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    Lithuanian Wind Energy Association
    ... of wind power activities as ecologically clean craft of energetics using modern technologies. There are these tasks to implement the main objective... solving by association: To create positive juridical and economical possibilities to develop wind power in Lithuania, get in touch with local...
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    Japan Wind Power Association (JWPA)
  • Finnish Wind Power Association (Suomen Tuulivoimayhdystis ry)
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    Estonian Wind Power Association (EWPA)
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    Siemens Wind Power GmbH & Co. KG
    ..., Siemens Wind Power has the answers. Siemens is a leading supplier of wind power solutions with over 30 years experience in the wind energy business. With highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines, Siemens has a demonstrated history in delivering innovative solutions to onshore and offshore sites. Hamburg is headquarters of Siemens' global wind power business since October 1st, 2011. Siemens Wind Power's service team is dedicated to keeping the turbines running optimally throughout their entire lifecycle. The EMEA headquarters (Europe, Middle East and Africa) of Wind Power Service are located in Bremen. A comprehensive and flexible service concept guarantees optimal operational reliability and technical availability to our customers. Experienced teams support projects not only in the areas of inspection, maintenance and repair, but also contribute to the improvement of output and performance. ...
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    engineering consultants: Ingenieurbuero Teut
    ... The engineering consultants Teut plans, builds and operates wind power plants (economically and without subsidies) The engineering...
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    Nawrocki Alpin
    ... Our offer Assembling and service on wind power plants by rope access Engineering services for wind power Project related planning and execution of high altitude access on wind power plants for on- and offshore Training and certification of rope access technicians Training and certification of PSA in our training centre   Your benifits Planning and construction Minimizations of costs Low preparation time and consequently low expenditure Short assignments combined with high flexibility Minimum disruption of existing work environment Short and low-priced repair procedures Assignment of certified rope access technicians (FISAT and IRATA) Own training centre ...
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    MERSEN Oesterreich Hittisau Ges.m.b.H.
    ... MERSEN Österreich Hittisau Ges.m.b.H , part of the MERSEN Group, is an experienced and leading wind power manufacturer representing competence... network of experienced and competent engineers and teams. We aim to improve the performance of your wind power facilities with determination and innovation. With our ongoing R&D, we are able to offer complete solutions for the extreme requirements demanded by wind power plants. Reaction time, precision and flexibility are all hallmarks of our production sites aimed at fulfilling the market's demands. ...
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    döpel wind consult
    ... döpel wind consult, is that Göttinger office for independent consultance and studies in the wind power branch. With experience since begin of the nineties in the wind power döpel wind consult is working worldwide for countries, communes, planning offices, project developer, bank and producers. We connect the competence in landscape planning with the ecological and efficient use of wind power. Service around wind planning: Integrated wind studies Wind potenzial studies projekt consultance Service for countries, communes and planning associations: Integrated wind studies(IWEC) Consultance · Repowering ...
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    ... LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leine & Linde AB, Sweden - a long-standing and reliable partner for the wind power sector and a member in the HEIDENHAIN group of companies. We handle customer relationship management and industry sales within the wind power sector on behalf of all the companies within the group. LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS represents well-known European companies like DR J. HEIDENHAIN, Leine & Linde, LTN Servotechnik, E + E Elektronik, RSF Elektronik and SEM. The wind location Hamburg is the hub where all the different facets of the industry converge: it is the competence centre for all matters relating to wind power, the central management for all of the group's tried-and-tested wind products, the place where existing products and sub-systems are further developed, and the home of project management for the entire group of companies - in short, for our customers we are the contact of choice on an international scale regarding technical solutions for everything to do with wind power. ...
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    Schaeffler Wind-Power-Standard
    ...With our highest quality standard for products and processes we ensure optimum quality and reliability worldwide, and provide the wind power sector...
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    Heating and temperature regulating products
    ...DBK offers a wide array of proven solutions for all kinds of applications for wind power plants – in cold or hot climates as well as onshore... in wind power systems. We provide custom-made solutions tailored to your specific requirements with our technical know-how and years of experience. Join...
