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    Gewi Planungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
    ... of maturity. Afterwards build up new wind farm investment companies to finance and operate. This remains that Gewi as initiator of the project is long term... is that in 1989 he was involved in the technical planning and economic conception of Germany's first prospected wind farm, the North Friesland wind farm ( Nordfriesland...
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    VSB Holding GmbH
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    PLAN 8 GmbH
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    Overspeed GmbH & Co. KG
    ... the development of software for offshore windfarm planning and wind farm management to energy storage systems and professional training. Consulting... assessment, wind potential analysis, wind farm layout and management of approval procedures. In focus are mainly projects at “difficult“ sites...
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    Siemens AG
    ... and plant-wide human machine interfacing of the wind farm SCADA systems for optimized system management and efficient power production Application.... modular busbar systems Drives engineering with a powerful product portfolio Energy management systems for optimizing the wind farm ...
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    anemos Gesellschaft für Umweltmeteorologie mbH
    ..., METRAS) ensure a high planning reliability for wind farm development and financing. anemos GmbH offers a site specific and a regional wind index which allows wind farm operators and financing institutions a long term rating of the monthly wind conditions. Based on NCEP data, this worldwide windindex is consistent in space and time and available since 1948. It allows a risk assessment based on climatologically stable time periods. The simulation of regional wind conditions with a high spatial and temporal resolution is a core competence of anemos GmbH. These data provide the basis for the long term correlation of wind measurements and wind turbine energy production. ...
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    ... of a wind turbine or wind farm project. Wind farm planners, operators or financers get the whole spectrum of project related assessment services. ...
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    Prysmian Group
    ... conductors with excellent installation properties. Wind farm cabling: From the low- and medium-voltage cables for the wind farm infrastructure, through...
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    Windrad Engineering GmbH
    ... Windrad Engineering offers services for manufacturers and wind farm developers as well as for other engineering consultants. Having worked for many years in wind turbine development, we are particularly strong where detailed calculations, models, and simulations, where competent measurements and data analyses are needed. Among others, our fields of work are load calculations onshore and offshore component design FE analyses measurement and data analyses site approvals software engineering ...
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    EuroWind GmbH
    ... for their wind farm projects, EuroWind also is an expert on meteorological forecast services for wind and solar energy. Our energy yield assessments..., ERA, and NCAR/NCEP) and high- resolution regional models (HiRLAM and COSMO-EU) provide valuable site assessment information for wind farm project...
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    Wind & Economy - Strategic Optimisation Software
    ...Wind & Economy is a new software product for the optimization of offshore wind farms. It supports your challenging work with the seamlessly... integrated modelling of wind climate, large scale and localized wind farm effects, electrical loss calculations and derivation of economic key figures...
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    RET Coursework
    ... and participate in a safety workshop at a local wind farm. Prerequisites: RET 121. RET 141 Electrical Motors/Generator Controls, 3 Cr. This course teaches...
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    Course Descriptions
    ... credits) This course will cover the use of naturally occurring winds to create electricity. Wind farms, collection devices and current status of wind... and practice the skills developed in the first year of the Wind Energy Technology Program in real-world set­tings at an actual wind farm. WET 202 Power...

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    Siemens Gamesa receives 20-turbine order from Indonesia for Equis Energy’s ‘Tolo 1’ onshore wind power plant 07/21/2017
    ... in the country ‘Tolo 1 Wind Farm’ in Indonesia will consist of 20 wind turbines of the type SWT-3.6-130 / Construction on site in Jeneponto, South..., Indonesia, wind farm, gearless, SWT-3.6-130 With the ‘Tolo 1’ onshore wind project, Siemens Gamesa has secured its first order in Indonesia...
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    More Countries Turn to Clean Wind Energy 07/21/2017
    ... project in the country, which consisted of only a few individual turbines, started operations in 2009, but only became a real wind farm after an expansion in 2012. The fact that the country has moved into the focus of the wind industry is, in the meantime, a merit of the Chinese. The two neighboring states signed a contract worth 57 million dollars which China intends to invest in energy projects in Pakistan. Most of this will go into the coal industry, because Pakistan's government wants to take advantage of the favorable coal price and build massive coal-fired power plants for domestic and imported coal (from China). However, the renewables also benefit from the millions. For example, a new 50 MW wind farm opened near Karachi last month. It is located in a corridor that, according to the World Bank, offers potential for up to 11,000 MW of wind energy. Potential that needs urgent access, as Pakistan's rapidly growing population needs more and more energy. According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the country is currently able to produce 23,000 megawatts of energy – but this is not enough at peak load times. A further 5000 MW are needed at least, to stop increasing power failures. Wind and solar energy offer the country a cost-effective way out of electricity shortage. Interest of investors The new projects launched by the Chinese are expected to add 17 GW of additional energy in the coming years. Up to now, 13 of these projects are feeding energy into the grid, including 640 MW of wind energy. However, the unused reserves put the country increasingly in the focus of international industry. In June, the International Finance Corperation (IFC), a member of the World Bank, decided to invest more than $ 140 million to build three wind farms. Other international investors are also showing interest. So it is to be hoped that the Pakistani government will also learn from their ‚big brother‘ China that investing in coal-fired power plants will not help to improve the situation in the country, which is already battered by climate change and regularly visited by floods and droughts. ...
