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    'Oriental Nights' powered by Wind and Solar: Arabian World Is Pushing for Renewables 11.05.2017
    ... countries from the Arab world are transforming their energy supply. Arab, renewables, Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait Wind has replaced the '.... Orders over 1,600 MW will be awarded by the end of the year. So far, it was necessary to import expensive oil from Saudi Arabia, which has among other...
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    GE Announces Record Onshore Wind Orders for 2016 08.02.2017
    .... The business also booked orders in Greece and Saudi Arabia for the first time ever. GE’s onshore wind installed base now stands at nearly 57,000 MW of global capacity. Jérôme Pécresse, President and CEO of GE Renewable Energy said “Developing a strong relationship with our global customers and anticipating their local needs helps us to maintain a leading industry position and meet the growing demand. We are thrilled with the customer response to investments the Onshore Wind team made in developing new products and solutions, especially in the US where our new platform is contributing ~75% of our orders in 2016.” GE’s growth in onshore wind globally included several milestones the company previously announced in 2016, including: GE successfully completed construction of the first of a three-phase wind project in southeast India, installing 30 units of GE’s 1.7-103 technology. Mytrah Energy Limited’s Aspari I, the first 51 MW of a planned 200 MW project, is now erected and ready for commissioning. The project utilizes GE’s new Energy Forecasting application, part of its Digital Wind Farm ecosystem. In Germany, GE Renewable Energy signed its largest wind collaboration in the country to date, a framework agreement with UKA Group to install approximately 250 MW of wind energy across 12 future project sites throughout Germany. GE also signed a Turbine Supply Agreement with Max Bögl Wind AG to deliver and commission the world’s tallest and first ever wind turbine integrated with pumped storage hydro-electric power. GE secured a five-year Digital Wind Farm services contracts for two wind farms in central Japan. Utilizing GE’s prognostics and PowerUp service applications, along with hardware and software enhancements, this will help the turbines run more efficiently and increase overall plant production by up to five percent. In Turkey, GE signed deals for 120MW of installed capacity, including 70MW of brilliant turbines with Dost Enerji for their Bergama Wind Power Plant site. GE also saw significant growth in the United States, with its 2 MW platform. ...
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    Canada's Wind Industry Continues Growth 02.02.2017
    ...At the 2008 Climate Protection Index, Canada still ranked 53 out of 56 countries under investigation. Only Saudi Arabia, the US and Australia still... of oil only second to Saudi Arabia. It is therefore no wonder that renewable energies have traditionally had a difficult stand and the expansion is only...
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    Wind Energy Conquers the Planet's Most Remote Corners 22.12.2016
    .... The first wind turbine was recently erected in the oil state of Saudi Arabia. The GE 2.75-120 turbine is used mainly for demonstration purposes...
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    Q3/2016: Global Wind Power Market Outlook Update 26.08.2016
    ..., Macedonia and Serbia) do not carry enough weight to have a significant impact. Downward adjustments in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia yield a 1% downgrade QoQ in MEA. However, increasing long-term confidence in Iran helps to offset the long-term impact. The near-term impact is more significant (-8%), as Egypt’s FIT program is still maturing and Iran continues to recover economically. MAKE keeps the outlook in China consistent with the Q2 analysis. China’s central government introduced a mechanism to encourage more rational investment in wind projects. This has motivated developers in heavily curtailed regions in the north to pursue opportunities in southern regions, which will offset a near-term decline in growth in northern regions. Growth prospects in India continue to be a focal point for the industry, with the latest policy announcements triggering a 6% upgrade to the Q2 analysis. A short-term boost in India is dampened modestly by project adjustments in the rest of the sub-region, but overall the outlook for Asia Pacific excluding China is upgraded by 3% QoQ over the 10-year period. Firm order intake decreased 15% YoY in Q2/2016 to nearly 12GW, primarily due to a pause in orders placed for projects in the US market as developers re-evaluated project timelines following IRS guidance on PTC qualification. Order volume in APAC stayed consistent YoY, as developers in India rushed to capitalize on full incentive levels in 2016 and developers in China direct focus to southern regions. The Q3/2016 Global Wind Power Market Outlook Update includes a detailed market forecast update for more than 50 key and emerging markets for wind power from 2016 to 2025. The forecast data includes a split of expected onshore and offshore development as well as analysis of the latest wind turbine order and pricing trends. ...
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    Saudi Arabia: Saudi Aramco and GE partner to install Saudi Arabia’s first wind turbine 13.06.2016
    ...Saudi Aramco and GE are partnering to install Saudi Arabia’s first Wind Turbine at the Turaif Bulk Plant, located in the north-west... for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, said: “The installation of GE’s Wind Turbine by Saudi Aramco, our long-term partner, underlines our...
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    Global: Scaling up Renewable Energy in the GCC Would Reap Major Benefits 28.01.2016
    ... would cut fuel use in the power and water sectors by 50 per cent in the United Arab Emirates, 23 per cent in Saudi Arabia and 21 per cent in Kuwait... energy sector on the basis of units of energy produced and dollars invested. Most jobs created will be in solar PV, with United Arab Emirates and Saudi...
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    Comment: COP21 – It's five to midnight 03.12.2015
    ... and Brazil are still a problem. But even oil producing countries as Saudi Arabia are to be heard in the negotiations in Paris. No question about it, CO2 emissions must start to decline now. Another sticking point of the Summit is the demand of poorer countries for a compensation, because they have already been experiencing consequences of the climate change. After all, the argument that the industrialized countries are responsible for climate change in the first place is not to be dismissed out of hand. They have finally accepted their responsibility and recently pledged to give 100 billion US dollars annually to help from 2020 onwards. Whether that is sufficient is still questionable though. There is still no answer to who will be the supervisory authority for compliance with the targets. What might happen without regular and - above all - independent inspection, can currently be observed at German VW car production, where trickery and cheating are obviously considered a good way of dealing with problems. That this is all about the environmental impact of cars, is certainly no coincidence. In order to increase the pressure and also to show the world that environmental protection is a good thing, more and more companies are setting a good example. Bill Gates (Microsoft) has just given $ 2 billion (!) for his new initiative. 28 other billionaires were persuaded to join, including but not limited to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, founder of Virgin Richard Branson and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The initiative is flanked by the governments of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. An illustrious group that has joined forces to make a statement and to pay more on the future of the environment, to conduct research and encourage innovation, in short: to make the world a better place. This is certainly worth all respect, but ultimately it remains to be seen if the attending representatives will actually agree on a binding (!) paper until December 11th. Let's hope for the best! ...
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