Study: Wind Turbines are more effective when it's really cold

Results also suggest that during high demand periods offshore wind power provides a more secure supply compared to onshore, as offshore wind is sustained at higher levels.

Image: Katrin RadtkeImage: Katrin Radtke

Official Press Release Imperial College London:

Wind turbines can pick up the slack on coldest days

Winter days are usually less windy, but a new analysis shows turbines work harder on the coldest days, when power demand is highest.

During winter in Great Britain, warmer periods are often windier, while colder periods are often calmer, due to the prevailing weather patterns. Colder periods are also when electricity demand increases. This means that wind turbines are widely considered to be producing the least energy when demand is highest. However, the new study, published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters, shows that on the very coldest days, turbines often produce more power than the average winter day. The team, which involved scientists from the More

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