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    Renewable NRG Systems Closes LiDAR Deal with VENTUS INGENIER√ćA 06/04/2015
    ... and easy-to-move, is expected to be a popular option for accurate wind measurement in the region. It uses pulsed Doppler LiDAR technology to provide high quality data on par with an IEC calibrated met mast. WINDCUBE v2 can be quickly and easily deployed for fast collection of bankable data without the need for special permits. With multiple communications options, IP67 environmental protection, and the optional Flow Complexity Recognition (FCR) complex terrain solution, WINDCUBE v2 operates reliably in any climate or terrain. WINDCUBE v2 is manufactured by French Lidar specialist Leosphere. Learn more about WINDCUBE here: https://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/products/lidar/detail/windcube-v2-lidar   ...
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    NOAA buys WINDCUBE Scanning Lidars from Renewable NRG systems 04/29/2015
    ... Atmospheric Observatory (BAO) taking place in April 2015. The XPIA Experiment is a field campaign that aims to quantify uncertainties in Doppler Lidar measurements of wind conditions. The project is being conducted with funding from the Department of Energy (DOE). For this experiment, multiple Doppler Lidar systems are being deployed in close proximity to the BAO’s heavily instrumented 300 m meteorological tower. Measurements of wind speed, wind direction, and velocity variance from well-calibrated sonic anemometers at six levels on the tower will be compared to measurements from the Doppler Lidars in order to assess the level of Lidar measurement bias and uncertainty. Later this year, The WINDCUBE Lidars will be deployed for the Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP 2), another research campaign aiming to improve NOAA's short-term weather forecast models with regards to wind condition predictions that impact wind energy generation. NOAA intends to take advantage of the flexibility in configuration of the Lidars for future use in a diverse range of applications, including air quality studies and offshore wind resource assessment.  “The WINDCUBE scanning Lidar Series was designed with the twin goals of robustness and versatility in mind,” said David Hurwitt, VP of global marketing & product management at Renewable NRG Systems. “This means that a single system can be adapted to a variety of research and operational uses in the fields of meteorology, air quality, and renewable energy.” Renewable NRG Systems is the exclusive distributor, for North America, of the WINDCUBE Lidar technology manufactured by French Lidar specialist Leosphere. For more information, please visit https://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/products/lidar. ...
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    GWU-Umwelttechnik: Complete line of Doppler-Wind LiDAR wind sensors 09/16/2013
    ...; The proven and popular Doppler-LiDAR system WINDCUBE v2 which can be conveniently used in mobile and autonomous applications the portfolio is complemented... by two other Doppler LiDAR technologies:   Scanning LiDAR systems from Leosphere allowing three-dimensional measurements of wind...

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