Lennezink® Oberflächenschutz

  • zinc flakes
  • zinc flake aerosol can
  • corrosion protection
  • corrosion protection for screw connections
  • surface protection
  • zinc flake for dip-spin coating

The zinc flake coating always requires a high energy input especially for rework of points of contact and damages.


The imagination of a cathodic, fast drying zinc flake aerosol imbued with our Lennezink® team after a long period of development and tests.


Maintenance, montage and product opportunities are changed permanently by our 100% inorganic anticorrosion spray LZ 3000.


For one year LZ 3000 silver has been established because of its process reliability to the wind power industry, automotive branch, machinery construction, vehicular and rail vehicular construction and wage coaters.


The zinc flake spray is weldable, laser weldable, paintable and free of heavy metal.


It fulfills the DIN 12944 excellently.


Furthermore we developed for repairing anti-friction coatings of screw-joints the top coat line with topspray LZ 22.


Self-understanding zinc flake coating for dip-spin coating and spray process in low-temperature area take part of our product range.


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