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The German Wind Energy Association (BWE) is the largest renewable energy association in the world, with about 20,000 members at present. Its members include wind turbine manufacturers, operators and their shareholders, planning offices, financiers, scientists, engineers, technicians and lawyers. Also included are early conservationists, schoolchildren and students. Its strength also lies in its structure: Here is a concentration of know-how and experience from the entire sector. This great pool of knowledge makes the BWE the premium discussion partner for politics, commerce, science and the media.

Argument instead of polemic convincing through facts, this is the credo of the BWE. The association wins its professional knowledge through a number of competence centres: the committees and working circles, national and regional associations, the member magazine "new energy" and "neue energie" and the branch offices and employees. The threads all come together at the BWE Board of Directors. This allows it to be always well informed and to take sound action.


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