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    Powered by IKEA 07/21/2017
    ...Powered by IKEA Apex Clean Energy is working with IKEA again: Swedish furniture company IKEA will get clean wind energy from the wind farm Oldman 2... wind farm has a capacity of 46 megawatts and consists of 20 2.3 MW turbines from Siemens. It is the fourth time that IKEA has collaborated with Apex Clean Energy: Since 2014, IKEA has been supplied with clean energy from two US wind farms in Texas and Illinois. In January 2017, another wind farm in Canada was added. ...
  • ACCIONA acquires additional stake in Ontario wind farm (Canada) 07/20/2017
    ...ACCIONA acquires additional stake in Ontario wind farm (Canada) ACCIONA obtains full ownership of Canadian wind farm ACCIONA has aquired another 50... % of the Ripley Wind Farm in Ontario ACCIONA Energy International obtains full ownership of the 76-MW Ripley Wind Farm ACCIONA, wind farm, Canada...
  • ABB wins $30 million order to support integration of offshore wind energy in the UK 07/20/2017
    ... The Static Compensation SVC Light® technology of ABB enables voltage stabilization and enhances power quality for the East Anglia ONE wind farm ABB’s Static... Compensation SVC Light® technology to enable voltage stabilization and enhanced power quality for East Anglia ONE wind farm ABB, offshore, integration...
  • Leading wind experts claim LiDAR becoming the clear choice for bankable offshore wind measurements, saving millions on costs 07/19/2017
    ... with LiDARs on cost in the offshore market. On the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Ltd (BOWL) project, a 588MW 84 turbine offshore wind farm off the North East coast of Scotland, the wind measurement campaign was carried out without the use of a met mast. BOWL chose instead to install two vertical profiler LiDARs which enabled them to start the measurement campaign much earlier and without the significant costs associated with installing an offshore met mast. After 12 months of LiDAR wind measurement the project had the essential data needed to help achieve financial close on this £2.6 billion offshore project. For an offshore project developed by RES, the installation of a met mast, estimated at €12 million, was ruled out in favour of a single fixed LiDAR, coupled with two floating LiDARs.  The fixed LiDAR, installed on a nearby lighthouse, and the floating LiDARs located at points across the wind farm zone, enabled the company to secure reliable, bankable data adding millions of euros to the project value in addition to the millions in cost savings and the elimination of the health and safety risks associated with large met mast installation. “LiDARs have become a reliable, robust measurement system that ultimately delivers the high-quality data to minimise uncertainty and risk while maximising value. The prevailing view among experts is that the future of resource assessment is short masts coupled with LiDAR for onshore, and for offshore probably just the LiDAR. Today, LiDARs are commercially ready and already used in major projects around the world. It’s a trend that is going to continue both offshore and onshore, even in complex flow sites,” concluded Alexandre Sauvage, CEO of Leosphere. ...
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    Nordex awarded new contract in France again 07/19/2017
    .... The Nordex Group has been awarded a contract for the installation of the “Pays Chaumontais” wind farm. With a capacity of 14.4 MW, the project is composed of six N117/2400 turbines that will be installed in Jonchery around 250 kilometres south-west of Paris in the first quarter of 2018. Nordex, turbines, turbine manufacturer, France In this way, Nordex has gained the French independent power producer Neoen as a new customer. Established in 2008 in France, Neoen operates renewable power plants with a current total installed capacity of more than 1.1 gigawatts in several countries. The contract was awarded thanks to the lowest cost of energy produced by Nordex turbines that enable an above-average energy yield to be achieved. The contract includes turbines delivery, operation and maintenance for a period of 16 years.   ...
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    The Secretary of State of Texas (US) visits Siemens Gamesa's facilities in Vizcaya 07/19/2017
    ... was represented by Mark Albenze, CEO of Services; Borja Negro, Director of Wind Farm Solutions for the onshore business; and Jon Lezamiz, Director...
