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Wind Energy Company Profile: LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

Laser projection systems for production of WEC rotor blades

LAP is a European leader in producing and providing laser-based projection systems for companies in the wind energy. The placement of plies during lay-up in production of rotor blades manufactured from fiber composites is the most important application area for laser projection systems. Laser projection helps to ensure that every single layer is aligned and positioned precisely. Thus, well-known manufacturers of wind turbines rely on LAP laser projection systems in order to increase the efficiency of their lay-up processes.

With COMPOSITE PRO LAP provides a turnkey solution for companies in the aerospace, automotive and wind energy sector, producing components from composite materials. One laser projection system consists of one or more CAD-PRO laser projectors and the laser projection software PRO-SOFT with multi-tasking abilities. Even at large distances, high-precision CAD-PRO laser projectors enable true-to-size display of laser outlines of every individual carbon fiber mat. Laser lines are generated based upon CAD data.

This is much more efficient than using physical templates or error-prone measurement techniques. Manufacturers of wind turbines may significantly optimize the workflow and quality of their production. Due to omission of conventional templates and better management of workflows, productivity can be increased by up to 100 percent.

For more than 30 years LAP has been developing, manufacturing and distributing laser measurement systems, line lasers and laser projectors for industrial and medical applications. LAP products are high-precision devices Made in Germany. They are setting the standards in a wide range of markets such as steel, tire, automotive and wood industries.


    The manufacture of rotors

    In the manufacture of glass fibre rotors the process of positioning the prepregs can be markedly accelerated by the use of laser projectors. The innovative multi-tasking feature of LAP's CAD-PRO laser projectors supports teams working on one and the same wing in performing different... [more]

News - LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

Laser-based composite manufacturing

01.12.2016 Laser-based composite manufacturing

Higher efficiency and process reliability using LAP's solution COMPOSITE PRO

The solution LAP COMPOSITE PRO includes perfectly harmonized components to simplify and accelerate manual composite lay-up: LAP CAD-PRO laser projectors and the LAP PRO-SOFT laser projection software have been designed to meet the... [more]

Advanced rotor blade manufacturing using LAP’s laser projection system COMPOSITE PRO

15.09.2016 Advanced rotor blade manufacturing using LAP’s laser projection system COMPOSITE PRO

Precise laser projection on GRP and carbon fiber, improved production

The manual lay-up of composites parts for rotor blades is time- and cost-consuming, especially when using physical templates or manual measurement techniques. Laser projection systems supersede these laborious tasks. LAP offers a turnkey solution... [more]

Global: Innovative product from LAP: Projector with green laser diode increases production reliability

17.06.2016 Global: Innovative product from LAP: Projector with green laser diode increases production reliability

The CAD-PRO LD green laser projector with laser source for up to 30,000 operating hours sets new standards in industrial manufacturing

Laser specialist LAP expands its highly successful product family of CAD-PRO laser projectors to include new models with a green laser diode: The CAD-PRO LD green has a laser source... [more]

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