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    ...ABO Wind replaces old wind power plants with modern, more powerful types, handles the entire approval process and takes care of the recycling of the old plants. ...
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    ...Strong for the wind energy TOTAL offers high-performance greases and oils for the wind power industry. You profit from extended oil exchange... to professional oil monitoring. The Carter SH 320 transmission oil from TOTAL is approved by the leading plant manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth, ZF Wind Power, Winergy and Eickhoff.   ...
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    ABO Lock
    ...With the intelligent access control “ABO Lock”, operators control and record the access to their wind power plants and can therefore...
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    WISTRO IL-Series:
    ...Reliable and approved. Our products are used in wind power plants for -          generator-, -          inverter-module-, -          nacelle- and -          pitch-drive-cooling. For further information visit us on www.wistro.de! ...
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    Optimal design with advanced calculation and simulation programs
    ... programs ensure that optimum designs for bearings for wind power applications are produced. The entire system is considered, from individual rolling bearings and their components and adjacent construction through to the entire power transmission system, which is displayed and optimized using multi-body simulation programs developed in-house. Further information   ...
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    Wind Power Romania 2012
    ...If you want to find out about wind power in Romania, this is the event for you. Wind Power Romania is the largest event dedicated to the growth... of the Romanian wind industry. As such, it will review the tremendous expansion since 2010 to the first 800 MW of installed wind power and the framework...
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    WOW Services
    ...WOW works on many wind power issues, including building new transmission lines, improving use of the existing electricity grid, siting of wind...
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    Wind Energy Electrical Balance-of-Plant Design
    ... have been commissioned, many of the issues that wind power plants and utility grids experience have driven the need for better design practices. Attend this course to get the latest knowledge and experience of real power plant design....
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    RET Coursework
    ..., and bearing technology with a focus on entering a profession in the wind power industry. Lab work includes learning and applying hydraulic concepts using...
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    Course Descriptions
    ...WET 100 Introduction to Renewable Energy (3 credits) This course provides an overview of renewable ener­gies, including solar energy, wind... power, hydropower, biomass, hydrogen and fuel cells. Students will learn the basic principles of each technology. Students will investigate the potential...

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    Onshore Giant Up in the North 11/17/2017
    ... suited for the project site's wind speeds and climate. The turbine blades will be equipped with an innovative ice mitigation system by LM Wind Power, ensuring a stable level of availability and reduced downtime. In addition, GE will be responsible for maintenance for the next 20 years. Meanwhile, construction work has begun on the huge wind field. For this purpose, a separate gravel and a concrete plant was built, and 130 km of internal wind farm paths are being built on site, as reported by 4initia. This should make it possible to have up to 1,101 wind turbines installed once the entire cluster has been completed. Markbyden ETT alone increases the share of wind energy in Sweden's electricity mix by 12.5 percent. The partners have already found a buyer for their electricity: Norsk Hydro, one of the world's largest aluminium producers, has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) to supply its aluminium smelters in Norway with energy. This is the largest contract of its kind in the world to date. Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope, the European wind energy association, recently expressed his support for this type of contract: “These latest PPA deals are a significant vote of confidence in the PPA model. PPAs all started with the ICT sector sourcing renewables for their data centres. Now energy-intensive manufacturing sectors such as aluminium are buying wind. European industry has signed 2.6 GW of PPA deals in wind energy over the past four years, 1.3 GW of which were in 2017 alone. PPAs provide clean, reliable and competitive power for the corporate off-taker. What these deals also show is that countries like Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway that position themselves as ‘PPA-friendly’ are increasingly attracting major industrial investments on the back of that. We hope major countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain, will take note and change regulations in a way that will allow corporates to procure more green electricity.” Giles Dickson calls for more courage from European companies to get involved in PPAs. (Picture: WindEurope) Wind energy has meanwhile established itself as the cheapest form of the new electricity generation. It is therefore not surprising that the recently published IEA ( International Energy Agency) World Energy Outlook shows that wind is well on the way to becoming Europe's leading power source shortly after 2030. In order to achieve this, however, individual national governments must ensure a legal framework in the long term, in particular through ambitious national energy and climate action plans that provide clarity on volumes and auctions after 2020. ...
