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Wind Energy Company Profile: Pilz GmbH & Co. KG

Ambassadors for safety on every continent

As technology leader, Pilz is one of the key brands in safe automation. The company is vigorously developing a role in this field as a total solutions supplier for safety-related and standard control technology. Pilz provides products for control, monitoring and sensor technology. Automation solutions with motion control are also available. Visualisation and diagnostic systems complete the range of business activities.

Pilz also provides a comprehensive range of services. Consulting and engineering are part of the comprehensive, competent services available – from a plant safety check to risk analysis through to system integration and verification at the customer’s premises.

Pilz solutions can be used in all areas of mechanical engineering. On wind farms they guarantee a considerable reduction in mechanical wear and tear as well as longer operating times for wearing parts and therefore lower costs. Wind turbine manufacturers benefit from Pilz’s extensive experience in risk assessing new and existing installations, validation of a wind turbine’s safety functions and CE certification.

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Declarations of conformity for wind turbines

By definition, a wind turbine is a functional machine, and as such it falls within the scope of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. For this reason wind turbines need to be issued with a declaration of conformity in accordance with Annex IIA of the Machinery Directive and will also be subject to the CE marking process.... [more]

Increased safety, reduced downtimes

Wind turbines must be safe. This is defined through directives such as the EC Machinery Directive, Germanischer Lloyd’s guidelines for the certification of wind turbines and in the standards through IEC 61400-1. The use of safe automation technology also offers economic benefits, such as reducing downtimes and... [more]

Why safe automation for wind turbines?

Accidents on wind turbines have unpleasant consequences. In the simplest case it can lead to loss of production, which may involve compensation payments to the operator. In a worse case it can lead to a total loss of investment, due to fire for example. And any accident on a wind turbine generates negative media... [more]

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