James Walker Deutschland GmbH

  • Walkersele large diameter radial lip seals
  • Walkersele OSJ on-site seal joining system
  • RotaBolt tension control fasteners
  • Tico anti-vibration and foundation pads
  • Solosele blade root sealing

Reduced maintenance and operating costs, increased mean time between maintenance, simplified assembly and repairs and improved generating availability are the benefits available to the wind energy industry through the applications engineering capability, bespoke design and high-performance products of James Walker.

From cost savings during build and maintenance through the use of RotaBolt® tension control bolting to the extended performance and longevity of Walkersele® radial lip seals; vibration elimination and foundation support from Tico® structural and machinery mountings or maintenance simplification and cost reduction through the use of Solosele® blade root seals with OSJ®-2 on-site seal joining, James Walker is a trusted partner of wind energy OEMs and operators in the search for improvements in reliability and reduced maintenance.

The James Walker Group of companies is today a growing and dynamic manufacturer and supplier of high performance sealing, bolting and vibration attenuation technology. Headquartered in the UK and with more than 50 James Walker sites in strategic locations around the world including Germany, India, Spain, China and the USA, the group is a respected global supplier to many industries including iron & steel, petrochemical, tunnel boring, shipbuilding, power generation (fossil, nuclear, hydro and wind), paper, defence, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and heavy engineering.


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