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    Gewi Planungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
    ... of maturity. Afterwards build up new wind farm investment companies to finance and operate. This remains that Gewi as initiator of the project is long term... is that in 1989 he was involved in the technical planning and economic conception of Germany's first prospected wind farm, the North Friesland wind farm ( Nordfriesland...
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    VSB Holding GmbH
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    PLAN 8 GmbH
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    Overspeed GmbH & Co. KG
    ... the development of software for offshore windfarm planning and wind farm management to energy storage systems and professional training. Consulting... assessment, wind potential analysis, wind farm layout and management of approval procedures. In focus are mainly projects at “difficult“ sites...
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    TÜV NORD EnSys GmbH & Co. KG
    ... of a wind turbine or wind farm project. Wind farm planners, operators or financers get the whole spectrum of project related assessment services. ...
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    anemos Gesellschaft für Umweltmeteorologie mbH
    ..., METRAS) ensure a high planning reliability for wind farm development and financing. anemos GmbH offers a site specific and a regional wind index which allows wind farm operators and financing institutions a long term rating of the monthly wind conditions. Based on NCEP data, this worldwide windindex is consistent in space and time and available since 1948. It allows a risk assessment based on climatologically stable time periods. The simulation of regional wind conditions with a high spatial and temporal resolution is a core competence of anemos GmbH. These data provide the basis for the long term correlation of wind measurements and wind turbine energy production. ...
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    Windrad Engineering GmbH
    ... Windrad Engineering offers services for manufacturers and wind farm developers as well as for other engineering consultants. Having worked for many years in wind turbine development, we are particularly strong where detailed calculations, models, and simulations, where competent measurements and data analyses are needed. Among others, our fields of work are load calculations onshore and offshore component design FE analyses measurement and data analyses site approvals software engineering ...
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    Prysmian Group
    ... conductors with excellent installation properties. Wind farm cabling: From the low- and medium-voltage cables for the wind farm infrastructure, through...
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    EuroWind GmbH
    ... for their wind farm projects, EuroWind also is an expert on meteorological forecast services for wind and solar energy. Our energy yield assessments..., ERA, and NCAR/NCEP) and high- resolution regional models (HiRLAM and COSMO-EU) provide valuable site assessment information for wind farm project...
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    ... manufacturers and wind farm operators. Our high reliability and low maintenance pitch system reduces turbine downtime and enables wind turbines...
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    Wind & Economy - Strategic Optimisation Software
    ...Wind & Economy is a new software product for the optimization of offshore wind farms. It supports your challenging work with the seamlessly... integrated modelling of wind climate, large scale and localized wind farm effects, electrical loss calculations and derivation of economic key figures...
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    RET Coursework
    ... and participate in a safety workshop at a local wind farm. Prerequisites: RET 121. RET 141 Electrical Motors/Generator Controls, 3 Cr. This course teaches...
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    Course Descriptions
    ... credits) This course will cover the use of naturally occurring winds to create electricity. Wind farms, collection devices and current status of wind... and practice the skills developed in the first year of the Wind Energy Technology Program in real-world set­tings at an actual wind farm. WET 202 Power...

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  • ESS Clean Up On Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm Project 11/18/2017
    ...ESS Clean Up On Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm Project ESS Finishes Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm Project ahead of Schedule ESS technical director... a seabed clearance and trenching scope on the Wikinger offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea for the Prysmian Group. The campaign over 116 days deployed ESS’s SCAR1 Seabed System and dealt with extremely varied seabed and shallow soil conditions. The route preparation phase involved thousands of boulders being cleared over a total distance of 34km covering 45 inter array routes, followed by pre-cut trenching over a length of 83km in single and multi-pass modes. ESS was awarded the contract by Prysmian Group, one of the key contractors for the Iberdrola-owned Wikinger offshore wind farm, the 70-turbine 350MW facility, located off the German coast, which will generate enough energy to power more than 350,000 homes. ESS technical director, Michael Cowie, said: “We are pleased to have successfully completed another seabed clearance and trenching work scope and look forward to supporting Prysmian Group on further offshore wind projects. Our SCAR Seabed System is now a well-proven and versatile technology which is ideally suited to the requirements of the offshore wind sector. The Wikinger project adds another successful campaign to our credentials as a provider of cost-effective cable protection services which minimises disruption to the critical path of the overall project.” The Wikinger offshore wind farm is an Iberdrola flagship project which represents a €1,400 million investment. Construction is well under way and Iberdrola has successfully installed 70 wind turbines on the open sea after laying the foundations, cables and installing the substation of the large-scale offshore complex. David Rayner, Project Manager of Prysmian Group, said: “The cable laying phase of the Wikinger offshore wind farm project was completed ahead of schedule which is quite uncommon in the offshore wind market. This highlights our ability to manage turnkey inter-array projects and we appreciate the valuable contribution made by Ecosse Subsea Systems in achieving this important milestone as we progress towards project completion.” ...
