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    Ge:Net succeeds at Husum Wind 2017 09/27/2017
    ...Ge:Net succeeds at Husum Wind 2017 Successful Husum Wind 2017 for Ge:Net Brisk, busy and successful... „This year’s HusumWind was brisk, busy and successful! At least one additional day would have been necessary to contact all partners, customers and suppliers.” Sums up Dr. Carsten Ropeter, Managing Director at Ge:Net GmbH Ge:Net, Husum Wind, fair Ge:Net used widely the opportunity to greet visitors and exhibitors with its prime position in hall 5. Part of a climbable steel lattice mast was shown at the booth. The mast was equipped with an electrical cabinet and a typical measurement system configuration. The shown setup is currently used for masts up to a height of 140 m. “Since start of 2017 the project and fair team from Ge:Net has been joined by our new Indian colleague. Thus Ge:Net’s booth became soon the meeting point of all Indian fair visitors. Additionally the German-Indian Workshop gave many promising new links for the future market entry in India.” Reports Dr. Ropeter. As things are now Ge:Net will be part of Husum Wind 2019, maybe with its own booth party. ...
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    Siemens Gamesa and Windkauf sign sales-agreement: Focus on German, Austrian and Swiss markets 09/15/2017
    ... years / Projects in German auction market and customers in Austria and Switzerland Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, HUSUM Wind, direct-drive, turbine..., Germany, Austria, Switzerland New customers in focus: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy has sealed another sales partnership at the Husum Wind 2017 trade...
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    Deutsche Windtechnik expands its strategic partnership with European Energy A/S at the Husum Wind trade fair 09/15/2017
    ...Deutsche Windtechnik expands its strategic partnership with European Energy A/S at the Husum Wind trade fair Deutsche Windtechnik and European Energy... farms on Wednesday at the Husum Wind trade fair. The agreement will run for ten years. Deutsche Windtechnik, European Energy A/S,HUSUM Wind, partne The new full maintenance contract will come into effect in 2019 and includes all maintenance activities in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, including repairs and replacement of large components and rotor blades, if necessary. Deutsche Windtechnik guarantees an energetic availability for the turbines of 97 percent.  Long-term partnership with a view to the future The companies have cooperated for a long time already, and European Energy A/S is once again putting full confidence in Deutsche Windtechnik. "Based on our previous experience with Deutsche Windtechnik, we are very interested in further expanding our good cooperation," said Jan Hendrik Wunsch, technical manager for wind turbines at European Energy A/S.  "Even though the exhibition halls had to be evacuated due to the storm with gale-force gusts, we were able to get together at the exhibition grounds on Wednesday and reach an agreement on the new contract. This speaks for our mutual trust and underscores our common strength of action," Deutsche Windtechnik Service's Sales Manager Boy Kliemann said regarding the unusual circumstances under which the contract was signed. The wind portfolio at the Briesensee wind farm in Brandenburg comprises eleven Vestas V90 wind turbines, each with a rated output of 2 megawatts, and the Gaurettersheim wind farm in Bavaria consists of two wind turbines of the same technology. ...
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    A storm is brewing for the wind industry 09/15/2017
    ... front Sebastian yesterday caused a temporary interruption and evacuation of the HUSUM Wind trade fair. At the same time this is exactly what... industry show. In North Rhine-Westphalia, partner state of this year's HUSUM Wind, there was also a change of government recently. A coalition...
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    Framework agreement: ABO Wind plans up to seven onshore-projects with Siemens Gamesa as preferred supplier 09/14/2017
    ... Renewables, Germany, framework, supplier Shortly before the HUSUM Wind 2017 trade show, Siemens Gamesa and wind developer ABO Wind have signed...
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    Smart turbine automation reduces costs 09/13/2017
    ....“ Bachmann electronic, HUSUM Wind, CMS “Nowadays wind turbines must be seen as part of a wind farm and an entire energy system”, says Gabriel... are showing them at the Husum Wind trade fair. The edge that the Austrian firm Bachmann Electronic has is the one-source alliance it creates between...
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    Sales cooperation in the German market: VenSol Neue Energien signs framework agreement with Siemens Gamesa 09/12/2017
    ... of the trade show HUSUM Wind 2017. With this contract Siemens Gamesa is committed to supply, install and commission its turbines at a cost competitive LCoE. VenSol intends to equip projects in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia with this cutting edge technology. The model SWT-DD-142 can be operated with a site specific generator rating between 3.5 and 3.9 megawatts (MW). With its 142-meter rotor it offers outstanding efficiency. With to a swept area of nearly 16,000 square-meters and low O&M costs, the model offers the lowest LCoE of its class. For German tender wind projects the turbine offers clear economic benefits. VenSol plans installations of the direct-drive turbine with two different tower configurations: a steel tower allows a hub height of 129 meters, and a hybrid tower of 165 meters. ”With this framework agreement we ensure our access to one of the most efficient onshore wind turbines in the market,” says VenSol Director Christian Böhm. ”We are pleased to confirm that this enables us to operate our projects at the highest efficiency level. In addition the contract also allows smaller developers to benefit from its attractive conditions. The framework was consequently designed to meet the needs of these customers and their smaller wind projects. Due to its volume it offers outstanding conditions. Talks with these developers have confirmed a lively interest in Siemens Gamesa turbines but also some reservation regarding negotiations with such a large supplier. We are convinced that this framework agreement will encourage more customers to develop their projects with Siemens Gamesa technology.“ “This contract is an important signal for our presentation at HUSUM Wind, since this trade show plays a major role for us as an important forum of the German onshore wind market,” says Siemens Gamesa’s German sales head Gunnar Liehr. “This agreement demonstrates that our turbine model SWT-DD-142 leads the way as a highly competitive offer for inland sites.“ Siemens Gamesa’s German installed wind fleet over the last years consists of more than 1,650 onshore wind turbines with a combined rating of more than 2,1 gigawatts (as of the end of June 2017). Siemens Gamesa at Husum Wind: hall 3, booth 3B12/14 ...
