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    Offshore Service & Maintenance
    ... offshore o&m to be a future billion-euro business and an industry of its own. But the way there will be rocky: Past experiences have sometimes been frustrating. And how will the future fleet of rib boats, helicopters, hotel boats and crane vessels in the European North Sea be co-ordinated in order to increase energy production at minimum cost? + + + + Ships for construction and maintenanceFast ships are much in demand Dozens of different ships and platforms are in operation during the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Co-ordinating this multitude is a tough job for project managers. At the same time the sector urgently needs specialized ships. + + + + A floating hotel with crane and gangwayAs a service provider Repower thinks big Repower has big plans. The Hamburg-based manufacturer is keen to become one of a handful of service providers capable of offering service and maintenance for large offshore wind farms. Upscaling is the order of the day: The first ship is set to be ready by 2013. + + + + Getting there by ship and helicopterCommuting between wind farm and port is costly The increasing distance from the mainland increases the complexity of personnel and materials logistics. Concepts in the sector markedly differ. Which mode of transport is chosen depends on the weather, on working hours, and the possibilities of housing staff on site at the wind farms. + + + + Condition MonitoringAutomated systems still need manual support Condition Monitoring systems still depend on well-trained technicians to correctly interpret the data they generate. Fully automated analysis is still way in the future. + + + + Interim solutionsSafe transfer from ship to tower How do service engineers safely reach offshore wind turbines when the sea is rough? Some operators rely on helicopters. Others favour specialized ships. Ship- or turbine-based access systems are also on the market. So far, no solution has become a clear favourite, and standards are not in sight. + + + + Turbine technologyPowerhouses for the sea Experts soon expect a dozen competitors to be ready with their own offshore turbines. The market is set to move towards ten-megawatt turbines, direct drives and floating foundations. So far, however, six manufacturers still share the offshore market amongst themselves. + + + + Training and coursesSchooled in safety An increasing number of companies are gearing up to offer safety training for future offshore personnel. So far, uniform standards are lacking. + + + + Service and maintenance by third partiesIndependent service providers are taking first steps In spring 2010 wpd and the Schrammgroup founded the independent service provider “All for Offshore”. Although turbine manufacturers have so far done their own servicing and maintenance, the workload is such that they can no longer cope alone. + + + + Interview: Assistance with maritime planning "Run through every single move" Marine Surveyor Jürgen Mackeprang of Kapitän Möller & Partner advises planners and operators of offshore wind farms. He explains what has to be taken into account when building at sea, what his advice consists of and why it is advisable to include classification societies early in the process. + + + + Wind forecasts A good forecast makes for better operation Knowing where and when the wind blows helps operators to plan repairs and operate their offshore turbines with greater precision and less wear. Also, precise wind measurement is the only way of establishing whether a turbine delivers what the manufacturer has promised. Prices:Individual price: 59.00 €BWE members: 39.00 €(incl. tax. plus shipping charges) >> Order now!Link: http://www.wind-energy-market.com/en/bwe-brochures/...

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  • Related Wind Firms Create Single O&M Provider 10/11/2017
    ...Related Wind Firms Create Single O&M Provider Make One out of Four Four related wind companies join forces to create a single O&M provider Four... / Single point of contact / Reduced risk, cost and contractual complexity Fred Olsen, O&M, service Four well-known renewables firms have joined forces...
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    Stephan Hansen stays with the juwi board for another three years 10/04/2017
    ...; Together with his board colleagues Dagmar Rehm and Michael Class, Stephan Hansen leads one of the top project developer and O&M service provider...
