical drive train of wind turbines in the multi-megawatt range under near-real-life conditions. For the first time, the test stand...;Research for environmentally friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply." The Drive Train as a Research Object: Schaeffler Supplies Bearings and Measuring Technology As an FVA member, Schaeffler strongly supports this pre-competitive joint research. In this project, Schaeffler has made a significant contribution to main bearing and gearbox research. Schaeffler has provided a total of 18 gearbox bearings and equipped these cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and ball bearings with the relevant measuring technology for determining operating behavior. This will make it possible to reproduce the impact of the loads on the rotor and all the way to the rolling contacts in the gearbox – an important prerequisite for better understanding the interaction in the drive train and for designing more reliable gearboxes in the future. This unique project benefits science, the economy and society. The RWTH Aachen students are given the opportunity to perform research on a marketable wind turbine and work with renowned companies. The industrial companies receive optimized software tools to design their products. The FVA Workbench software platform makes these available to FVA members and applicable in everyday operations. The "FVA Nacelle" project thus brings the exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy a big step ahead. Wind turbines have unplanned downtimes averaging one to two weeks per year. Downtimes and expensive service work may occur in spite of sophisticated individual components. The extreme torques, complex load cycles on the rotor hub and interaction with the network all result in local loads in the entire wind turbine system that cannot be reproduced and predicted sufficiently by means of abstract component tests or available simulation models. The FVA nacelle and the four-megawatt system test stand now permit the impacts of these extreme conditions on the entire system to be determined. The test stand is used to perform turbine inspections and validations as well as to further develop the existing simulation models. The four-megawatt system test stand can simulate various levels of wind fields and network feedback so that components with different operating and load conditions can be analyzed. Based on this, scientists and companies want to develop new, valid simulation models and optimize the inspected models. Critical operating conditions will be identified and prevented specifically by adjusting system controls. The Schaeffler Group is a leading global integrated automotive and industrial supplier. The company stands for the highest quality, outstanding technology, and strong innovative ability. The Schaeffler Group makes a key contribution to "Mobility for tomorrow" with high-precision components and systems in engine, transmission, and chassis applications as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications. The technology company generated sales of approximately EUR 13.2 billion in 2015. With around 84,000 employees, Schaeffler is one of the world's largest family companies and, with approximately 170 locations in over 50 countries, has a worldwide network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities, and sales companies. The Industrial division supplies components and systems for around 60 industrial sectors via its worldwide organization with market proximity and its application support service. The range includes miniature bearings only a few millimeters wide through to large-size bearings with an outside diameter of several meters. ...
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    Germany: eno energy has started installation of 21 MW in Plauerhagen wind farm 04.05.2016
    ... and the turbulence-proof design of the support structure and drive train components. This enables the yield per unit area to be economically optimised. ...
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    UK: Commercial development of KPS's Kite Power Technology under way 23.02.2016
    ... system and cost of energy validation   Artemis Intelligent Power (Loanhead, Edinburgh): drive train development Imperial College (London...
  • Newlist_ge_renewable_energy_logo_blau
    Global: GE Renewable Energy Unveils New 3 MW Wind Turbine Platform at EWEA 18.11.2015
    ... load management systems, enhanced control features and more efficient drive-train technology. Plus, they represent GE’s most powerful onshore...
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    France: Reliability – Made by Schaeffler: higher reliability for wind turbines 17.11.2015
    ... and the complete drive train, which is depicted and optimized with multi-body simulation programs developed in-house. Realistic tests on Schaeffler ASTRAIOS The calculations are enhanced and validated on powerful test rigs. Bearings up to 3.5 meters in outside diameter can be tested on one of the most state-of-the-art and biggest large-size bearing test rigs in the world. ASTRAIOS simulates the real loads and torques which occur in a wind turbine. Thus, Schaeffler contributes decisively to a faster and more reliable design of wind turbines and increases their cost-effectiveness and safety. Asymmetric FAG spherical roller bearings for increased axial load carrying capacity Asymmetric FAG spherical roller bearings feature a larger contact angle on the bearing row subject to axial loads and a smaller contact angle on the bearing row subject primarily to radial loads. The asymmetric contact angles reduce sliding movements in the drive train through an even higher axial rigidity of the bearing. Triondur C, a lamellar, amorphous hydrocarbon coating, additionally provides the bearings with reduced friction and high wear protection under mixed friction conditions. Innovative solutions against white etching cracks (WEC) Schaeffler has extensive testing options to create WEC, investigate their causes, and develop solution concepts for reducing the danger of WEC. These could, for example, be an optimized design of the bearing, the selection of a WEC-resistant material, or even an improved lubrication concept. The product solutions recommended by Schaeffler are through-hardened, black oxide coated rolling bearings. Along with other advantages, the Durotect B coating offers increased protection against WEC, which is statistically proven through extensive field experience. High system availability thanks to condition monitoring Schaeffler offers comprehensive services and products for condition monitoring, for example remote monitoring and diagnosis, offline measurements, endoscopy, thermography, and torque measurement. In this way, the costs for maintenance measures can be reduced and the availability of wind turbines increased. ...
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    Global: DNV GL launches ‘Turbine.Architect’, reducing product development time and cost of wind turbines 17.11.2015
    ... production includes losses from rotor aerodynamics, drive train components and farm wakes, the latter by linking with DNV GL WindFarmer. Turbine.Architect also contains a discounted cash flow model where estimated costs and yield are escalated to Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) and Net Present Value (NPV). The tool is built on the basis of algorithms and many years’ worth of analysis and development performed by DNV GL’s turbine design experts. As well as quick LCOE calculations at the early phases of a given project, the tool allows users to overwrite various components, in favour of informing the model with the results from other tools or analysis. The user may then do everything from high level screening of potential wind turbine design projects to detailed assessment of a specific system or component level  technology innovation in the same tool, providing a unified way of presenting costs and calculating LCOE. The flexibility of the tool also allows the user to test various cost reduction opportunities and perform sensitivity analysis, with the overarching objective of supporting an LCOE-driven design process. The Turbine.Architect service already supported an undisclosed supplier of advanced wind turbine blades and helped steer the development of their advanced technology for biggest LCOE gains. The short times needed to setup Turbine.Architect, run it and analyse the results proved instrumental; it allowed DNV GL to work alongside the customer and provide inputs that were both technically sound and on time. Further, the holistic view offered by Turbine.Architect provided engineering facts to debunk some lingering opinions that might have resulted in a sub-optimal technology. The end result: an advanced blade concept with the right balance between cost, mass, loads and aerodynamic efficiency. Ben Hendriks, Head of Section Engineering at DNV GL said: “Turbine.Architect has been created by our experts to reduce the risk when designing wind turbines. Not only does it save a great deal of time, producing a concept design in a matter of minutes rather than days, it also offers a means for those without the time or necessary expertise to still forge ahead in the industry. By offering LCOE-driven design support, we are able to guarantee our customers an improved final result to their project: a faster time-to-market with a more competitive product. By using Turbine.Architect in all design stages of a project, a component designer can play around with various elements, allowing them the freedom to swiftly trial different ideas. What’s more, we are offering this service to all OEMs & suppliers of key components – whether they are already a DNV GL customer or not.” DNV GL will launch the new tool including a live demonstration at its booth at the EWEA annual event in Paris on the 18th November at 12pm at booth H04. ...
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