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    58509 Lüdenscheid
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  • info@radolid.de
  • corrosion protections
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Wind Energy Company Profile: RADOLID Thiel GmbH

Radolid Thiel GmbH:
Leading manufacturer of corrosion protections systems for screw assemblies. Highly efficient corrosion protection for onshore and offshore applications worldwide. More than 40 years experience.

Production place:
Lüdenscheid (Germany)

World > 25
Europa > 12

Patented corrosion protections systems for screws and nuts from M3 226 M140
(also available for American, British and other standards).
Available in different types and heights. Special versions for wind power.

Resistant against seawater, oils and fat, UV-resistant, reusable

At wind generator, on-and offshore. Examples: at rotor blades nuts, towers and drivings.

TS 16949



Nearly all national and international leading producer off Wind generator

-Shipbuilding and equipment


  • Blohm & Voss
  • Luerssen Werft
  • Liebherr Cranes
  • Neuenfelder Maschinenbau
  • Hydrolift Molde Cranes
  • Demag


Newsarchive - RADOLID Thiel GmbH

This week: As a modern, internationally active company, for fifty years RADOLID Thiel GmbH is specialized in manufacturing screw protection caps by injection molding.

Our products are successfully used as corrosion protection items in automobile industry, constructional steelwork, machinery construction and also in on- and offshore plant manufacturing.
The environment of offshore wind energy plants is extremely corrosive so that damaged parts due to corrosion can cause high... [more]

New Patent - Innovative Protective Cap with patented Bayonet

16.01.2006 New Patent - Innovative Protective Cap with patented Bayonet

The new innovative protective cap with patented bayonet connection and additional flexible seal. Particulary easy to assemble and disassemble. Can be reused several times. A flexible sealing is added for a long corrosion protection.Mounting / Demounting:The Protection cap can loose... [more]

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