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    Dominican Republic to get another wind farm 07/19/2017
    ...Dominican Republic to get another wind farm Vestas will supply 14 of its V117-3.45 MW turbines to a wind project the Dominican Republic Vestas, Dominican Republic, wind farm Vestas has expanded its position as a leading wind turbine manufacturer in the Dominican Republic. The Danish turbine manufacturer was now awarded the contract to install the wind turbines for the Larimar II wind farm next year. Vestas is thus increasing its portfolio in the Caribbean country to a total of 131 megawatts. “Energy consumption in the Dominican Republic is growing rapidly and Vestas continues to play a key role in the country’s transition towards energy independency. We pioneered the market back in 2011 and we are confident that our valuable partner Elecnor will appreciate the efficiency and outstanding performance of our V117-3.45 in medium to high-wind sites”, says President of Vestas Mediterranean Marco Graziano. ...
  • SMST successfully installs TAB-M on Van Oord Aeolus 07/19/2017
    ... by Van Oord is working at the Walney Extension offshore wind farm in the UK. SMST’s Telescopic Access Bridge M Serie including flatrack and telescopic pedestal elevator system is successfully installed on Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel, Aeolus. The installation vessel Aeolus is working at the Walney Extension offshore wind farm in the UK. SMST, Van Oord, Aeolus, bridge, offshore, installation vessel, vessel The first landing took place on Saturday 24th June, after a short installation period of 3.5 days. From the start, the vessels crane operators and lifting supervisors have been operating the gangway after being prepared by theoretical and practical training sessions given by onboard SMST personnel. According to one operator: “Great system, practice makes perfect”. During the first connections to the transfer pieces there was a significant wave height of approx. one meter with wind speeds up to 20 m/s. The use of a compensated gangway is necessary since most of the Transition Piece installations will be done floating in DP2 mode. The high tide differences on the Walney Extension project required a telescopic pedestal to be added to the set-up. This enables height compensation of 6 meters. ...
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    Cost Reduction in Offshore Wind Logistics 06/29/2017
    ...Logistic challenges touch on all aspects of wind farm projects and optimising transport and installation is a key challenge for offshore wind logistics. Therefore this it is important to improve vessel use and port infrastructure concerning the development of larger turbines and far-offshore wind farms. Collaboration from the complete supply-chain is needed to simplify complicated interfaces and reduce installation times. Use that conference to have a close look at lessons learned and define the room for improvement for the offshore wind industry. Optimise logistical processes through the complete logistics supply-chain to reduce installation times and costs Improve interface management and contracting strategy for systematic project success Discuss the right solution for the future offshore design standards with main suppliers and contractors Minimalise risks by planning installation windows with exact weather forecasting   ...
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    Mexico Windpower 2017 01/06/2017
    ...: Wind and electricity market; Wind and cost of electricity; finance of wind farm; risk assessment of wind ...
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    Global Wind Day 2017 01/06/2017
    ... all over the world from family outings and wind farm visits to seminars with experts and leading industry figures. ...
  • Newlist_svenk_vindkraft
    Winterwind 2017 01/06/2017
    ..., engineers, manufacturers, developers, consultants, investors, wind farm owners, students and O & M providers, they gather to discuss windpower ...
  • Blade Inspection, Damage And Repair Forum 08/20/2013
    ... place at your wind farm?   Join Windpower Monthly at our first Blade Inspection, Damage And Repair Forum taking place on 16-17 September...
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    Legal aspects for the supply and construction of wind farms (onshore and offshore) 04/23/2013
    ... charges. The awareness about legal consequences has a positive effect on the actions and decisions of the persons concerned, e.g. wind farm developers... conditions of different countries and contractual aspects, which are relevant for the safe and successful design, construction and commissioning of wind farms...
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    Wind Resource Assessment From Measurements to bankable reports 04/23/2013
    ... and wind farm energy output. After the workshop you will be able to fi nd the optimal strategy for a wind resource assessment at any particular site...
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    Offshore Wind Farm Clusters 04/23/2013
    ...Workshop objectives: The workshop is organised by the European Energy Research Alliance – Design Tool for Offshore Wind Farm Cluster project... projects on offshore wind farm clusters. It also aims at debating/connecting with – people working in offshore wind energy development and planning to improve/enhance – the future integrated design tools for the Northern European offshore wind power. Target audience: Offshore wind farm developers, strategic planners, wind farm operators, utilities. ...
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