First German Offshore Wind Auction: Winners Announced

Image: Jochen HomannImage: Jochen Homann
Price is far below expectations
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Bundesnetzagentur announces successful bids in first auction for offshore wind farms

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Bundesnetzagentur announces successful bids in first auction for offshore wind farms

Original Pressemeldung Bundesnetzagentur:

Jochen Homann: ""Average award price of 0.44 ct/kWh far below expectations""

The Bundesnetzagentur has today announced the results of the first auction for grid connections and funding for existing offshore wind farm projects. "The average weighted award price of 0.44 cents per kilowatt hour is far below expectations. This shows the auction has unlocked medium and long-term cost reduction potential, which will lead to a reduction in funding to an extent that... ... Mehr: Original Pressemeldung Bundesnetzagentur

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