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    Princetel, Inc.
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    BGB Engineering Ltd
    ... of slip ring solutions for wind turbines. Clients include Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Suzlon, Gamesa, Siemens, WinWind and ABB. Products have been developed to function in the most extreme turbine environments. Applications include power and data (analogue and digital transfer) transmission for hub control systems and high power systems for frequency converters. Special brush holders provide protection against lightning strikes & the build up of static. An extensive range of cable looms and connector systems are available to provide complete rotary solutions....
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    Moog Rekofa GmbH
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    Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
    ... Rotation measurement with generators Rotation measurement with slip ring sensors Pitch control Analogue distance...


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    Slip Rings
    ...Moog is a recognized leader in the market in slip ring solutions, offering integrated rotary unions to ensure that pitch motors for blade pitch... systems, we offer fluid rotary joints with integral slip ring transmission. Fibre Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ) and multiplexers allow several bidirectional signals to be transmitted across longer distances. ...
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    ... Moog technology solutions are designed for on- and offshore installations: Each pitch system, blade sensing system and slip ring solution meets...
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    ... applies for all Slip Ring Transmitters: lifetime 10 years or 70 million rotations and more 5 years maintenance free shock and vibration...

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    New High Reliability Slip Ring Brings New Technology to Wind Turbines 28.09.2016
    ...A key advantage of the Moog slip ring is its high reliability, modular design that can be scaled and optimized for most requirements. The slip ring.... No maintenance (cleaning) is required. The slip ring can be part of a large wind turbine electric pitch control system with the option to integrate hydraulic...
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    Germany: LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS at the Husum Wind 2015 - Generator slip ring GSR and the preventive ice detection system IPMS 11.09.2015
    ... ring as a service spare parts or for the OEMs GSR - the newly developed generator slip ring for the rotor slip ring replacement with double-fed...In addition to this, the enhanced version of the preventive ice detection system IPMS will be shown live on the booth in Hall 4. Generator slip...
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    AWEA O&M Recommended Practices Webinar Series - Part III Generator Collector Ring Assembly Maintenance 25.03.2015
    ... for Optimum Carbon Brush and Slip Ring Performance How to Maintain Carbon Brushes and Collector Rings The importance of cleanliness on collector rings...
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    Visit BGB Engineering at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2014! 22.09.2014
    ... engineers have developed many years of applications knowledge on wind turbines.  BGB were the first slip ring manufacturers to design a dedicated wind turbine slip ring for hub control systems. The Company is now a leading supplier in the development of slip ring solutions for this growing industry and works closely with major wind turbine manufacturers such as Vestas, Suzlon, ABB OY Machines, Gamesa, Siemens Wind Power, Goldwind, Guodian, Nordex AG & WinWind. With its newest turbine model BGB remains at the forefront of turbine technology. The new BGB turbine model stands 1.6m tall and has an interactive Ipad display for visitors to view BGB products in situ, such as:  FORJ , Lightning Protection, Hub Control, Generator Slip Rings, Brush Holders and Cable looms. Please follow the links to access the respective information. The turbine model has fully rotating hub and blades, and is finely crafted to show and highlight the BGB assemblies located in a typical nacelle. It is a fantastic new edition to the BGB show stand and is certainly going to be a "head turner" for visitors at the show. For more information on Sevion please als visit w3.windfair.net/bgbinnovation or contact Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist at ts@windfair.net. BGB LOOKS FORWARD TO SEEING YOU! ...
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    ADSR – Slip Ring with Diagnostic System: World Premiere at EWEA 2014 27.02.2014
    ... manufacturers, managers, and operators will benefit from an advanced diagnostic system – fully integrated into a high-quality customized slip ring.... The system continuously analyzes the condition of the slip ring and predicts an error before it even occurs. ADSR makes planning wind turbine maintenance...
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    Product Pick of the Week - Moog's new AC Modular Pitch System with optimized performance for wind turbines 16.10.2013
    ...Moog, a leader in providing blade pitch control, slip ring and rotor monitoring solutions for the wind energy industry, today announced the launch... for pitch control, slip ring power transmission, blade sensing and rotor monitoring for OEMs, wind farm operators and integrators in the wind energy market...
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    BGB Innovation – Profile of a perfectly functioning group of 3 industry brands 12.12.2012
    ... / The new BGB Axial Multimode Optilinc system has been produced to revolutionise the wind turbine slip ring market. Optilinc is the first of the new... generation of contactless slip rings to be produced by BGB Engineering Ltd. 21.04.2009 - BGB win Queen’s Award for Enterprise...
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    MOOG improves efficiency and lowers service costs of wind turbines with its state-of-the-art remote terminal software 24.10.2012
    ... solutions for pitch control, slip ring power transmission, blade sensing and rotor monitoring for OEMs, wind farm operators and integrators in the wind...
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    ... for pitch control, slip ring power transmission, blade sensing and rotor monitoring for OEMs, wind farm operators and integrators in the wind energy...
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