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    Onshore Giant Up in the North 11/17/2017
    ... years a new cluster of onshore wind farms will be built high up in northern Sweden - the largest one in Europe. GE Renewables, Svewind, Sweden, cluster, onshore, MW, GW, WindEruope, Giles Dickson, PPA Water and nuclear power in particular still account for the largest share of Sweden's energy mix at present - despite the fact that the decision to phase out nuclear power was already taken at the end of the 1970s. After this decision had been reversed in the meantime and the performance of the remaining three nuclear power plants had been continuously increased, Sweden's state-owned energy company Vattenfall took the matter seriously in 2015 and finally decided to phase out - at least for the time being. At the same time, the government announced that it intended to entirely phase out all fossil fuels in all consumption sectors, i.e. electricity, heat and transport. By 2040, the Swedes want to obtain their entire energy supply from renewable sources. To this end, onshore wind energy in particular is now being massively expanded. The planned Markbyden wind farm, which will combine a cluster of smaller wind farms into an onshore giant with an output of up to 4 gigawatts in three phases, is part of this. The Swedish project developer Svewind has been working on the project for more than 15 years and the first phase of it, Markbyden ETT (= One), has now been started. Europe's largest onshore wind farm with 650 megawatts is being built on site. Wolfgang Kropp, CEO of Svevind, commented: "Having worked on the development of the Markbygden cluster of wind farm projects since 2002, Svevind is very excited to see this partnership with GE Renewables, GE Energy Financial Services and the Green Investment Group come to fruition." German company 4initia GmbH and Fieldstone completed the sale of the project to the partners at the beginning of November. A European banking consortium, including the HSH Nordbank, is contributing to the financing. The project in northern Sweden is a logistical challenge. Although there are hardly any residents who could delay the construction of the cluster due to protest actions, the site is also located far away from the big cities with their logistics hubs. Next largest town is Piteå, with a population of almost 20,000. Subarctic climate: Winters are long and cold. (Image: Svewind) In addition, the climate is harsh and the winters are long. GE Renewable Energy will supply 179 of their 3.6 MW turbines with 137 meter rotors, a turbine ideally suited for the project site's wind speeds and climate. The turbine blades will be equipped with an innovative ice mitigation system by LM Wind Power, ensuring a stable level of availability and reduced downtime. In addition, GE will be responsible for maintenance for the next 20 years. Meanwhile, construction work has begun on the huge wind field. For this purpose, a separate gravel and a concrete plant was built, and 130 km of internal wind farm paths are being built on site, as reported by 4initia. This should make it possible to have up to 1,101 wind turbines installed once the entire cluster has been completed. Markbyden ETT alone increases the share of wind energy in Sweden's electricity mix by 12.5 percent. The partners have already found a buyer for their electricity: Norsk Hydro, one of the world's largest aluminium producers, has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) to supply its aluminium smelters in Norway with energy. This is the largest contract of its kind in the world to date. Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope, the European wind energy association, recently expressed his support for this type of contract: “These latest PPA deals are a significant vote of confidence in the PPA model. PPAs all started with the ICT sector sourcing renewables for their data centres. Now energy-intensive manufacturing sectors such as aluminium are buying wind. European industry has signed 2.6 GW of PPA deals in wind energy over the past four years, 1.3 GW of which were in 2017 alone. PPAs provide clean, reliable and competitive power for the corporate off-taker. What these deals also show is that countries like Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway that position themselves as ‘PPA-friendly’ are increasingly attracting major industrial investments on the back of that. We hope major countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain, will take note and change regulations in a way that will allow corporates to procure more green electricity.” Giles Dickson calls for more courage from European companies to get involved in PPAs. (Picture: WindEurope) Wind energy has meanwhile established itself as the cheapest form of the new electricity generation. It is therefore not surprising that the recently published IEA ( International Energy Agency) World Energy Outlook shows that wind is well on the way to becoming Europe's leading power source shortly after 2030. In order to achieve this, however, individual national governments must ensure a legal framework in the long term, in particular through ambitious national energy and climate action plans that provide clarity on volumes and auctions after 2020. ...