  • Federal state comparison of renewable energy sources 11/17/2017
    ... in energy consumption, and successes in expanding individual technologies such as wind power or solar energy. On the other hand, topics such as research...
  • Goldwind Announces New GW 6S Offshore Smart Wind Turbine Platform 11/17/2017
    ...), launched its latest GW6S offshore platform at last month's China Wind Power exhibition. The 6S turbine platform includes three new offshore wind turbines. All models, the GW154/6.7MW, GW164/6.45MW and GW171/6.45MW form competitive solutions for high, medium and low wind conditions. The turbines are available with rotor diameters ranging from 154 to 171 meters and are a direct evolution of Goldwind's leading Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) turbine technology. In September, the first blades for the 6.7MW offshore prototype with a length of 75.1 meters were produced. A prototype of the GW154/6.7MW will be installed in early 2018 and is designed for wind class I areas off the Fujian and Guangdong coast, east of China. The turbine's expected commercial deployment is during the first quarter of 2018 and target offshore markets outside of China include Japan, South Korean and, later, Europe. ...
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    84% of people surveyed in favour of Wind Energy use in Ireland 11/16/2017
    ... needs to act 84% of adults in Ireland are in favour of wind power in Ireland according to a survey published by the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA... in favour of wind power in Ireland while a further 38% favour it. Overall this is a 4% increase in favourable attitudes towards wind power compared with similar research in 2013. IWEA, Ireland, wind energy, population IWEA commissioned the research to assess perceptions and attitudes around wind energy among adults in Ireland and explore many key areas including the perceived benefits of wind energy and renewable versus carbon based energy preferences. Key findings of the survey include: 84% of people surveyed said were in favour of the use of wind energy in Ireland 70% would prefer to power their home with renewable energy over fossil fuels 45% of people surveyed would be in favour of a wind farm development in their area 25% said they were likely to consider visiting a wind farm in the future Adam Ledwith, Head of Communications and Public Affairs with IWEA said “Wind is the world’s fastest growing renewable energy source and this survey clearly shows that the development of wind power is welcome and communities in Ireland want clean, renewable energy sources, including wind, to play an active role in powering Ireland’s future. In Ireland we currently have 200 operational wind farms which regularly power 60% of Ireland’s electricity needs. This is clean, reliable indigenous energy source generated in a country that otherwise relies on imports for 88% of its energy needs at an estimated cost of €15 million a day. “The survey also shows that there is an overwhelming majority of people who would prefer to power their homes with renewable energy rather fossil fuels.  Renewable Energy is critical to Ireland’s long term economic growth and energy security and wind can rightfully play a central role in this. Ireland has a huge natural advantage to develop wind and other renewable energy sources, including solar and biomass, and we have the capability and capacity to be the 21st-century clean energy innovator of Europe.” The survey also captured the perceived benefits of wind power among the public. Of those surveyed three quarters selected good for the environment and reduced CO2 emissions while fewer people, just over two in three, cited cheaper electricity.  Mr. Ledwith continued “It is absolutely clear from this survey that the environment and air quality is front and centre of people’s mind when they consider the benefits of wind.  Four deaths per day in Ireland can be attributed to air pollution and wind power offers a clean source of renewable energy that produces no air or water pollution. Our energy use relates directly to the quality of air we breathe daily, and we believe the increased use of renewable energy will continue to off-set harmful emissions from fossil fuels, an operational 50MW wind farm off-sets the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, such as 74,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.” ...
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    Hundreds of wind businesses: US Senate gets it right on tax reform 11/16/2017
    ... in the American wind power supply chain delivered a letter to leaders of the tax reform effort in the U.S. House of Representatives asking them to keep... and one of America’s fastest growing jobs USA, AWEA, wind energy, jobs, market, government Yesterday over 200 companies in the American wind power supply...
