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LION Trackpanel

Material: Aluminium

Dimensions: 3,00 m x 2,50 m x 0,05 m

Weight: ca. 280 kg

Dual-side design: Different profiles on each side (low profile side – for safe vehicle and people working areas, high profile side – giving high mechanical grip and all round traction)

LION Trackpanel, made from 100% recycled material and 100% recyclable, is designed to cover almost every requirement of the access industry. It has unrivalled grip and strength, enough to carry the World’s heaviest cranes. It has internal, flush fitting edge-to-edge fixings, negating trip hazards and providing a safe, smooth roadway. The system negates the need for multiple products in one installation and our crews enable installation and recovery at up to 50% faster than others. Our LION Trackpanel system is especially suitable for delicate surfaces and soft soils, for Example agricultural land, conservation areas, marshes, parks, paved paths and surfaces. No or little restoration costs of land cause less trouble with authorities or environmental organisations, as well as the owners and tenants of land.

Working closely with our suppliers, we developed a bespoke vehicle configuration allowing us to transport up to 80 panels in a single load, which equals 200 m linear of a roadway with 3.0 m wide or a space of 600 sqm. The installation time for this amount is approximately 4-6 hours. The standard width of 3.0 m may be extended variably.


  • Ramps
  • Cloaking mats
  • Mobile bridge sections
  • Halfpanels (3,00 m x 1,25 m)

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