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    ..., InterBus, parallel, incremental and analogue. Safety versions with TÜV certificate. High-resolution incremental encoders based on GMR technology with resolutions of up to and over 270,000 pulses. Electronic switching cam encoders based on electromagnetic rotary encoders with additional potential-free relay switching outputs which can be independently programmed over the entire measuring range. Inclinometers with MEMS technology. Up to 2 axes. Measuring ranges up to +/- 90°. Safety versions with TÜV certificate. Interfaces: CANopen and analogue. Inductive linear transducers with and without integrated electronics. Measuring ranges from 4 mm to 400 mm. Interfaces: CANopen, SSI and analogue. Magnetostrictive linear transducers with measuring lengths from 50 mm to 7600 mm and resolutions of up to 1 µm. Interfaces: CANopen, PROFIBUS, EtherCat, SSI and analogue. Potentiometric angle and travel measurement systems with measuring ranges of up to 10 revolutions or up to 1 m. Many different versions. Cable and toothed belt measurement systems for very long measurement lengths and options for coupling with all of the above specified rotary encoders. Accessories such as mounting brackets, display systems, couplings and much more besides. For further information, please take a look at our website www.twk.de . ...

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