  • Ingeteam surpasses 40 GW milestone of installed wind power capacity 11/15/2017
    ...Ingeteam surpasses 40 GW milestone of installed wind power capacity Milestone for Ingeteam The Spanish wind converter supplier surpasses 40 GW... milestone of installed wind power capacity and consolidates its world number one rank with leadership in key wind energy growth markets The Spanish wind converter supplier consolidates its world number one rank with leadership in key wind energy growth markets and a 10 GW addition in just two years Ingeteam, converter, Spain Ingeteam, an independent supplier of electrical conversion equipment, has announced today that it surpassed the milestone of 40 GW of installed wind power capacity worldwide thanks to record sales of its converter product lines. This significant achievement underpins the growth the company experienced in its core markets, with an addition of an impressive 10 GW globally in just two years. Earlier this year, the company landed the world’s top spot among independent suppliers of wind power converters, after setting a new record year for its converter deliveries in 2016. To date, a total of 40,175 MW of wind turbines have been equipped with Ingeteam’s technology, strengthening its position as world’s leading independent supplier of wind power converters. This performance is largely due to Ingeteam’s establishment of a leadership position in Brazil and India, two of the world’s largest emerging wind energy markets. Over the last two years, the company has respectively supplied 1,878 MW in India and 1,240 MW in Brazil. “We owe our success to our consistent ability to meet customers’ expectation for high-quality, reliable and field-proven equipment at affordable prices,” commented Ana Goyen, Managing Director of Ingeteam’s Wind Business Unit. “Although both the Indian and Brazilian wind markets have slowed down in 2017 due to regulatory and commercial issues, we have no doubt that they will pick up again and continue with the positive overall growth trend they have set over the past few years. The fundamentals of growth are there and they remain key areas of investment for Ingeteam in the long run,” she continued. In addition to power converters, Ingeteam also provides turbine controllers, Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS), Smart SCADA management systems and O&M services for wind turbines up to 15 MW for onshore and offshore applications worldwide.  ...
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    Repowering Europe's Highest Wind Farm 11/15/2017
    ... the capacity of the wind farm. A wind power project in such an environment is challenging, not only with regard to the turbulences caused by the mountains, but also with regard to the logistical challenges of the remote location. “Vestas has a highly versatile product portfolio that made it possible to develop a solution that is customised to the specific characteristics of our wind farm in this really unique location”, says Johannes Trauttmansdorff of wind farm owner ImWind. ”The tailor-made solution enables us to achieve the lowest cost of energy at the Tauernwindpark; to us, one of the most important aspects of this project.” ...
  • SeaTwirl granted European patent for dynamic wind turbine 11/14/2017
    ... fold its blades to become flat, thus enabling it to withstand much higher wind speeds. The European Patent Office, EPO, has granted the wind power company... of floating offshore wind power”, says Gabriel Strängberg, CEO of SeaTwirl. ...
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    Local impact and global leadership in European wind: what the world can learn from the Dutch approach to wind energy 11/13/2017
    ... Land of Windmills Is Currently Blazing a Trail in Wind Power Innovation The WindEurope Conference and Exhibition will take place in Amsterdam later this month. The WindEurope Conference and Exhibition will take place in Amsterdam later this month – and the Netherlands is an ideal location for this international event: as wind stakes a claim to ever more of the globe’s energy mix, the historical land of windmills is currently blazing a trail in wind power innovation. WindEurope, WindEurope Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands With 3.4 GW installed capacity, the Netherlands is now firmly established as a key market for wind energy. It is also one of only seven member states to have a renewable target post-2020 (16% by 2023, 3.5 GW offshore fully grid-connected). Onshore wind has developed to such an extent that 100% of Dutch trains now run on wind energy. At the same time, the Dutch offshore industry is undergoing a transition from oil and gas towards a more renewables-based energy supply. Knowledge gained over decades in such areas as deep sea drilling and offshore rig construction is now increasingly being harnessed for the construction of offshore wind farms. In combination with the Government’s planning, with auctions for 700 MW/year, this knowhow has been instrumental in the industry’s dramatic cost reduction achievement. This has led to dramatic news stories such as the May 2017 opening of the Gemini wind park, the world’s second largest wind farm, off the Northern coast of the Netherlands. This wind farm alone will provide 13 percent of the country’s electricity needs and will account for 25 percent of its wind power. The Dutch wind sector is also using market innovations to unlock new opportunities for the industry: just last week, Microsoft signed a corporate renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) for all of the energy produced at the 180 MW Wieringermeer wind farm. In terms of policy, industry and market initiatives, the Netherlands is an example to Europe and the rest of the world. To find out more about these exciting developments, don’t miss the conference session on Dutch wind power at the WindEurope Conference and Exhibition this November. Check the programme ...
