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    ... torsion and free of side loading and reactions. This is implemented in a few seconds, until the hydraulic torque wrench has reached the set-adjusted.... Continuously rotating hydraulic torque wrench without reaction lever arm. The new XXI hydraulic torque-wrench is the first continuously rotating...
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    Norbar Torque Tools Ltd
    ... as accredited calibration laboratories across 4 continents. The company is renowned for quality and innovation and the new ClickTronic® torque wrench and EvoTorque® electronic torque multiplier ranges typify this. ...
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    Eduard Wille


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    MANOSKOP® 714
    ... angle torque wrench? This is exactly what MANOSKOP® 714 offers. One of the great strengths of the clockwise clicking MANOSKOP® 714 is its... tactile »click« feedback, that is normally only a feature of mechanical torque wrenches. In the indicating mode, this slim-line tightening...
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    MANOSKOP® 730 Quick
    ...Anyone in need of a mechanical torque wrench that can be quickly set for the next operation will find the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick the ideal helper...
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    The new BOSCH production tools Angle Exact Ion with Lithium-Ionen-Batteries 18 V and 1.5 or 3.0 Ah
    ...Industry partner of Bosch production tools: PreciTorc GmbH Series BOSCH EXACT ION angle torque wrench shut-off-type for exactassembling...
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    MANOSKOP® 730N
    .... The mechanical MANOSKOP® 730N torque wrench features an extremely wide range and is suitable for absolutely accurate applications up to 1000 N·m...
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    SmartCheck torque tester
    ...The SmartCheck torque tester now enables users to check their torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers themselves to enable peak performance at all... times. The space-saving design of the torque wrench tester means it is easily located in any workshop, where it can be mounted horizontally...
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    Electric torque wrenches alkitronic EFCip/ECWip
    ...A perfect fit for the wind energy branch: electric torque wrenches alkitronic EFCip/ECWip Wind Turbines have to resist heavy environmental burdens.... Therefore, high quality bolting connections are necessary to guarantee the power plants’ security. The torque wrenches alkitronic EFCip...
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    Electric driven hydraulic pump alkitronic NOVA
    ... operation mode is another benefit of our tool. The alkitronic NOVA automatically identifies the size of the connected hydraulic torque wrench and makes time... these are for example flange bolting connections and yaw brakes. The torque wrenches are built extremely flat and feature a simple exchange system...
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    ... than conventional tools and, more importantly, no need for final torqueing with a hydraulic wrench. Furthermore, in independent tests and calibrations...

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