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    84% of people surveyed in favour of Wind Energy use in Ireland 11/16/2017
    ... to power their home with renewable energy over fossil fuels 45% of people surveyed would be in favour of a wind farm development in their area 25% said they were likely to consider visiting a wind farm in the future Adam Ledwith, Head of Communications and Public Affairs with IWEA said “Wind is the world’s fastest growing renewable energy source and this survey clearly shows that the development of wind power is welcome and communities in Ireland want clean, renewable energy sources, including wind, to play an active role in powering Ireland’s future. In Ireland we currently have 200 operational wind farms which regularly power 60% of Ireland’s electricity needs. This is clean, reliable indigenous energy source generated in a country that otherwise relies on imports for 88% of its energy needs at an estimated cost of €15 million a day. “The survey also shows that there is an overwhelming majority of people who would prefer to power their homes with renewable energy rather fossil fuels.  Renewable Energy is critical to Ireland’s long term economic growth and energy security and wind can rightfully play a central role in this. Ireland has a huge natural advantage to develop wind and other renewable energy sources, including solar and biomass, and we have the capability and capacity to be the 21st-century clean energy innovator of Europe.” The survey also captured the perceived benefits of wind power among the public. Of those surveyed three quarters selected good for the environment and reduced CO2 emissions while fewer people, just over two in three, cited cheaper electricity.  Mr. Ledwith continued “It is absolutely clear from this survey that the environment and air quality is front and centre of people’s mind when they consider the benefits of wind.  Four deaths per day in Ireland can be attributed to air pollution and wind power offers a clean source of renewable energy that produces no air or water pollution. Our energy use relates directly to the quality of air we breathe daily, and we believe the increased use of renewable energy will continue to off-set harmful emissions from fossil fuels, an operational 50MW wind farm off-sets the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, such as 74,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.” ...
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    Hundreds of wind businesses: US Senate gets it right on tax reform 11/16/2017
    ... already signed contracts to invest billions in U.S. infrastructure based on the rules agreed to in 2015. Analysts project that future wind farm development.... According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wind techs and solar installers are America’s two fastest-growing job descriptions, 2016-2026. Zoom in on a map with details on every wind farm and factory in America. ...
  • TP installation on Merkur OWF 11/15/2017
    ... the 66 TPs. SEA CHALLENGER is currently engaged in Transition Piece (TP) installation on the 396MW Merkur Offshore Wind Farm for GeoSea. A2SEA, TP...). The Merkur Offshore Wind Farm will be one of Germany’s largest wind farms and when fully commissioned in 2019, it will provide around 500,000 German households with renewable power. GE will supply 66 Haliade 150-6 megawatt offshore turbines, installed by DEME, and built and operated by Merkur Offshore Wind Farm. Merkur is located approximately 45km north of the islands of Borkum. ...
