Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH

  • Rotor blade Condition Monitoring System
  • Detects damages on rotor blades in an early state
  • Ice detection system
  • Detection of dynamical overloads

Weidmüller Monitoring Systems is a strong and reliable partner for wind turbine manufacturers and wind turbine operators. The Dresden company has its core competence in the field of multi-dimensional natural oscillation measurement on fibreglass and carbon components. The Know-how from several years of development and research are used for online and offline (temporary) condition monitoring of rotor blades.

BLADEcontrol® is the only system available on the market for online condition monitoring of rotor blades. It detects damages and measures ice-foundation directly on the blades. BLADEcontrol® is available as a pure ice sensor as well. BLADEcontrol® is installed in hundreds of turbines of various manufacturers, allowing for early damage detection beyond rotational blade inspections.



    BLADEcontrol® is a system to continuously monitor the condition of rotor blades on wind turbines. Its main features are damage detection including the fast detection of typical damages after lightning strikes, detection of ice-foundation on the blades and detection of dynamical... [more]

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