  • Duke Energy Invests in Sentient Science Technology to Reduce Costs, Improve Wind Fleet Operations 09/29/2017
    ... fleet operations through digitalization “We’ve estimated that these operators can save significant O&M costs by using an independent services provider.” Duke Energy Renewables and Sentient Science have partnered in a digitalization strategy to continue to safely manage and reduce the cost of maintaining Duke Energy’s wind turbines. Duke Energy, Sentient Scient, digitalization Duke Energy Renewables owns or manages 4,000 megawatts (MW) of wind assets and has realized tremendous savings by shifting to in-house operations and maintenance (O&M) over the past few years. “We have teams dedicated to understanding the ways emerging technologies like Sentient Science’s DigitalClone® Live can improve our operations,” said Jeff Wehner, vice president of Renewable Operations at Duke Energy. “By integrating this technology platform and data with our systems, we can continue to cut costs, provide our wind technicians with the right data to be more efficient, and produce more reliable wind energy.” Duke Energy Renewables also provides operations and maintenance services to third-party wind turbine owner-operators who are seeking to reduce their costs. “We’ve estimated that these operators can save significant O&M costs by using an independent services provider,” Wehner said. “As wind fleets across the U.S. age and wear increases, emerging technologies will be important in driving future cost savings. Duke Energy Renewables is making investments now to ensure we have state-of-the-art tools for our technicians, replacement teams and asset managers. After we have some experience in our own fleet, we expect to offer this enhanced service to other operators who contract with us.” Duke Energy Renewables structured a pilot program with Sentient Science to evaluate how its materials science-based software DigitalClone Live predicts failure risk and forecasts gearbox health over a multi-year period. Sentient Science digitalized GE 1.5MW-rated machines within Duke Energy’s operational fleet, and identified specific wind turbines with observable damage in the gearbox, which would eventually lead to failure. Duke Energy Renewable Services confirmed the software predictions and proactively scheduled uptower replacements. “Together, we are transforming the operations and maintenance sector for wind. By investing in cutting-edge technologies like DigitalClone, Duke Energy Renewables is opening new business opportunities, cutting costs and delivering reliable energy to their customers,” said Ward Thomas, CEO & President Sentient Science. “The Internet of Things isn’t just for consumers. It’s changing the way utilities behave to reduce their levelized cost of energy, further helping renewables compete with traditional energy sources.” Implementation on the multi-year digitalization and life extension contract is well underway. Duke Energy Renewables’ wind fleet has been added to Sentient Science’s network of 20,000 wind turbines. Sentient Science monitors 400,000 bearings and 100,000 gears in real time to extend asset life, mitigate early stage damage and prevent failure. Read the Duke Energy Case Study ...
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    Siemens Gamesa reinforces its presence in China with a new order for 300 MW, one of its largest ever in this market 09/18/2017
    ... a long-term O&M agreement. The plan is for installation of the first turbines to begin in the second quarter of 2018 and for the complex, which is being built in Inner Mongolia, to be up and running by the end of next year. "With this significant order, the company has achieved a new milestone in its strategy in China where it has already installed over 4.6 GW", underscored Álvaro Bilbao, CEO of Siemens Gamesa in Asia Pacific. Siemens Gamesa in Asia In addition to China, Siemens Gamesa's Asian footprint extends to Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand, having installed over 6.3 GW in these markets. Adding on the 5 GW installed to date in India puts the company's installed base in the continent of Asia at over 11.3 GW. ...
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    Sales cooperation in the German market: VenSol Neue Energien signs framework agreement with Siemens Gamesa 09/12/2017
    ...). With its 142-meter rotor it offers outstanding efficiency. With to a swept area of nearly 16,000 square-meters and low O&M costs, the model offers the lowest LCoE of its class. For German tender wind projects the turbine offers clear economic benefits. VenSol plans installations of the direct-drive turbine with two different tower configurations: a steel tower allows a hub height of 129 meters, and a hybrid tower of 165 meters. ”With this framework agreement we ensure our access to one of the most efficient onshore wind turbines in the market,” says VenSol Director Christian Böhm. ”We are pleased to confirm that this enables us to operate our projects at the highest efficiency level. In addition the contract also allows smaller developers to benefit from its attractive conditions. The framework was consequently designed to meet the needs of these customers and their smaller wind projects. Due to its volume it offers outstanding conditions. Talks with these developers have confirmed a lively interest in Siemens Gamesa turbines but also some reservation regarding negotiations with such a large supplier. We are convinced that this framework agreement will encourage more customers to develop their projects with Siemens Gamesa technology.“ “This contract is an important signal for our presentation at HUSUM Wind, since this trade show plays a major role for us as an important forum of the German onshore wind market,” says Siemens Gamesa’s German sales head Gunnar Liehr. “This agreement demonstrates that our turbine model SWT-DD-142 leads the way as a highly competitive offer for inland sites.“ Siemens Gamesa’s German installed wind fleet over the last years consists of more than 1,650 onshore wind turbines with a combined rating of more than 2,1 gigawatts (as of the end of June 2017). Siemens Gamesa at Husum Wind: hall 3, booth 3B12/14 ...