  • Enel Begins Operations of new 300 MW Wind Farm in the United States 11/15/2017
    ...Enel Begins Operations of new 300 MW Wind Farm in the United States Rock Creek Wind Farm Up and Running Rock Creek is Enel’s first project in Missouri and the largest operating wind farm in the State Rock Creek, Enel’s first project in Missouri and the largest operating wind farm in the State, is expected to generate approximately 1,250 GWh each year / Investment in the construction of Rock Creek amounted to around 500 million US dollars Enel, Rock Creek, wind farm, Missouri, USA Enel S.p.A. (“Enel”), through its US-based renewables subsidiary Enel Green Power North America, Inc. (“EGPNA”), has started operations of the Rock Creek wind farm in the United States. Rock Creek is the first Enel project to begin operations in the state of Missouri and is the largest operational wind farm in the state. “The completion of Rock Creek nearly two months ahead of schedule is a testament to the project team’s tremendous effort and the continuing support received from the local community,” said Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel Green Power. “We are proud to call Missouri home to our second largest operating wind farm in the US. Through Rock Creek we continue to expand our geographical footprint and operational capacity in the US, while also delivering long-term value for the local community.” The wind facility, located in Atchison County, Missouri, is owned by EGPNA subsidiary Rock Creek Wind Project, LLC. Investment in the construction of Rock Creek amounted to, approximately, 500 million US dollars. Rock Creek is expected to generate approximately 1,250 GWh annually – equivalent to the energy consumption needs of more than 100,000 U.S. households – while avoiding the emission of about 900,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. The facility’s power and renewable energy credits are being sold under two separate bundled, long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with utilities Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company (GMO). With the start of production of Rock Creek, EGPNA now brings the state’s total operating wind capacity to nearly 1 GW of power1. The project also was the recent recipient of local development agency Atchison County Development Corporation’s 2017 Economic Development Award for its significant economic impact in the region during construction and throughout the life of the project. EGPNA is a leading owner and operator of renewable energy plants in North America with projects operating and under development in 23 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. EGPNA operates around 100 plants with a managed capacity exceeding 3.6 GW powered by renewable hydropower, wind, geothermal and solar energy. The company is currently the largest wind operator in Kansas and the second largest wind operator in Oklahoma. Enel Green Power, the renewable energies division of the Enel Group, is dedicated to the development and operation of renewables in 24 countries, with a presence in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Enel Green Power is a global leader in the green energy sector with a managed capacity of more than 39 GW across a generation mix that includes wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydropower, and is at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies like storage systems into renewable power plants. 1 Source: American Wind Energy Association ...
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    Repowering Europe's Highest Wind Farm 11/15/2017
    ...Repowering Europe's Highest Wind Farm Vestas is to repower the Tauernwindfarm in Austria - a task that requires special solutions Vestas, repowering,Austria, wind farm, ImWind The Tauernwindfarm is located in the Styrian Niedere Tauern massif at an altitude of 1,900 metres above sea level. This makes it one of the highest wind farms in Europe. Currently, the wind farm consists of 13 wind turbines with a capacity of 22.75 megawatts. After the repowering has been completed, nine V112-3.45 MW turbines will be left in place of the existing V66-1750kW turbines, which will significantly increase the capacity of the wind farm. A wind power project in such an environment is challenging, not only with regard to the turbulences caused by the mountains, but also with regard to the logistical challenges of the remote location. “Vestas has a highly versatile product portfolio that made it possible to develop a solution that is customised to the specific characteristics of our wind farm in this really unique location”, says Johannes Trauttmansdorff of wind farm owner ImWind. ”The tailor-made solution enables us to achieve the lowest cost of energy at the Tauernwindpark; to us, one of the most important aspects of this project.” ...
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    Nordex prevails in a difficult environment 11/14/2017
    ...). In contrast, the intra-year working capital ratio improved to 8.6 per cent again despite ongoing high new wind farm installation activities. The order...
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    Adwen appoints inspectors to monitor the quality of construction at Wikinger wind farm in the Baltic Sea 11/14/2017
    ...Adwen appoints inspectors to monitor the quality of construction at Wikinger wind farm in the Baltic Sea RTS Wind to Monitor Construction of Wikinger OWF Adwen chose RTS Wind to document and monitor the quality of the construction in all phases and proactively support the realisation of the offshore project in Germany RTS Wind AG is currently involved in a large offshore project in the Baltic Sea. Adwen, Baltic Sea, RTS Wind, Siemens Gamesa, Wikinger, offshore, inspector Around 35 kilometres north-east off the island of Rügen, Adwen, a subsidiary of Siemens Gamesa, is constructing Wikinger offshore farm for Spanish energy supplier Iberdrola. Once completed, 70 Adwen AD 5-135 turbines will be supplying 350,000 households with electricity. RTS employees appointed by Adwen will document and monitor the quality of the construction in all phases and proactively support the realisation of the offshore project: from transport to the construction of the wind turbines and the final handover of the completed wind farm. There are currently 24 inspectors, 5 documentation managers and 2 project coordinators from RTS who are working on the project from Sassnitz. Their tasks include the quality assurance of the preconstruction of the towers and rotors. At sea the inspectors are entrusted with ensuring the quality of the construction, cabling and commissioning. Some climbers from RTS are also used for the project. In addition to excellent organisational skills, employees also require a technical background. IT skills, experience in quality control and a good command of English are also essential. RTS Wind AG has developed its own qualification concept to ensure that the project is completed to the utmost satisfaction of our customer, Adwen. This involves training, which will be held at the head office of RTS Wind AG in Bremen, and certification by TÜV Süd. We are delighted to have gained the trust of Adwen in this way.   ...
