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    ... torsion and free of side loading and reactions. This is implemented in a few seconds, until the hydraulic torque wrench has reached the set-adjusted.... Continuously rotating hydraulic torque wrench without reaction lever arm. The new XXI hydraulic torque-wrench is the first continuously rotating hydraulic wrench in the world. And it is up to 3 times faster than anything used up to now. The XXI is both a torque wrench and pre-stressing force wrecnh in one. Due to its design, the XXI is handy and optimally positionable. Through the employment of the AXIAMATIC disk or the HYTORC clamp extension nut, no reaction lever arm is any longer necessary. Further highlights are the reliable, fast double-hose system, the patented torsion retainer ratchet system and the hydraulic connection rotatable through 360°. The roughly serrated drive system and the patented safety clutches are also included. New CTS change-cassette hydraulic torque-wrench A novel system increases working speed. The CTS is also suitable for very cramped applications. In addition, the CTS possesses a new automatic click-on system for simple cassette change. Lightning fast hydraulics units, up to 700 bar HYTORC pumps are available in both two and three stages, suitable for use with all voltages used worldwide or air driven. All electrical HYTORC pumps are approved to VDE and EMC. They have very high discharge values with very low weight. With less than 69 dB(A), the pumps are also especially silent. All pumps are air cooled and thus best suited for every type of employment. The operator simply presses the automatic button of the remote control and the bolting together comes about in a controlled way and, as it were, independently. ...
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    Eduard Wille
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    Norbar Torque Tools Ltd
    ... as accredited calibration laboratories across 4 continents. The company is renowned for quality and innovation and the new ClickTronic® torque wrench and EvoTorque® electronic torque multiplier ranges typify this. ...


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