  • DONG Energy chooses Vlissingen Buitenhaven for Borssele 1 & 2 08/21/2017
    ...DONG Energy chooses Vlissingen Buitenhaven for Borssele 1 & 2 DONG builds O&M base in Vlissingen Buitenhaven DONG Energy chooses Vlissingen Buitenhaven for Dutch offshore wind farms Borssele 1 & 2 DONG Energy and Zeeland Seaports have signed a Letter of Intent for developing an O&M base in Vlissingen Buitenhaven for the operation and maintenance of the offshore wind farm Borssele 1&2. DONG Energy, Borssele, offshore, service, port DONG Energy and Zeeland Seaports have agreed to further develop a specific location in Vlissingen Buitenhaven in the coming months, after which a final contract will be signed. This will happen as soon as both parties reach an agreement on the terms and conditions. Borssele 1&2 will be one of the largest wind farms in the world (752MW) and requires a good base for maintaining and operating the wind farm. DONG Energy has previously developed similar maintenance bases in the UK, Germany and Denmark. Jasper Vis, Country Manager for DONG Energy Netherlands: “We have been welcomed with open arms in Zeeland after winning the tender for Borssele 1&2. We look forward to settling in the province of Zeeland and contributing to further regional economic development and long-term employment.We will obviously enter into a dialogue with companies in the region and our future neighbors to explore the options for cooperation.” Claus Bøjle Møller, Programme Director for Borssele 1&2 at DONG Energy: ”Vlissingen offers an excellent location for our O&M base in terms of onshore and offshore logistics as well as maritime services for the construction and operation of our new wind farm.” ...
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    Siemens Gamesa speeds up its integration process and prepares to lead in a growing market 07/27/2017
    ... in the third quarter of fiscal year 2017 as a result of the temporary downturn of the Indian market. O&M service revenue expanded by 8%, to €300 million... with Dong for the construction of the Borssele 1 and 2 wind farms, involving 94 turbines (756 MW) to be commissioned by the end of 2020. The O&M service...
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    Siemens Gamesa receives 20-turbine order from Indonesia for Equis Energy’s ‘Tolo 1’ onshore wind power plant 07/21/2017
    ... with Siemens Gamesa for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as well as operations and maintenance (O&M). The ‘Tolo 1’ wind power...
  • Next generation of 4MW onshore turbines on the horizon, with 12MW offshore in sight 06/23/2017
    ... wind turbines. The 3MW product platforms benefit from economies of scale relative to Balance of Plant (BOP), Operations and Maintenance (O&M...
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    Drones and Wind Industry 06/15/2017
    ..., O&M, onshore, offshore, Esvagt, rotor blade, turbine “You save a great deal of time. This service is relevant for many,” says Mads Obling...
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    AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference 2018 09/26/2017
    ... in four main sectors: Health & safety O&M Workforce training & development Quality assurance As the wind energy industry continues... American gathering of wind energy operational professionals and technicians, as we combine the essential elements of O&M, health & safety, workforce...
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    9th Wind O&M Dallas 2017 01/10/2017
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    FOWT 2017 01/06/2017
    ... and environmental issues, the best of science and technology, market and economic data, O&M practices, etc... Opening speech by Giles Dickson, CEO...
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    Mexico Windpower 2017 01/06/2017
    ... design and manufacture, logistics and transportation of components, technologies, models related to wind O&M Wind forecast, grid integration...
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    CanWEA Operations and Maintenance Summit 2017 01/06/2017
    ...) Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Summit will provide a unique experience and bring together key industry players from the entire spectrum of the wind... sector. Developed with O&M professionals for O&M professionals, the CanWEA O&M Summit will touch on a number of areas, beyond the commercial realm...
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    Winterwind 2017 01/06/2017
    ..., engineers, manufacturers, developers, consultants, investors, wind farm owners, students and O & M providers, they gather to discuss windpower in icing conditions, challenges and solutions. The interest in the conference have grown rapidly now reaching around 500 participants every year. ...
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    Scottish Renewables Offshore Wind Conference, Exhibition & Dinner 2017 01/05/2017
    ... in O&M help reduce costs? What are the offshore wind technologies of the future? How can innovations in planning and consenting increase certainty...
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    Optimising Wind Power O&M: Europe 04/19/2013
    ...Impacting on performance, productivity and profitability, turbine O&M is critical to the commercial success of wind farms.  In this increasingly...? These and other key questions will be answered at Green Power Conferences’ forthcoming Optimising Wind Power O&M: Europe.  Taking place...

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