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    Senvion launches new products onto the market 09/12/2017
    ... turbines, today launches its new products, the 3.7M144 EBC and 3.6M118 NES turbines, at the HUSUM Wind fair in Germany. The turbines are especially well suited for low and high wind sites respectively and are available for sale immediately. Both turbines feature the Senvion Next Electrical System (NES) to meet the grid requirements in all Senvion target markets. The 3.6M118 features an optimized rotor design for very high yields and is mounted on a steel tower with a standard hub height of 91 meters, with project specific hub heights also available. The 3.7M144 is designed to be one of the quietest systems in its class with its strengths at low wind speeds due to aerodynamically optimized blades and serrations at the blade edges. With a nominal output of 3,700 kilowatts and a larger rotor, the new turbine leads to a yearly energy yield 6.7% higher than its sister models. The Senvion 3.7M144 was first announced as the selected turbine to be used for a 429 MW project in Australia that Senvion signed a Partnership Agreement for in June 2017. Servet Sert, Chief Technology Officer at Senvion, said: "Senvion is continuing the success story of its configurable and modular 3.XM platform, built on proven technologies addressing customer needs from low to high wind speeds. The launch of our latest technological innovations enables Senvion to accelerate the introduction of new robust and reliable variants while lowering costs which will provide our customers with the lowest LCoE at their specific sites in global markets. The performance and reliability of our 3.7M144 wind turbine convinced our customers even before its official release to the market and we are expecting many more 3.XM platform variants installations around the globe." The Next Electrical System (NES) features a gearbox-based concept with an asynchronous generator and a fully rated converter that permits stable grid feed-in and already meets the grid requirements in the various markets for 2017 ahead of time. Visit Senvion at HUSUM Wind: Hall 1 Stand 1C07 Make it Senvion. Make it a success. ...
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    Deutsche Windtechnik renews its brand identity – internationalisation continues to move forward 09/11/2017
    ... is presenting its new brand identity at the trade fair Husum Wind 2017. In addition to its focus on increasing internationalisation, the leading independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik will also be presenting its new brand identity at the trade fair Husum Wind 2017. Deutsche Windtechnik, brand, relaunch, HUSUM Wind The brand relaunch prominently features large-format photographs of Deutsche Windtechnik employees in their highly specialised working environments as well as the company's refreshed design, which includes a new trademark. The new brand identity is not associated with a strategic realignment of the company. Instead, it underlines the company's fundamental culture of renewal and makes it easier to recognise the brand in an international environment. "Since its inception, Deutsche Windtechnik has experienced steady growth. We began in Germany, expanded later into other European countries, and in early 2018, our company will be entering the North American market. We have always remained faithful to our beginnings. Despite increasing internationalisation, for example, our company is still called Deutsche Windtechnik. Admittedly, in some countries this can be a language challenge, but at the same time it is also a unique selling point and recognition feature," board member Matthias Brandt said. "We wanted to further strengthen our brand with an even more distinctive brand identity, precisely because we are active internationally. A certain amount of change and consistent development is always part of healthy growth." New distinctive trademark In its image element, Deutsche Windtechnik's new trademark contains two symbols of power: the arrow and the cross. They allow a wide range of interpretations, including the gears of a gearbox, the interactive exchange between companies, customers and partners, and the arrow as a symbol of dynamic power and the cross as a symbol for the location of a wind turbine or for reliability. "Everyone is invited to give his or her imagination free reign," Matthias Brandt said. Focus on employees and corporate values The brand identity relaunch also includes new editions of the Service Book and Expert Appraiser Handbook, which contain a wealth of specialised information on maintenance topics and showcase the broad range of services offered by Deutsche Windtechnik onshore as well as offshore. Together with the new series of advertisements that was recently launched, the newly redesigned image brochure also uses unique photos of employees and selected text messages to convey the values that the company lives by in its working culture and daily life. These include, for example, respectful and reliable interaction with one another, competence, dedication and strength of action. But fascination and enthusiasm for wind technology also form the understanding that employees have of their roles, and these traits make a significant contribution to the success of the company. The brochures are now available for download at:  https://www.deutsche-windtechnik.com/brochures.html ...
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    softEnergy: "Power Package" for your wind energy turbines 09/08/2017
    ...softEnergy: "Power Package" for your wind energy turbines softEnergy presents 10 years of WIS at the Husum Wind Trade Fair As the latest feature... market. softEnergy, Husum Wind, trade fair More than 10 years our customers are using WIS (Wind energy Information System) for monitoring, analysing...
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