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With approximately EUR 350 million of annual revenue (2016), the family-owned company SAERTEX® is the global market leader in the manufacture of multiaxial fabrics (non-crimp fabrics) and core materials for the production of fiber-reinforced composites.

Customers in the wind, aerospace, automotive, sports and boat building industries rely on SAERTEX® reinforcement materials made from glass, carbon and aramid fibers to achieve lighter weights, enhanced stiffness and corrosion resistance. Particularly in segments like shipbuilding, railways, oil & gas and construction, the company offers additional services to support customers in the transformation of components from steel to composite – from calculations and process development to serial part production.

With some 1,400 employees and twelve production sites on five continents, as well as an active distribution network in more than 50 countries, the SAERTEX® Group is globally positioned, to satisfy the rising demand for advanced-technology composite solutions.



    The adhesives in the SAERfix product group, that have been developed and patented by SAERTEX, simply make the positioning of multiaxial interlaid complexes of glass, carbon or aramid easier. Fabrics finished with SAERfix EP and SAERfix UP are self-adhesive. Thanks to SAERfix, using... [more]

    3D Fabrics

    Discover the potential of the third dimension: In addition to the fibres that are oriented at 0° and 90°, SAERTEX 3D fabrics and SAERTEX 3D billets have an additional vertical reinforcing fibre that runs through their entire thickness: the so-called Z fibre. This innovative... [more]


    SAERcore is our patented product range for closed injection processes such as RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) and RTM light, together with infusion processes. The highlight: SAERcore delivers an optimised resin flow zone of polypropylene (PP). This causes the resin to flow four times... [more]


    Core material for composites: SAERfoam is our structural core material with 3D glass bridges. SAERfoam replaces conventional core materials such as PVC, PET and balsa in an innovative manner: Ultralight foam (PU/PE/PIR) is combined with 3D glass... [more]


    STRUCTURAL FLOW MEDIA SAERflow combines a glass reinforcement and a lightweight synthetic structure. Together, they provide uncompressible layers with excellent resin flow and high draping properties. SAERflow is used as an internal flow media, which saves a... [more]


    THE NEW GENERATION OF FIRE PROTECTION SAERTEX LEO is a new type of composite system that meets the high fire safety requirements set in the offshore, maritime and construction businesses and in manufacturing railway locomotives whilst simultaneously... [more]

    Multiaxial fabrics

    Multiaxial interlaid complexes In comparison with crimped fibres, as found in woven textiles for instance, straight lay-up (non-crimp) fibres have the greatest possible load-bearing capacity. Composite components manufactured from non-crimp fabrics (NCFs) permit the ideal... [more]

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