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Wind Energy Company Profile: FT Technologies Ltd.

FT Technologies is a science based developer and manufacturer of anemometers for a wide range of wind and airflow measurement applications. End uses include wind turbine control as well as military, industrial and maritime applications.

FT Technologies created a unique technology for the measurement of wind speed and wind direction. This involves the use of Acoustic Resonance to create a strong ultrasonic sound field. Air moving through the field changes the phase of the ultrasonic signal. It is this phase change that the technology uses to calculate wind speed and direction.

The Acoustic Resonance Technology allows for the design of a small, strong, easily heated wind sensor with no moving parts. The sensors automatically compensate for variations in temperature, humidity and pressure and because of their extreme robustness and small size are often been used in demanding applications where other technologies fail.


    FT702 LT and FT702LT/D

    The FT702 product range is the only wind sensor specifically designed for Turbine Control and is one of the few to be UL certified. Its small size and robust construction mean that it can give many years of reliable service despite the harsh conditions found on many wind... [more]

Newsarchive - FT Technologies Ltd.

FT makes two new appointments

16.02.2015 FT makes two new appointments

In order to support expansion into new market sectors, FT Technologies has made two new appointments: Aled Lumley as Applications Engineer and Michal Gajewski as Engineering Data Analyst.

Aled Lumley will work with our customers and distributors in Europe and the Americas delivering technical support and project... [more]

FT Technologies Ltd. - Wind sensor working in service of Solar Power

29.10.2014 FT Technologies Ltd. - Wind sensor working in service of Solar Power

“The FT sensor is doing a great job. It doesn’t have any moving parts and we don’t have to worry about dust getting inside or the sensor giving wrong values after some time.”

FT’s acoustic resonance wind sensors have a good reputation for their ability to withstand  extreme cold, ice and other harsh... [more]

This week: FT Technologies celebrates 10 years in the Wind Turbine Industry

24.07.2012 This week: FT Technologies celebrates 10 years in the Wind Turbine Industry

The FT702LT Turbine Control Wind Sensor was first used on a commercial turbine by NEG Mikon in 2002

United Kingdom, 24.07.2012. Since then the industry has grown, turbines have grown and FT has grown in size and success.In the last 10 years we have sold over 50,000 sensors and the FT702LT is now specified by... [more]

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