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    Steel tube towers and Foundation structures Off- and Onshore
    ... project partner for Germany's first offshore wind park "alpha ventus", the first offshore wind park in which a dozen wind power systems in the 5-megawatt... class are in use. In this pilot project, fundamental experience in the construction and operation of an offshore wind park will be gathered under the rough conditions of the at times stormy North Sea roughly 45 kilometres of the coast of Borkum and at water depths of around 30 metres. All 12 towers for high-performance wind turbines were supplied by AMBAU GmbH. When in full operation, "alpha ventus" will cover the annual energy requirements of 50,000 households. No wonder that AMBAU GmbH is proud to have played an active role in structuring this "key undertaking for the future"....

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    Innovation in world´s largest floating wind farm by Siemens Gamesa can open new offshore areas 06/27/2017
    ... the floating turbines will be towed to their destination in Scotland Five Siemens Gamesa turbines of Six-Megawatt-class have now been installed...
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    Senvion announces highly competitive new wind turbines 05/24/2017
    ... the adaptation of its new series of modular two-megawatt class turbines, the 2XM series, to the North American market. This competitive new range of turbines will allow Senvion to flexibly address various customer needs across American states and Canadian provinces. The 3.6M140 is a power upgrade of the 3.4M140 that is already available in North America. It is suitable for sites with medium wind speeds and perfect for pad constrained projects. It will also allow for additional power output in areas with low wind speeds. While the 3.6M140 is a great fit for the kind of terrains in the US Northeast and around the Great Lakes region, Senvion’s two-megawatt class turbines will be highly suitable for projects in Texas, Oklahoma, the Great Plains and the Canadian Prairies, for example. All turbines will feature industry-leading levelized cost of energy (LCoE). The 3.6M140 with its optimized aeroacoustics and serration equipped blades offers a maximum sound level of 104.0 dB(A) in all operating modes. Its low sound characteristics make it a perfect fit for areas where permitting is challenging. The 3.6M140 will be available for hub heights from 80 to 160 meters (262 to 525 feet). Jürgen Geissinger, CEO at Senvion, says: “By introducing a whole new range of turbines to the North American market, Senvion is taking its product portfolio to the next level. We are addressing the need for highly competitive, modular technology that can be adapted to project specific needs. The new products will open up new opportunities for us and our North American customers.” Helmut Herold, CEO North America at Senvion, adds: “Our new turbines for North America suit a broad range of different conditions, allowing Senvion to flexibly address customer needs while offering cutting-edge design and industry-leading levelized cost of energy.” To date, Senvion has an installed capacity of more than 2,600 MW across North America which includes hundreds of wind turbines in the US across California, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Minnesota. In Canada, Senvion turbines constitute 10 per cent of the country’s wind energy capacity. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Senvion is American owned by New York-based Centerbridge Partners L.P.   ...
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    Senvion presents its largest 2 MW turbine series for India 04/20/2017
    ... global manufacturer of wind turbines, is launching four new products in the market at Windergy India. The turbines in the two-megawatt class with the series name Senvion 2.XM come from a suitable acquisition made in summer 2016, and are available for sale in India with immediate effect and with installation in later 2017. The Senvion 2.XM modular platform is well adapted to Indian market and its climate conditions achieving constant yield at high temperatures up to +50 C. The modular concept of Senvion turbines enables to deliver cost competitive, robust and reliable product variants with four rotor sizes and specific towers with hub heights from 90 meters up to 120 meters. Senvion's four product variants include 2.4M110, 2.4M114 and 2.3M120, as well as the 2.3M124 with a rotor diameters from 110 to 124 meters and power ratings from 2.3 to 2.4 megawatts (MW) with the ability to deliver additional power solutions for specific sites. With this high modularity, Senvion can therefore propose to customers the most optimized wind plant solutions adapted to the wind conditions from very low wind to medium wind speeds delivering lowest LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy). The full converter system and the advanced control technologies fulfill the current local regulatory and grid requirements. Jürgen Geissinger, CEO of Senvion, says: "Senvion has arrived in India - within a few short months after its market entrance was announced. With the launch of four products that have been optimized with Senvion technology, we can immediately offer our customers the right solutions for their wind power project in India. Further successful solutions and innovations will follow as the market demands in future." Amit Kansal, Managing Director of Senvion India, adds: "The Indian Wind Power market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The transparent auction system set-up by the government is a welcome move in growing the demand for wind power from non-windy states. Senvion, with its global experience in high quality technology and participation in global auction markets, is ready to work with customers in India. With the new 2.XM products, Senvion meets the certification and the statutory rules and will Make-in-India to deliver high quality wind power solution and right LCoE. With our highly qualified team of sales, production and service experts, we are looking forward to delivering our customers optimum power in the future." Senvion will present the above-mentioned products at Windergy in New Delhi from April 25 to 28 for the first time. Start of production is planned within 2017. Senvion at Windergy India: visit us at Hall2 and booth 102A. ...
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    Siemens officially inaugurates new wind turbine blade factory in the British city of Hull 12/02/2016
    ... with modern database systems to produce 75–meter-long rotor blades for offshore wind turbines of the seven and eight-megawatt class. Offshore...
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    Senvion 6.2M152 in the running for first floating French wind farm 07/25/2016
    ... today can compete with the Senvion offshore experience with more than 140 turbines from the 5 and 6 megawatt class installed on the high seas. ...
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    Beatrice is a go – British offshore wind farm will be realized with EU funds 05/25/2016
    .../ENgland, where Siemens has recently built a new plant. "This is a significant order for our new 7-megawatt-class wind turbine", stated...
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    Scotland: Siemens to supply wind turbines and grid connection for Beatrice offshore project 05/23/2016
    ...;This is a significant order for our new 7-megawatt-class wind turbine", stated Michael Hannibal, CEO of the Offshore Market Unit of the Siemens Wind Power...
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    Netherlands: First turbine up at Kattenberg wind farm 04/11/2016
    ... with an overall capacity of 90 megawatts. Turbines in the 7.5-megawatt class are being deployed, which are currently the largest onshore wind installations...
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    Germany: Borkum Riffgrund 1 offshore wind power plant officially inaugurated 10/12/2015
    ... conditions. The new production facilities for offshore wind turbines of the 7-megawatt class in Hull in Great Britain (rotor blades) and in Cuxhaven...
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    Germany: Global Tech I, one of Germany’s largest wind farms, goes officially operational 09/02/2015
    ... turbines of the 5-megawatt class and so provides an installed maximum output of 400 megawatts. The North Sea power station thus supplies the equivalent...
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