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    Change in the Board of Directors at OutSmart B.V. 11/10/2017
    ... in north-western Europe. Currently, OutSmart operates 2 GW of installed onshore and offshore wind power on behalf of clients with a focus on the European...
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    WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 09/26/2017
    ... of the European wind industry.  It actively promotes wind power in Europe and elsewhere.  The conference will bring together experts from business...
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    WWEC 2017 01/12/2017
    ...The World Wind Energy Association WWEA and the Swedish Wind Power Association SWPA are pleased to invite papers and presentations for the 16th World...;„Popular and Participatory Wind Power!” WWEC2017 will focus on how to contribute to the development of wind power and of renewable...
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    2017 Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit 01/11/2017
    ...The Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit is widely recognized as the leading gathering place for wind industry deal makers. What one attendee calls... The Briefing will provide wind executives with an incisive assessment of the future demand for wind power—a great source of information...
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    WINDFORCE Baltic Sea 01/05/2017
    ... is on the development of offshore wind in the Baltic region. The challenges facing offshore wind power production in the Baltic Sea greatly differ from those...
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    WINDERGY India 2017 10/12/2016
    ...WINDERGY INDIA 2017 International Conference & Exhibition will be the largest wind power event in India, and is an unparalleled networking opportunity for members of the wind industry. Scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 25 - 27 April 2017, the event will bring together key government authorities, international and national players, service providers. Windergy Conference will deliberate the policy, technology and emerging models, with accent on networking participation, panel discussion to get total support of Central, State Governments and participation of non-Wind States in their Wind Power Portfolio obligation. The topics covered are Emerging Opportunities - Wind Solar Hybrid, Repowering, Offshore, Competitive Bidding Environomics of Wind Exports from India Grid Integration and Planning Indian power horizon eneriched by Wind Innovation and Global Technology Trends Legal & Regulatory Make In India - Manufacturing opportunities Markets of tomorrow Wind & Solar Energy - Operating together Wind Energy - How did you make it successful? In addition to the above, brief presentations on Wind Success Stories of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat will be presented. Top honchos and high profiled speakers drawn from Independent Power Producers, leaders in the global and national level wind turbine manufacturers are expected to participate and would be sharing their knowledge on the emerging trends in the sector and how wind energy could be harnessed in a more pro-active manner. ...
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    WWEC2016 03/08/2016
    ...WWEC2016 will focus on wind power technology and approaches of how to further increase the global wind power capacity of 435 GW in the world based on engineering as well as social science. Various studies have shown that Japan is blessed with an abundance of wind such as onshore and offshore wind to rebuild and strengthen the country from the damage of the great earthquake in 2011. WWEA and the WWEC2016 Tokyo Organizing Committee invite the wind power community around the world to join us to make the benefits of wind power available for all human beings. The official conference languages will be English and Japanese. ...
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    AWEA Windpower 2014 08/01/2013
    ...WINDPOWER has the entire wind power industry in the one room: colleagues you know and contacts you need to make. Thousands of wind industry professionals, experts, leaders, decision makers, and researchers attend WINDPOWER. This is your opportunity to meet new clients, solidify existing relationships, learn from industry experts, and interact with hundreds of exhibitors representing every segment of the global wind industry.   ...
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    Wind Power Forecasting 06/07/2013
    ... will cover topics including: The end users’ requirements Numerical weather prediction models Wind power forecasting models and operational...EWEA’s second technology workshop in 2013, organised in response to requests from members, focuses on technical challenges related to wind...
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    AWEA Offshore Windpower 2013 05/23/2013
    ... wind power is pushing the industry forward, including: the Federal PTC/ITC extension, DOE demonstration project funding... and/or grow your offshore wind power business, and peruse the latest industry products and services in the exhibition hall. It's a new revolution...
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