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LION Trackhire provides portable roadway hire for access to unstable territory. We are a company and brand recognized for deliverability, reliability and value for money. We are the founding fathers of the trackway industry from the 1960s providing grass verge protection, access roads and crane platforms. We operate from depots in Germany and the UK, serving all of Europe. We provide a bespoke service for every project, a tailored solution that guarantees safe passage of vehicular traffic. In addition to the technical competence and expertise of our people, we listen carefully to our customers’ needs, recognizing that their requirements and circumstances are all unique. With smart technology, geo-located site engineers, trackway, vehicles and crews, the team plans the optimum resource for each customer request. Our transparent pricing and flat organizational structure provides an impressive speed of installation whenever or wherever you need us. We guarantee availability of track panel stock for your contract once your purchase order/contract has been accepted.

Since the beginning of Renewable Energy solutions, LION Trackhire has been a reliable partner of this sector. We have expertise for temporary roadways for installation and maintenance of wind energy turbines, for example temporary platforms for cranes and their safe access. We face significant challenges when planning these projects as the sites are often in remote locations and require abnormal loads to pass through small villages or muddy fields. LION Trackpanel’s load distribution properties allow the heaviest vehicle to travel on the softest ground safely. The heavy-duty, deep-profiled underside also provides a stronger bond with the ground, resulting in minimal movement even with continuous heavy traffic.


    LION Trackpanel

    Material: Aluminium Dimensions: 3,00 m x 2,50 m x 0,05 m Weight: ca. 280 kg Dual-side design: Different profiles on each side (low profile side – for safe vehicle and people working areas, high profile side – giving high mechanical grip and all... [more]

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