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elaxa® cordless shear

elaxa® cordless shears are designed for manually cutting technical fabrics / composites during the production process. Their low weight of approx. 900 g (standard shears) and compact dimensions, ensure fatigue-free operation even in relatively inaccessible areas, like cutting contoured edges for example.

Modern, high-performance battery technology, an electronically commutated, dust-resistant drive motor and gearing with anti-friction bearings throughout, make elaxa® cordless shears a powerful tool, even in continuous operation.

The elaxa® cordless shears' cutting head is made of high-performance tool steels. Because of their working hardness, the blades are resistant to wear and are available in various designs for numerous applications. They can be easily replaced by the user. The entire cutting head can be completely dismantled in a few easy steps, e.g. in order to clean it in an ultrasonic bath.

Up to 4 layers of heavy fibreglass fabrics /composites (up to 2,700gr/m²) can be cut.

A well thought out range of accessories, the modular design, the perfectly matched components and high-quality workmanship make the elaxa® cordless shears a reliable, durable system tool.

Modern design and consistent lightweight construction result in less than 1.000g in weight

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