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    Local impact and global leadership in European wind: what the world can learn from the Dutch approach to wind energy 11/13/2017
    ... in such areas as deep sea drilling and offshore rig construction is now increasingly being harnessed for the construction of offshore wind farms... wind farm, off the Northern coast of the Netherlands. This wind farm alone will provide 13 percent of the country’s electricity needs and will account for 25 percent of its wind power. The Dutch wind sector is also using market innovations to unlock new opportunities for the industry: just last week, Microsoft signed a corporate renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) for all of the energy produced at the 180 MW Wieringermeer wind farm. In terms of policy, industry and market initiatives, the Netherlands is an example to Europe and the rest of the world. To find out more about these exciting developments, don’t miss the conference session on Dutch wind power at the WindEurope Conference and Exhibition this November. Check the programme ...
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    Cost Reduction in Offshore Wind Logistics 06/29/2017
    ...Logistic challenges touch on all aspects of wind farm projects and optimising transport and installation is a key challenge for offshore wind logistics. Therefore this it is important to improve vessel use and port infrastructure concerning the development of larger turbines and far-offshore wind farms. Collaboration from the complete supply-chain is needed to simplify complicated interfaces and reduce installation times. Use that conference to have a close look at lessons learned and define the room for improvement for the offshore wind industry. Optimise logistical processes through the complete logistics supply-chain to reduce installation times and costs Improve interface management and contracting strategy for systematic project success Discuss the right solution for the future offshore design standards with main suppliers and contractors Minimalise risks by planning installation windows with exact weather forecasting   ...
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    Mexico Windpower 2017 01/06/2017
    ...: Wind and electricity market; Wind and cost of electricity; finance of wind farm; risk assessment of wind ...
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    Global Wind Day 2017 01/06/2017
    ... all over the world from family outings and wind farm visits to seminars with experts and leading industry figures. ...
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    Winterwind 2017 01/06/2017
    ..., engineers, manufacturers, developers, consultants, investors, wind farm owners, students and O & M providers, they gather to discuss windpower ...
  • Blade Inspection, Damage And Repair Forum 08/20/2013
    ... place at your wind farm?   Join Windpower Monthly at our first Blade Inspection, Damage And Repair Forum taking place on 16-17 September...
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    Legal aspects for the supply and construction of wind farms (onshore and offshore) 04/23/2013
    ... charges. The awareness about legal consequences has a positive effect on the actions and decisions of the persons concerned, e.g. wind farm developers... conditions of different countries and contractual aspects, which are relevant for the safe and successful design, construction and commissioning of wind farms...
  • Newlist_logo.vdi-wissensforum
    Wind Resource Assessment From Measurements to bankable reports 04/23/2013
    ... and wind farm energy output. After the workshop you will be able to fi nd the optimal strategy for a wind resource assessment at any particular site...
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    Offshore Wind Farm Clusters 04/23/2013
    ...Workshop objectives: The workshop is organised by the European Energy Research Alliance – Design Tool for Offshore Wind Farm Cluster project... projects on offshore wind farm clusters. It also aims at debating/connecting with – people working in offshore wind energy development and planning to improve/enhance – the future integrated design tools for the Northern European offshore wind power. Target audience: Offshore wind farm developers, strategic planners, wind farm operators, utilities. ...
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