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    DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co. KG.
    ... of the comany's more than 1,500 employees are reflected in developments and innovative products in the field of lightning protection, surge protection and safety... lightning protection components for the protection of buildings and installations. During industrialisation in the 1950s, Richard Dehn launched the first generation of surge protective devices in 1954 – a milestone for the safety and availability of electrical installations. Also in the 1950s, with the launch of safety devices for safe working on electrical installations, the third sector, safety equipment, was added to the company's portfolio. The continuous growth of the DEHNgroup reflects the company's strong commitment to lightning protection, surge protection and safety equipment. DEHN 's global network of 11 subsidiaries and numerous sales partners passes on know-how and distributes high-quality products that are produced in the headquarters. DEHN ensures that buildings and installations are protected during operation, maintenance and repair. The company's focus is particularly on wind energy, photovoltaic, process industry, traffic and communication solutions. Your safety is our concern. ...
  • Newlist_morgan_20141117
    Moog Rekofa GmbH
  • Newlist_logo.mersen
    MERSEN Oesterreich Hittisau Ges.m.b.H.
    ... and innovation. Our program includes carbon brushes, brush holders, complete signal and current transfers, power slip rings, lightning protection systems, on-site revisions and various other services. As a subsidiary of the MERSEN Group, with affiliates operating in over 40 countries, we have a global network of experienced and competent engineers and teams. We aim to improve the performance of your wind power facilities with determination and innovation. With our ongoing R&D, we are able to offer complete solutions for the extreme requirements demanded by wind power plants. Reaction time, precision and flexibility are all hallmarks of our production sites aimed at fulfilling the market's demands. ...
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    Rotor Energy
    ... with trained qualified personnel repair and maintenance of lightning-protection improvement of the aerodynamics elimination of insurance damages maintenance contracts ...
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    Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH
  • Newlist_villinger_neu
    Fa. Villinger GmbH
  • Newlist_logo.druseidt
    Druseidt, Paul Elektrotechnische Spezialfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
    ... or switchgears ready assembled power conductors Lightning protection connectors Earthing tapes and braided connectors High flexible copper strands and ropes Electro technical installation material ...


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