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    TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH
    ... as inspection body for wind turbines according to the German building code (DIBt type approval). Type certification ensures that all relevant national and international standards will be taken into consideration and complied with right from the manufacturing process. Analyses of wind potential, wind measurement, energy yield and wind reports and evaluations of turbulence and extreme winds are applied to ensure a reliable site assessment. Investors and owners/operators also benefit from third-party wind-farm certification. Within the scope of integrated inspection and assessment, the wind experts support projects from greenfield planning to due diligence, regular wind-farm inspection and commissioning, and supply reliable data to improve the security of investments. An extract from our portfolio: Type certification of on- and offshore wind turbines, DIBt-type approvals, manufacturing inspections, risk analysis, risk management, expert reports for the continued operation after 20 or 25 years, power performance and load measurements on prototype turbines Site assessment: wind measurements, analysis of wind potential, noise immission analysis, feasibility studies, assessment of turbulence and extreme wind Project certification: technical due diligence, foundation design evaluation, soil investigation, pre- and after-shipment inspections, manufacturing inspections, erection monitoring, grid compliance, regular inspections Offshore certification: certification of offshore wind farms, design evaluation of offshore structures, quality assurance and inspection during manufacturing, risk assessments, OHS concepts, quality assurance during the transport and erection of offshore wind farms. As an independent organisation of experts we can provide you with advice on all aspects of safety and economic management of your plant. ...
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