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Our Mission: "Fair inexhaustible energy to all!"

Our Vision: "The development and manufacture of reliable high performance small-size wind turbines that serve their owners for many years."

Who is Fortis?

Fortis Wind Energy is a Dutch company and one of the world's oldest and most experienced small wind turbine suppliers.

Our product range comprises three models from 1.4 – 10 kW, all with a proven worldwide track record. The current product range is based upon the same proven design principles applied in all previous Fortis model versions. We take pride in continuously refining and upgrading our products aimed at serving the interests of our clients in the best possible manner. Main inputs originate from a combination of in-house experiences with Fortis turbines and customer feedback..

Fortis Facts

  • Three-decades of operational experience
  • Near maintenance free wind turbines
  • Minimised noise - quietest in wind industry
  • 20-year product design life
  • Easy erection and commissioning
  • Five-year warranty
  • European market leader - Sun & Wind Energy (2006 & 2007)


Since 1981 over 6,400 Fortis units have been erected worldwide and more are being added almost daily. Our sturdy reliable wind turbines operate across all continents, meeting a variety of applications such as powering rural farms and homes, public buildings, small and medium-size businesses.

A substantial number of these Fortis turbines operate in highly demanding environments including those facing frequent exposure to high winds and harsh operating conditions. Typical examples include turbines operating in Mauretania’s hot, windy and sand-swept Sahara desert, or extreme cold temperatures and stormy wind conditions experienced by Fortis units while powering scientific research stations at Antarctica. Equally challenging are conditions at remote North Sea oil & gas platforms, where daily exposure to the rough maritime climate including very high wind speeds is normal.

Fortis has established a comprehensive network of dedicated professional distributors around the world. What these professionals share is taking pride in providing tailor-made client support during all project phases ranging from planning, location selection, finance, implementation, to long-time installation upkeep.



    Main markets for the Alizé are home electrification for people with a high energy cost or demand, but also farmers and small industry. In more remote locations, the Alizé is used to provide power to telecom repeater stations and various other applications. [more]


    In northwestern Europe and North America, the Montana is most often used for home electrification. In rural areas, this turbine is used for water purification and telecom power supply and is often coupled with a hybrid energy system. [more]


    The Passaat is the oldest Fortis model and is used all over the world. It is commonly used at private homes to reduce dependence on other energy sources which are often unreliable and expensive. The Passaat is also used for pumping water. [more]

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